Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The REST of Disneyland...

 Reality is- about 80% of our group pictures are like this! I know its asking quite a lot to get everyone to smile all the time but, Hey, we can DREAM!

Tree house fun!

 We love the Tarzan Tree house - its fun and its about Adoption:)


Playing at he Tarzan Tree House!

Playing on Tom Sawyer's Island- perfect chance to ditch crowds

 Mid- Day nap break- totally worth it and you miss the BUSY times:)
 Waiting in lines- luckily we hardly ad waits:)
 On the ferris wheel with Brielle!
 Classic carousel rides and funny grandpa Danny!
 CUTE BOWS for cute girls

 The Ferris Wheel fun:)
We always ride the train to see dinosaurs and get off our feet for a bit:) Slade crashed

READY to splash it up!

 we took the girls at night for a bit but, only lasted a few rides- we were tired too!

Daddy's FAV ride is the FERRIS WHEEL- NOT! He gets so sick



Friday, March 4, 2016

brandon's story- Life Changing

What an Honor to be featured on the UFA main Site!

"I was just an average baby in all ways but, the day I was placed in my adoptive mother's arms, by my birth mother, I was the world's most amazing boy! At three days old, my life changed directions in a way I could not comprehend in my infancy. My adoptive parents raised me in a modest home, with good, upright core values and a firm belief in God. They were of humble means but, always gave me opportunities to play sports, attend social events, boy scouts and clubs and gave me all the love in the world.

 I never really asked much about my birth parents as a kid"... ( READ THE REST HERE)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Disneyland Dec. 2015 trip- Re-cap- ( well most of it)

 We had a blast last December with our 4 kiddos and are pleased to announce that another set of EARS will be joining us on our next trip here! WE ARE MATCHED with an expectant momma "D"
and the baby girl is due late April/early May!

Funny thing is I made this cute onesie with a sparkling mouse head on it and B said it was too cheesy to take a pic of it Before she came so- no pic of that but, This little one has been on our hearts since last April! ( and her birth mom too). More on this to come.

Enjoy the picture show!
  How they reacted when we told them that they didn't just get mickey/minnie PJS but that we were GOING to DISNEYLAND....


 gotta give Goofy Props, right?
 The TREAT shop is always YUMMY!
 Caramel apples are a FAV of our Family and those Goofy sour balls are too!

 the toon coaster

 YEP, He was in charge of the whole group- Great little Navigator!
 Brielle ended up being the REBEL SPY on board in our Star Tours group! She wasn't too thrilled about it though!
bows for the outfit:)

NIGHT TIME boat trip, lights and more!

 Corrine's Dad , Danny was our First Mate and helped with the kids a lot- He also is a PRO at DL!

  now for the LIGHTS in this pretty awesome parade. Disneyland always does it up right! I remember as a kid looking forward to the light parade- its SO much cooler now though!

IT was awesome and can't fit all on one post- so, another one will follow. WE are truly Disnerds now! Just Sayin'!