Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Birth Family Relationships

Let's Start at the beginning...

Brielle's birth mom, Kara-
 is one awesome lady! We have had an open relationship since day 1! We have seen 5 generations of her lovely and fun family! Kara is a busy massage therapist with a cute little boy- Jr.- (who I witnessed being born!) Yep, we are that close!!!

She lives a couple states away and we see her and her ENTIRE family as often a possible. Sometimes just yearly, sometimes 3 times a year! We are all on FB together, we text, call, chat- send presents and pictures and hang out doing whatever sounds fun- movies, games, bbq's, fishing, shopping etc. This summer we will have Jr. and Kara up for about and week and we are over the moon excited!!!

Her whole family has adopted ALL of us! Her brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grand and great-grand parents as well! We are so BLESSED!

Kara has a great heart and is constantly serving those around her and she has a growing relationship with Brielle. We had a ladies retreat with them a few months back and she got to spend a day just hanging out one on one with Her birth mom. We don't make it confusing and we collaborate and chat when BIG questions come up , from Brielle.

I know we are a great team and the love we have for her and her family is ever growing. She even came up to UT when we were placed with Gavin and Met Gavin's birth mom , Jessica!

Our Birth families are FAMILY so, most times I just say Family is in town and that is that! They stay with us and us with them. We have so much fun and have celebrated holidays and birthdays with them. I can't wait to have them up again or see them on our next trip thru NV!

Brielle's Birth dad- Kyle...

When we first met Kyle was about 10 days before Brielle was born. It was that FIRST meeting. He was so familiar, just like Kara was, to us when we met. He told us about how his whole family uprooted to a new state, got new jobs, met new people and sacrificed so much of their lives so that His sister could go to the Best Blind and Deaf Institute around- in AZ. He said that transition and journey got him thinking.... I want the very best for this little girl- even if it means she isn't with me. If I'm willing to do this for a sister- Why wouldn't I do this for my child? He won us over! What strength and Courage he showed us that day! And both Kyle and Kara showed even more unselfish and brave love during placement day- it was one we will never forget!

He visited a bit until she was 6 months- and we haven't seen him in person since. He has made contact with us recently and we are working on where we go from here. Him and his family are FB with us and we send pictures and cards each year. I hope this changes when things are right for him and it's really up to him at this point. We love them no matter what!

Gavin's Birth Mom... Jessica

Jess is an amazing lady as well, who is currently living in Tennessee with her Fiance Ben and is also a massage therapist ( say what?- both are massage therapists?- YEP) She is from a state away and we met her a month before she was due! We had a few more weeks to develop our friendship and our love grew for her and her
family! They are very fun and silly- much like us and we felt at ease at our first meeting! They are all on FB with us, we send texts/ pics/ letters/ presents and ALL sides of her family visit when we are in town! Uncles. aunts, cousins, grands and great grands! WE LOVE THEM ALL!
Gavin loves his birth mom and when he saw her in April just wanted to be by her side and be silly and fun with her! He always has fun on our visits and we are all so crazy together! Great Grandpa Phil makes amazing rolls and cooks up a storm! We always get cards on birthdays and special occasions and well- They also have pretty much adopted us! We are again so LUCKY! We get to see them about once a year or more. Hoping to see them at least two times this year :) (I secretly wish all my kids birth parents and families lived in the same state)

Dustin- Gavin's Birth Dad...

Well, we met Dustin in a mall kids play area when Gavin was a few months old for the first time. After that day- we have only GROWN in love for this man and his entire family. From the day the paternity test came back positive that He is Gavin's birth dad ( like he couldn't tell from looking at him?) His whole family has embraced us. We love Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Duane and Uncle Josh-
Dustin's brother- We have stayed with Tammy many times, celebrated holidays, went to Peru with Him and his family ion Feb 2017 and have had many dinners out and in and have embraced all of them with no hesitations!  It is SUCH a special relationship and I feel so blessed that it has all went so well.

Dustin works for a big yogurt company in UT and  Brandon and Dustin have a great bond and b/c both these guys are FUN and a bit nuts- it gets loud and lots of jokes are cracked around here! We all just fit right in!

Dausi- Celise's Birth Mom

We met Dausi about 4 weeks before she gave birth to CeCe and had been talking with her for four weeks before we met in person. She has such a fun, loving and goofy personality. She has these big 
Kara CAME this time too! She is like the Ambassador- lol
Disney Princess Eyes and smile that lights up her whole face!
We were in the room when Celise was born and it was amazing to watch her strength in action. Dausi had a 5 week visit with us in UT but, it got cut short b/c she got high while at my brother's house.Two weeks later we flew her up to CO for a visit and retreat and visit. She was high getting off the plane and totally crashed the next day ( we just thought she was tired and we had no idea she was abusing anything b/c apparently we were naive) . Long story short she has been on a journey to sort out her WHY she chooses this and currently has been in her rehab center for close to 10 months. We are so proud of her and know that because she chose this on her own and is doing the hard work now- we will get to have more openness in the future. We love her and her mom, Patty and can't wait to see her emerge as her true self again- the fun, loving and kindhearted girl we first met!
So our openness looks more like letters, calls to the center, packages and pictures at this time.
We recently had a great visit with her in her town and enjoyed every second together. She is finding her answers and we LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Eljay/Alan- Celise's birth father

I didn't actually get to meet Eljay until Celise was about 7 months old but, when we met- all went well. keep our communications open as we are all navigating our new relationship. We will get to visit in July of this year too!

 Eljay works as a Server and is starting out in his college schooling and Sadie and him are saving up to move out on their own one day. Susan is a huge help and support to all three of them. Life is looking up for all and we hope for the best!

Susan, Eljay's mom, shares her heart with her two open adoption placements too- both girls. She has tons of love to give and is a Bakery Manager ( yum:) She supports all involved and we love her for that.
We  talk on the phone and we test/message and are on FB together at this point.  His girlfriend Sadie has Celise's bio half sis- Ahunisey. She is a Doll and we are baby stepping into this relationship. We exchange gifts for special occasions and


The thing that makes the BIGGEST impression on us- is when we meet someone and they love us for just being us- flaws and all- Because that's how we are- We are far from perfect and Yes, there have been times we have not agreed on things or there has been distance when they have needed space to sort out things in life- but, we always try and communicate as best as we can and approach each person with love and kindness. God has not only brought these children into our family- but has given us amazing EXTENDED family in our birth families. We are seriously so blessed and though I don't know what the future holds- it looks like we get the privilege of having wonderful people around us for our whole lives!

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