Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, April 28, 2011


...Was all we got!

Yesterday, We took a sweet little angel ( we will call her Baby H) back to the agency, after 1 week of caring for her. Without going into detail about her BP's lives we will just say- they had issues and struggles. So, a week ago, we picked up this cutie pie and she was dirty and wreeked of smoke! She had a rough 1st day but, totally calmed down and became this chill, smiley baby!
Every morning my girls would wake up and rush over to baby H and want to feed, burp, change or snuggle her! They took turns singing or playing peek-a-boo with her. Brandon and I loved this tiny girl who was rockin' our world! We lost some sleep but, who cared. We met with her BP's last Sunday and it was pretty traumatic for Baby H- she screamed bloody murder every time the BP's held her until she was so exhausted she finally fell asleep.
It was tough and Baby H had reactions the rest of that day. The following 2 days after that were wonderful! Then last Tuesday, our CW called us and told us to bring her back on Wednesday. And Yesterday was a tough day. We've enjoyed her so much and just had a taste of what a baby is like again.
It's been almost 4 years now and after 3 almost miracles - It hurt. I held it together as i watched Kelly S( CW) take her back but, i knew it would be okay- at least for us. I cried on the way back home. I cried b/c of the life that Baby H will more than likely have- being exposed to things children should only read about and not having her father constantly involved in her life. She may not get to fulfill her dreams and potential but, that wasn't for me to fret over anymore. I pray that her BP's will do everything in their power to surround her with love and opportunities to grow and thrive and succeed in this crazy world!

Doing Fostering showed our family that it's so easy to love a child- regardless of where they came from. We can't wait to foster in the near future as well. We understand that " WE ARE ALL BROKEN" in some way or another and if we learn to accept that- it's easier to Let Christ into our Hearts and Lives. This Earth life is a time of Learning and Drawing Nearer to God through our trials and experiences- even if we voluntarily ask to be involved in our own pain!

We know that We will adopt one day through foster care. We know that we will most likely have a birth mother or two outside of foster care in our future who will find our family. And we are so grateful and aware that It's all in God's timing! He is in control! And to whoever you are- sweet birth mother- YOU ARE AMAZING!

1 week may not seem long, but it's really not about 1 week by itself- it's about the singular weeks strung together that make up our lives. And how are we living them? Are we embracing them or running from them?
I love this song ( it makes me weep when i hear it or read it)

Don't be afraid of the power of life. Open your eyes to this wonder.
Just as your heart should be open to joy. So it must let in the thunder.
The sun that you long for is hidden from view, and only the shadows remain.
But that's when you see the true beauty of life when you learn how to welcome the rain.

We welcomed it and we loved it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

2 months ago...

My prayers changed. My heart grew and I began to inhale what i was trying to avoid- The Stuff Out of my Control! I embraced it a few months back and in my prayers, I asked for Strength to do what HE wanted me to do - not just what I wanted to do.

I also felt inspired to start praying not only for all those involved in adoption and all birth parents to have support and love but, to specifically start praying for OUR birthmom! Yep, I said it. We have no idea who she is but, i felt that it was time. Each night, I'd sit in front of my Heater/Fireplace and pray for her before i went to bed. Sometimes I'd ask God to give her strength, comfort, support, avoid danger, help where she needed it and LOVE to surround her. Each night it was something different and what i felt she may need at that moment. It started to become really real to me.

On the outside... I ran around spouting out to everyone that we are switching to foster care/ foster adoption. We have long since finished our training hours and were just waiting for the RIGHT time to switch. We developed such a great understanding of those who are foster parents and those who are involved in this process. It's Hard and No doubt will be emotionally and mentally painful at times. So, Why do I feel the need pray for OUR birthmom if we were switching over to FC? I really don't know. But, i did say in my prayers " which ever avenue our birth mom comes to us" meaning if it was through LDSFS or FC. B/c Why not pray for every birthmom, right?
I'm not above the people who have thier children taken away in FC. I'm just in a different place in my life, with different background, skills, abilities that will benefit children's growth. I do not look down on them but, rather am sorrowful that FC birth parents didn't have the LOVE they deserved as children. We are SO BLESSED and lucky as Christians to have stable homes and moral compasses, centered in Christ and it's our duty to share His Love with Others- Especially those who know little about love ( like the FC Birth parents).

So... To whoever you are, sweet future birth parents.....
We LOVE You, we hope the Best for you and are so honored to one day meet you and welcome you into our lives, if the situation permits! We pray for you often and know that God is working Miracles in both our hearts through this process. You will always be a treasured JOY and part of our forever family!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Girls


as of late has been obsessed about riding her bike
as much as possible (this is not her bike in the picture). She LOVES wearing a swimsuit or leotard around the house and often under her clothes when she can get away with it! She is so FUN and Silly and can be very HOT or COLD to you! She is a snuggle bug and a comic relief with her addictive giggles!
Her tiny 34 lb. body is practically solid muscle and she is one tough girl who doesn't really back down from physical challenges! She will lose it if you give her a dirty look or talk rough though- or if she hasn't eaten in a while ( a little hypo like her momma)!
She is the girl who GROWLS and play animals as well as dress up! Her favorite treats are Peeps and gummies! Her nicknames are Bitsy and Bitty Girl! We are so happy God brought her to our Family! She will be an awesome BIG sister to our future children when that time comes b/c SHE LOVES babies and animals!

is so full of Sweetness and Sass! She will try and be the boss as much as she can but, she is super sensitive to the needs of others. She often gives other children or her sister something
that they want without thinking of herself. She loves to share, dance around the house, draw on anything, paint, and play pretend princesses or chefs or whatever! She is dainty and delicate but saucy and silly as well. She is tall and lean for her age and girls in her class. She loves reading books and doing stuff with mommy like cooking and cuddling! She will let you know how she feels and is a great communicator-even when she's not happy with you! Her favorite treat is chocolate anything and is a Total Girlie Girl in just about every way! She is a fabulous sister and tells us that we need more kids in our family! Our nicknames for her are: Sugar Girl and Sweetsies! We are so blessed she joined our family through adoption!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Once in a while...

Cool stuff happens to you. I believe things happen for a reason, in most cases and this last Saturday night, We went out for Joelle's Birthday to D Bar Desserts again! We noticed the dessert menu had a NEW item on it... wait... wasn't that the SPECIAL dessert Keegan made for me the very first time i came in and said i am needing something egg free? Why Yes it was! The "Citricle" is that dessert. So, i hollard at him to come over and i asked him if he remembered me and he said "yeah, i remember you" i pointed to the dessert and he said" Yep that's the one- i put it on the menu a few days later" We continued to talk with him for almost 20 minutes about life, marriage, kids, adoption and he told me he'd get us some passes to go behind the scenes and watch some of the Food Network Challenges-this summer. They are done recording until July so, HOW LUCKY were we that night?

But, that night i decided to not heed my food allergies and ended up feeling like crap most of Sunday- lesson dually learned- no more eggs or yeast! I'd rather feel good that eat a bit of egg and feel like I'm dying inside!

And the night before, Dara and i made some sweet MOM bracelet designs. I still have tons of beads so, be aware that the face of my etsy store will turn into a bracelet and adoption apparel shop till I'm all sold out! So... Look there often and get your momma ( or yourself) a snazzy mom piece that NO ONE else will own! And for an awesome steal!

We know that God is in control of how and when our children come into our family and we are so grateful for those expectant parents who glance at our profile and even consider us and adoption! Things will turn out the way they should in the end! But, for now- we will have faith and hang in there!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy and outreach

You just never know how and who you will outreach too. Katie, found my onesie on my etsy store and shares her memories of her belated mother- an adopted woman and... READ HERE

Thanks for sharing! Adoption is wonderful and I Thank the Lord for it every single day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My latest Adoption Poem

This is what has been in my heart. I am the luckiest Woman- Ever! Please click to enlarge. This morning, I read this to Brandon for the First time ever. Aria and Brielle were snuggled on our bed and after i finished reading Aria says" Mom, you got sumping drippin' from your eye onto your nose!" So cute. I told her they are happy tears!

Sometimes, people don't think about what single parenting does to a child- in the long run. Many children grow up without a father or sometimes a mother and it makes a HUGE impact on their lives forever. Choosing to think about the child first, is what sets Birth Mothers apart in this world. They are AMAZING! I'm forever blessed b/c of Jane's Decision! Thank You for Eternity!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a finished project

So... a while ago i bought this table- solid wood chunky curvy base for 34.00
Then I found 4 chairs on craigslist and bought them for 60.
They were also solid wood and in pretty sad shape. Although the wood, design and look was what i was going for- they need joint repairs. That cost me 80.for someone to FIX them up!
Then, i need some paint- 28.00 for the top coats and 8. for primer 4 for rollers... total project
214. ( i think that's a steal)

Did i mention everything is SOLID WOOD- no veneers!
And I Got exactly what i wanted in the end...

A black, distressed kitchen table and chairs. I don't have to worry about if the kids beat it up a bit
b/c it's solid and it's distressed! Works for me!

Even though it took some man hours it turned out awesome! So glad i waited to find the right stuff and jumped at the opportunity when i found these things!

Adoption Photo Gallery...

is now on my Photography blog... Check it out! And please leave a comment on what you think about it! Thanks and Enjoy!

All of these photos were free of charge. If you live in CO and want free adoption photos please send me an email!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free shipping

on my etsy store with this coupon code at checkout: FREESHIPAPRIL

Grab your adoption onesies and tanks and all the other snazzy stuff! I'm hoping to close this as soon as i can but... i have inventory left and i get excited about Adoption Stuff so...

I may have some sleep sacks and toddler tees coming. It all depends on how things go over the next few months.

Today... i will enjoy folding laundry finishing my table and chairs makeover, taking care of little sick Aria and see what needs to leave us before we move to our new place in June!

Oh, and I'll be editing pics fro the adoption conference last weekend- it was awesome!

Monday, April 11, 2011

craziness at the open gym class

I can't believe i can still do some of this crazy shtuff!!!

I may be almost 30 but, I'm not dead yet! ( plus i think 30 is still very young!)

Elisabeth and Brielle LOVE the foam pit and rope but they can't climb it yet( neither can i)
But, my friends can do it!

Little Merich loved the pit! I got to babysit my friend's son for a day and HE was a riot! I even got to give him a faux hawk hair style! The girls thought having a boy around was fun but, they did say that his pee pee ( seen while changing diapers) looks like a worm. And once, Aria called it a tiny snake. Silly girls! Man, having a boy would rock our world in such a cool way! Here's to hoping, right? ( boy,girl, giraffe... we'd be ecstatic!)

Aria is very serious on the beam! She is getting pretty good at balance and strength stuff! Brinley ( in background) is getting some pointers!

All my friends are doing cartwheels and very well i might add!

But, I have to kick it up a notch with some aerial action! ( good shot , Dara!)
I am still trying to get better at them and hopefully progress into round off back handsprings someday! For now, I need to work on my running stride and upper body strength!
CRAZY in love with Gymnastics!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

life in progress...

So... Brielle is getting pretty good at tracing and writing her name and other small words!
And today she decided to use the chalk to her advantage after church. She is such a creative little girl and sometimes a little sneaky with her masterpieces too. She loves getting her hands on anything she can to draw, cut, glue, color etc. Luckily, we are here to help direct it properly- most of the time!

Since this picture has the W.O.W. in it. I want to share OUR view on this! We totally agree with it! Everything in Moderation, Every Herb is ordained and Constituted by God for the use of Man,( of course the obvious one- no addictive substances) and greater knowledge and wisdom comes through obedience to these health laws of the Lord. And we want to be great examples to our children as well!

Neither of us struggle with major parts of this and we plan on raising our kids to be happy, healthy and fit children. That does not mean we are in perfect health though- both of us are striving to be a bit more fit and eat a bit more healthy, constantly! We have goals and desires and do not judge others for where they might be with their own health- We are all working on our own issues and we all grow in our own time. That's the beauty of life!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a day...

The FSA conference went so great!!!
I had a terrible nights sleep before that ( about 2.5 hours total)
and i tripped outside the door on a wood chip. But, none of that mattered!

We had excellent speakers and presenters and all the panels and classes went well! ( i will have whole post on this later) all the work that went into it was so appreciated and we are all exhausted now!

Now, I'm excited to get some sleep and onto new things this week! Like planning a friends Baby shower, getting a house lined up for JUNE! We found one that we love but, not sure on it yet! And i found another one today- our conditions are: 5 beds, nice backyard and great area! We LOVE space and our yard currently is so very small- we didn't even put up our trampoline here.

Well, I wish i wasn't so sleepy- I'd write a bunch more! Have a fabulous weekend peeps!

*here's some 2 week old pics of my girls at the park- my phone was taking crappy pics that day! Can't always have what you want when you want it i guess!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a few changes

have happened to the Awesome couples hoping for a Miracle column in my sidebar.
Some are good and some are what they are!

I have removed a few names and normally i do this glorious post of who adopted a child and then go gaga about it! This time... i do not know what happened to one of the couples and the other has yet to know of the great news that awaits them! Well, that's all for me now... I have to work on my talk for the Adoption Conf. It's gonna be FUN!

Want to know how this picture ties into my class??? you will just have to find out on Saturday!

Wait- featured on Nate and Amy's Blog

this poem is awesome. Read it slowly when you are not rushed. Every word is true and as AP's we are at the mercy of God's Time line and for good reason- just as this poem says! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey Peeps- I'm donating this sweet onesie and some adoption binks for the door prizes at the Area conference:)

If you don't win it- you can purchase it at my etsy store:) Limited quantities!
here's a few more to choose from!

all new and all 100% cotton apparel!

Monday, April 4, 2011

my sweet new friend

..., her awesome BLOG and story of being a Proud Birth Mama- give me so much hope and understanding! Christina's Life is so incredible and the changes that have come b/c she chose to place her sweet baby girl, 12 years ago are fantastic!

Please- Check out her blog- and get ready to see her at the CO/WY Area FSA Conference!

Thanks for finding me, Christina- I'm the lucky one who gets to be your friend!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Best For You Book Giveaway...

Click here and get entered to WIN this amazing Adoption BOOK!!! Kelsey will give this away to one lucky winner and IF you are in the CO are and coming to the conference- IT WILL BE EXTRA AWESOME! Since she , herself can hand it to you autographed!!!

Don't miss this!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Week...

Thus far, has been pretty eventful! I visited 3 hospitals- one to take birth mother and baby pics, one to drop off a gratitude basket to a social worker and one to visit our friends daughter who was getting checked out after a car accident- Everyone is okay and the Car took the brunt of the accident. My friend , Dara, was driving home from the gym and was hit by a drunk driver from behind. The man had a DUI, suspended license,a warrant out and NO Insurance!!!!! What the heck was he thinking???

Emily and i went to D Bar desserts again! The meal and the cake and shake were so scrumptious and we met the owner of another bakery in Nashville- where my sister lives. It's called Crumb de la Crumb! Her and her husband are competing on a Food Network Cake Challenge that was to be filmed 2 days after we met and they were also thinking about adoption! And I sat by an adopted college lady too! She was about 2 years younger than me and knows both her birth parents now! Pretty awesome night!

On Thursday, the girls and i went to the Open gym time at the rec center and i landed and AERIAL!!!! A few times! It's exhilarating to be jumping around again and flipping and stuff! I dig it and i have to give props to my new friend Samm who helped me nail it! More on her later!

That night Brandon and i went to see the NHL team the Avalanche Play- they lost by one but, it was pretty interesting and entertaining! Lots of rough peeps!

I especially enjoyed the tiny little hockey players that played on the long breaks! They had to be like 8-10 or so. So adorable and awesome! (pictured above)

Friday, we had school for Brielle and Aria and i ran around getting stuff ready for the Adoption Conference! We went to 2 parks that day and I tried to get in a little tennis practice- I suck but, I'm working on it! I think I want to join a beginning women's league this summer and get better at that!
Now, to finish painting a table and chairs i bought and to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!

But, before i go... Brielle wished on a star last night and snag the whole star light star bright song. Then she said " my wish is so good i just have to share it..." I wished for a BIG family and a BIG house so, everyone can fit in it!" Then Aria said " I wish for a baby sister and a baby brother"

I just love that our girls can't wait to welcome a sibling in one day!
Maybe i should wish more on stars!

You can STILL register by calling the LDSFS office directly!!! ( kelly's number is on my sidebar towards the top!)