Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Happen Everyday!
So, Adoption is threaded through my everyday LIFE. Not just b/c i have children who are adopted and a husband who is adopted or cousins and friends who are birth parents, But because I just seem to run into everyone who is associated with Adoption. Take the last TWO.5 weeks....

I was driving back from getting waxed and i stopped by this ladies house who was standing by some head and end boards in fabulous shape. I asked her if she was selling them, She said she was giving them away. Turns out 6 of her 7 kids are adopted!!! She got all the parts and such and later that day we got a Gorgeous Bunkbed for the girls for 0.00! Thanks a bunch, Margaret! pics to come soon- my phone won't email properly- grrr

In the store , the Checker is a birthmom and the lady in front of me is a Foster adopt mom with 3 adopted kids and one hopeful, underweight 2 year old she is helping get better.

The awesome Lady, Karel, who sewed up the quilt I designed for Gavin, is adopted!

A birthmom Friend, Jessalynn S. forwarded my info onto a person coming to CO to adopt a baby girl and we( michelle and I) are friends now. She has been visiting here with me and my fam till ICPC clears them to go back home! Here is precious pic of Abigail( yes ,she is sporting my swag!)
and Did i mention Michelle is adopted!

And This Friday, I will be speaking at Highlands Ranch HS about Adoption! I look forward to talking with Students and this is WHAT I LOVE DOING!

So many more posts to come! Rock on all you fabulous adoption Peeps!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flash Back

to the first two days with Gavin....

Such a Tiny lil' Man!

Boys were exhausted from traveling and late nights!

Gorgeous Jessica, Gavin's First momma!

One Adopted Child kissing another adopted child! BLISS!
Love knows no Bounds!

Getting the idea of being a Big Sister now!

Gav's Aunt and her family- YES, this is where his RED comes from!

Grandpa MAX, Gavin's Birth grandpa!

Jessica and Brielle getting some Quality coloring and bonding in!

I love this head shot! It signifies the arms and life that Brought Gavin into this world before he was brought into ours! WE LOVE Our Birth Family and are so honored to have adopted again!

We often wonder what the future Holds and How long before the Lord brings another child into our family! We are in no rush at all but, we know our family is not complete yet. That may sound odd to some but, what lies in your heart and in your soul about your family, is individual and sacred to each couple. We will act upon our inspiration and follow the Plan God has For our Family, Even if It means ENDURING things unexpected or difficult. We are on the Roller Coaster and are hanging on for the ride and making the Best of every turn and bump and loving every minute of it! Adoption is such a joy and such a Heaven guided process ( in almost every instance!)!
love you all!

Friday, November 18, 2011


... Nellie! Yep, It's been very busy here with many things going on and little time to blog. So sorry if time is escaping me. It will be like that till mid-January! Here's Gav's 5 month pic from a bit ago. And We take His 6 months one in a week and a half( gees that went quick) still no finalization date due to circumstances out of our control but, whatever- it will be here before you know it!

We are so excited for the Next week off and I know we will all have fun and i will get some sewing done too! I have about 2 blankets, a quilt, a play apron, 2 dresses and possibly some small items too!
This weekend will be singing time and gingerbread decorating contest time. I had a nightmare last night about it but, thank heavens it was a dream. I woke up kind of angry!
Well, Happy Turkey Day and National Adoption Month , again! Share the love, please!

Cool side story, we got a free, designer ( good looking) bunk bed from an adoptive momma of 7 ( one bio six adopted). It is such a blessing! Pics coming soon and the full story!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cool STUFF and more

SO, You like Birthmom blogs- Check out this new one i found. Be ready to choke back a few tears when you read Her ( Amanda) birth mother letter to her child! Just Wonderful and emotional and I'm so grateful for Birth Parents who speak out and Embrace the choice they made. You are all SO STRONG. Thanks for saying something b/c many say nothing and hide in shame when we all know adoption is NOT shameful. It's Beautiful and Blessing to All involved!

Also, on My FB page I have 13 Adoption and Birth mom onesies and tanks for sale ranging from 4-21. so, grab them while you can! Pay through paypal!Thanks so much and Keep spreading the good word of adoption to Everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

had to post this!

I always LOVE editing my adoptive couples with their birth parents! Right now, We are getting ready for the FSA Fireside in a few weeks and pulling photos together for a montage/slide show! It will be awesome! Here's my friend, Jessica L., with their baby and adoptive couple!

She turned ONE! I can't believe it happened so fast! Next thing you know Gavin will be ONE! Don't blink anyone, hold your breath... Time just flies by! ( now breathe if you haven't let it out, silly!)
ALSO... This awesome couple is CURRENTLY HOPING TO ADOPT AGAIN! YEP, they are eligible now that she is over 1 year! If you'd like their email, Shoot me a quick email b/c they aren't up on the IAL website quite yet!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gift Giving!

I have posted on this before and i wish to post on it again in a different light!

I found a perfect article that sums up my feelings about gift giving! If you read my last post about this. I told you that i really don't like gifts, getting things that are meaningless, or just random stuff. I like them to be thoughtful and heartfelt or something i really needed/wanted!

I've been gearing up for the holidays and on our last FSA CENTRAL meeting call i found this article by Henry B. Eyring and He gave it the year I was born. 1982( yeah, I'm almost 30!)

And I love what he says...
"Great gift-giving involves three things: you feel what the other feels; you give freely; and you count sacrifice a bargain."

I thought about that in the context of adoption. And about Expectant Parents who choose to place. As they are looking at so many profiles of couples hoping to adopt a baby. they FEEL for US. Adoptive Couples feel for what our birth parents may be going through as well. We worry, support and pray for you constantly. Birth parents Give Freely- expecting nothing in return. No car, No condo or trip to Fiji- They just want to see their child/ren happy, loved and successful in life! And they count their Sacrifice a Bargain. Why b/c they know what they are sacrificing is worth it for the sake of this tiny human being's existence! Adoptive Couples give freely their time, sleep and love to the children they adopt and they too count the giving up of their lives a sacrifice that truly is a bargain for what we get in return!

I love open adoption for many reasons and I am so touched by those who embrace it with no hesitations( barring some limitations due to lifestyles). I know that God's Love is unconditional, as we should be with our love to others and our birth parents! We should give our love, our gifts and of ourselves freely with no expectations just as Christ, Our Savior , did for each one of Us!

*image of Russ & Kylee with Son Caden, Newly adopted Son, Chase and his Birth parents!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Visit With Dustin and Tammy

I'm going to be a little lagging in posts for a week or so b/c i have to finish all my clients work but, have no worries. Things are GOOD here! So, Here's some pics of our visit with Gavin's Birth father and Birth grandma, Tammy!

Tammy had to Spoil the girls and get fun cookies to decorate and pumpkins to carry their Halloween Candy in! She is such a Sweet lady and we are so grateful for her enthusiasm and desire to be a part of our fun and crazy family!

Brielle was very meticulous too!
We played at the park on a couple occasions and enjoyed getting to know one another.

The girls love Dustin and He learned how to handle Tiny Girls who like to crawl or rough house with anyone who will let them!

Aria was sort of confused at first when we told her that Dustin and Tammy were coming b/c she thought it was Tami, Jessica's Step mom( lovingly called Grandma Tami). So, Aria asked her this: " Can i call you Grandma Tammy too?" She was sweet and obliged! So, we now have 2 Grandma Tammys!

They were so sweet and Tammy took me and the girls to Red Lobster for lunch the day they had to leave. Now the girls ask to go there every week! I was able to squeeze in a few more pics before they had to leave.

Tammy is sweet, generous, and such a loving woman with a heart of Gold. Dustin is like a little brother and friend, funny,serious and has a huge heart. He is a great guy!

We are all blessed by Open Adoption Relationships!