Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, November 21, 2014

UFA conference!

The UFA conference went well!!!
Terra Cooper and i got to finally meet and i was able to shoot for the event and had a great time being INSPIRED and getting connected with many of those in the adoption arena! I even got to see my old friends Tamra & Jessa and meet new amazing people as well! 
I was able to be the photographer for the event and we learned alot about leading with LOVE and not fear in our adoption journeys. I considered so much of this b/c our international adoptions are still 1-2 yrs out and its seems daunting and scary and i worry. BUT, i know i shouldn't and that God has everything lined up for our family. And we need to do all that we can do and leave the rest in his hands and timing!

Can't wait to watch out CO chapter grow! It's going to be great!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had such a fun time doing our first Family Costumes this year!!!

We had a great FRIDAY going to school parties and our ward Trunk-or-Treat where we won most creative for my Gluten free Turkey Chili and we won BEST FAMILY COSTUMES for our CREW!

Brielle refused to be be WENDY- so i got that opportunity! She made a Darling First Mate of Capt, Hooks crew!
ANd who could beat this JOHN boy- those cheeks and eyes just melt your heart!

OUR TINK is especially feisty too!

It was such an Adventure! Now to plan for next year's costumes!

seriously- BEST Gavin Costume yet- He is PERFECT for this role!

the girls got heeps of treats!

And we still have way too much Candy left over:)

Monday, November 10, 2014


WE had our Kick-Off Party and ENJOYED getting to know each other!

We had VISITORS come all the way from CO Springs as well!
and our OLDEST decided to WRITE what she feels Adoption means on the white board and helped set up as well! Her birth momma would be proud- she is growing up so fast!

FOOD and Adoption Art/Literature  Tables!

Kids being kids:)

We Played a Getting to know you GAME! 

The Reddekopps even made it here from down south! It was such a treat to see them!

You read a question then tossed the ball to the person you wanted to answer that question!

Some were easy, some were funny, ALL got us talking and thinking!

Myself and Gavin ( He was in a back scratching coma:)

Jessica- our birth momma friend ( not my son's Birth mom though:) and SLADE our baby!

Our Guest, LCSW, who specializes in working with foster care and adopted kids and her little man!

Ray, who was recently adopted this year through FC! Such a handsome guy!

Sporting the PINK Carrier:) Go Randall!

Brandon( adoptee), with the wild boys!

The kids doing the handprint cards for birth parents and family!

Ray's parents- Randall and Gwen! Our Awesome friends/ foster parents and legal TEAM 
( well kind of:)

It was a great start for our first UFA CO meeting! I'm so excited to see us GROW with every month and as we advocate for Adoption/ Foster care in our community!  NOW... to UTAH on FRIDAY for the UFA Conference and a visit with our son's birth father, his family & friends! YAY!