Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm featured TODAY

On Smitten-By! Please feel free to read all about our open adoption and how i feel about it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not My Will but Thine be Done!

Yep, I've said time after time that I chose to be on God's rollercoaster on how our family is to come to us! I've consigned my will over to Him who knows greater than me, than anyone of what we need when we need it!
So, I'm happily (and yet with reservation) announcing that I'm Pregnant!!!
Yep about 12 weeks( this friday) and feeling sick and nauseaous! It's horribly good! I cannot tell you how shocked i was considering 5 of my past 6 pregnancies have ended in miscarriage around 4-6 weeks and one at 13.5 weeks! I've been married 10 years this July and i guess the Lord wants this pregnancy to succeed but, I'm still nervous. I think once the baby is here- i will be done being nervous! In some ways having infertility issues and then getting pregnant is like adoption- you just don't believe its happening until it finally does happen! You trick your mind into thinking all kinds of things on why it wont happen then are pleasantly surprised when it does!
Here's how we told our family! We sent this out so they all got it For Mother's Day!

Looks like Im due the very end of November or very early December! Maybe it will be on Brandon's birthday! Who knows ! For now, i pray everyday that if this is what the God wants for us, please prepare this baby so it will make it here safely! We will see! But for now, we rejoice( after the gagging and nausea!

I will keep you posted!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Central region Adoption Conference

If you haven't registered yet- Do it now! This is going to be fabulous and full of great speakers, classes and food! You will get to meet many FC workers, adoption managers from various agencies and, birth parents and birth families and other adoptive couples. And we are excited to have YOU and your experiences shared throughout this event!

The Domino Foundation is sending Andrea from SLC to speak about trans-racial adoption support, which i won't miss! Tamra Dawn Hyde , a birth mother and spokeswoman for itsaboutlove.org will be our keynote speaker! We have a fabulous line up of other great speakers and teachers as well!

Siesta lunch break for 2 hours with lunch provided each day, babysitting for the whole event for your entire family for only 10.! Games and activities at lunch and great connections to be made here( 2 years ago, a couple ended up meeting the birth mom to be of their daughter at this event- magic but no guarantees on it happening for you!!!)


here's the link to register ( birth parents are FREE)!

have ?'s shoot me an email or to coloradofsa@gmail.com