Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

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Q: Why do you want to adopt if you can have kids?

A: Actually, there's a bit to that question. First off, It's near impossible now, for me to get pregnant due to complications with my ovaries ( PCOS and a blocked fallopian tube) and secondly, I knew that I would be a mother to adopted children since I was 13 yrs of age. When I was dating Brandon, I told him that I wanted to adopt several children when I got married, regardless if i could or couldn't bare children and that I had endomitriosis- and He then told me that He was adopted and wanted to do the same! He grew up with one brother, who was also adopted, and was 8 yrs younger than him. He has always had the desire to have a big family and also desires to adopt many children. We just KNOW that it's God's plan for building our family and it will be mostly through adoption and we are so excited to see who the next member/s of our family will be. So, in our case we want to adopt because we CHOOSE to and We Know it's How we are MEANT to build our family! Adoption is not a Last resort- it's our FIRST choice!

Q: Do you expect a birth-mother to have an Open adoption like you have with your other
  Birth families?

A: It's Only Fair . Although, we hope for a Very OPEN b/c we love having ours with the biological families, I want you to do what's most comfortable for you. If you choose a  semi-open, or open, you must be comfortable with your decision and consist with our family and the child you place with us. Our 3 kids have varying levels of openness but the key is consistency. I would be so sad if our last little one/s don't get to have at least one visit a year with birth family b/c our other three get this and as the child grows they will notice what they Don't have, if you chose to close an adoption. No pressure from us to do something you don't have the desire to do, either. Semi or Open is what we Must chose for the mental health and well being of the child. To learn more about these terms visit adoption.com

Q: How will I know that my child will be SPECIAL to you?

A: Just because this child isn't going to be our first baby doesn't mean that it will be treated differently or be less special to us. Each child is unique and divine to us as they are to God. We will shout for joy and cry many tears of gratitude for this child. We will never take Brielle, Gavin's  or Celise's adoptions for granted, as would we with any other child. Each placement, birth parents and child will be forever in our hearts and minds and each baby will be treated like a Heavenly Princess or Prince- as they all are!

Q: What agency/attorney are you you with?

A: We will be going through our  Adoption Attorney And Agencies. After 3 adoptions with agencies, we are well versed in the process and will make sure that any expectant parent who chooses to place with us, has her needs met and all legal bases covered. We have access to great support networks and birth parent groups for support as well.

Q: Do you have a preference boy or girl, race, special needs, older child, multiples?

A: We are not ready for a special needs baby/child yet as we are caring for younger growing kids and may not have the capacity for a child with disabilities yet. I spent 6 years volunteering with the Physically and Mentally impaired adults and I have such a big place in my heart for special needs kids but, at this time, i feel it would take away from my other children to much  right now.

We are however, open to bi-racial or Caucasian boy or girl, sibling sets or multiples! Yep, after having 3 girls, I'd still love to have another little princess or Mini STUD!!! Boys or girls- it's all wonderful and each child is so unique and amazing!We are open to take a child/ren younger than 3.5 years for sure! We can accommodate any birth mother and child situation, in most cases!

My brothers are fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. My Bro-in-law is fluent in Spanish and Brandon speaks Tagalog ( Philippines). So- we're both OPEN!

Q: Why aren't you just satisfied with having your 5 kids?

A: It's not a matter of being satisfied or grateful. It's our desire and We have been LED to know that God Desires our family to GROW and have more children than just our 5. We have FAITH in God's special plan for our family and know that if someone is to place a child in our family- they will just have to really KNOW in their heart and mind- it's where this baby or child is supposed to be. You will just have to know and feel that it's right. We don't want just ANY child- we want to FIND and MATCH with the child/ren that are meant to be in our family forever! This is such a big undertaking and we are doing all we can on our side and GOD is doing the rest!

Q: How would i contact you?

A:Well, you can start by emailing US!
We'd love to chat, text or email you so... Please email us first for more contact info!