Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

finishing the LOST series

Brandon and I are finally making progress and are about 6 episodes from finishing the whole series... It's been awesome and i cant wait to see how it ends!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belleview Park

We had loads of fun at the FSA park day with all the kids and moms and animals!!!

Aria and Brielle wanted to hold the turtle so badly but, to no avail.

Aria was the animal whisperer...

she even was able to calm the mean old turkey- who you are generally not supposed to touch!

Us on the train. I think the girls are saying CHOO CHOO to the friend behind the camera!

Some of the kids staring at the bunnies!

Then it was time to play in the creek!

We loved it so much, we came back the next week with Daddy!

* keep reading about Brandon and Corrine, and adoptive couple hoping to be blessed through adoption again...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so fun...

SO... my friend owns this company that makes customized pacifiers and we love to SWAP goods quite often. So, i had her make me a few extra special binks.

I have both a girl and boy one ready! And here's a few more adoption ones I had made!

not pictured is one that says" i love adoption"!

We are so excited and can't wait to be chosen to parent again.
Some people may think that because this isn't our first adoption or our first child that the child won't be as special. I SAY " that's CRAP!" that's not true at all, for us!

We are eagerly longing and waiting to see how our family grows in love! If someone thinks that a child will be less loved by us, b/c it's not the first- they must not know us at all! I believe any child will have a great home and lots of love regardless if the family has or doesn't have kids yet!

There are so many deserving couples in the world. We are just one of the few!
We pray for every couple and every expectant parent who is considering placing every day and night! Love to you all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I Like this crib if it's a BOY:

I imagine I'll do some Rad looking Semi-old School Vintage Retro/Modern/Surfer/Board rider decor.
I'm also considering a BLACK crib which, is growing on me more and more each day. I love the combo of black lime, white, and hints of deep orange and dark aqua. I don't want the baby's room to look like a mortuary:)

For the Girls' crib, i have this gorgeous white crib by Bonavita that has carved floral details and perfect feminine curves. I LOVE this crib, am so glad that i got it with Aria but, i think i will do her new bedding in black, white, hot pink, lime and Aqua.

I will incorporate a few pops of other colors in the jewel tones as well! I LOVE DESIGN(if you couldn't tell) Both of my girls had their own bedding and i can keep that going with the next! And I'm really picky so, i may have to custom make it! We will see!

With all that said... I still want to be surprised if at all possible. If I'm not surprised on the gender, that's okay too, it's really not a big deal. We will be surprised enough when an amazing woman chooses to place with us! Hopefully someday soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

PF Changs- dinner with the girls

We had such a delicious dinner at PF Changs last Saturday night! Lettuce wraps(of course)
Mu Shu Chicken and Sweet n Sour Pork, pot stickers (they called them dumplings?) and the super sweet Banana Spring Rolls and pineapple coconut Ice Cream with caramel/ vanilla syrups- WOW, it was superb! I will have to try and make that one night too! Here's some crazy pcs of us- just being real!

Sweet and Sour Pork was Brielle's fav!

daddy burning off dinner around the mall!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

?'s you might have

Q: Why do you want to adopt if you can have kids?

A: Actually, there's a bit to that question. First off, It's a major struggle for me to get pregnant due to complications with my ovaries and secondly, I always KNEW in my heart that i would be a mother to adopted children since i was 13 yrs of age. When i was dating Brandon, i told him that i wanted to adopt several children when i got married and He then told me that He was adopted and wanted to do the same! He grew up with one brother, who was also adopted, and was 8 yrs younger than him. He has always had the desire to have a big family and also wants so badly to adopt many children. We just KNOW that God's plan for building our family will be mostly through adoption and we are so excited to see who the next member of our family will be. So, in our case we want to adopt because we CHOOSE to and We Know it's How we are MEANT to build our family!

Q: Do you expect a birth-mother to have an Open adoption like you have with Brielle's Birth-mother?

A: Not at all. I want you to do what's most comfortable for you. If you choose a closed, semi-open, or open, you must be comfortable with your decision. No pressure from us to do something you don't have the desire to do. To learn more about these terms visit adoption.com

Q: How will i Know that my child will be SPECIAL to you?

A: Just because this child isn't going to be our first baby doesn't mean that it will be treated differently or be less special to us. Each child is unique and divine to us as they are to God. We will shout for joy and cry many tears of gratitude for this baby. We will never take Brielle's adoption for granted as would we with any other adoption. Each placement, birth mother and child will be forever in our hearts and minds and each baby will be treated like a Heavenly Princess or Prince- as they all are!

Q: What agency are you you with?

A: We will be going through our church agency LDS family services. This is the only way we can protect ourselves and give you the BEST quality care and after placement care as well. Visit ldsfamilyservices.org .We used this same agency with Brielle and are more than satisfied with their professionalism and case by case sensitivity.

Q: Do you have a preference boy or girl, race, special needs, older child, multiples?

A: We are not ready for a special needs baby/child yet as we are caring for younger growing kids and may not have the capacity for a child with disabilities yet. I spent 6 years volunteering with the Physically and Mentally impaired and i have such a big place in my heart for special needs kids but, at this time, i feel it would take away from my other children too much right now.

We are however, happy to have any mixed race or Caucasian boy or girl or multiples! Yep, after having 2 girls, I'd still love to have another little princess!!!
I sure hope i get lucky enough to have many girls and boys! Brandon can't wait to have a little man around the house to ward off some of this estrogen going around! Our agency doesn't usually place older children but, we are willing to take a child younger than 1 year for sure. I am pretty sure they can accommodate any birth mother and child.

My brothers are fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. My Bro-in-law is fluent in Spanish and my husbands Speaks Tagalog. So, racial diversity and cultural diversity is Fabulous! I hope to have a very wide range of skin tones in our family!!!:)

Q: Why aren't you just satisfied with having your 2 girls?

A: It's not a matter of being satisfied or grateful. It's our desire to have more children than just 2. We have FAITH in God's little plan for our family and know that if someone is to place a child in our family- they will just have to really KNOW in their heart and mind- it's where this baby is supposed to be. No matter of convincing will do- you will just have to know and feel that it's right.

Q:How would i contact you?

A:well, you can start by emailing me and brandon :
We'd love to chat, text or email you so... Please email us.

Also, We are working with
KELLY STOHL at LDS family Services
(303) 371-1000- you can call his office directly or shoot him an email if you feel more comfortable!

Please note: we can not send money to anyone regardless of circumstance. After your initial email, we will have you contact our agency in your local area to get your needs met!

Oh So Awesome Father!

We are so excited to celebrate Father's Day!

WHY? B/c we have the best daddy ever!
He IS our Knight in shining Armour, the Tickle Monster, and our Hero! . He's the one who is teaching us that there are still great men in the world- just like Him. He Loves us and takes care of us, plays with us and teaches us to be good daughters and people!

If it wasn't for his Birth Mother placing him for adoption 31 years ago- He wouldn't be OURS!
We are So grateful for Her and for his Mother, Betty! Without these 2 women, He wouldn't be such a fun, driven, loving, caring, silly, playful, motivating, and kind Daddy to us. Him and Mommy make a great team and He and her are so in love and kiss way too much around us!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! We hope that you always know every day how much we LOVE and appreciate what you do for us and Mommy!

I asked Brielle and Aria a few ?'s

Q: What is daddy's favorite thing to eat?

B: Chocolate Bars
A: ice cream

Q:What is daddy's fav. thing to do with you?

B: go to the park with me
A: throw me on the bean bag!

Q: Why do you love your daddy so much?

B: Because He's Sweet
A: Bee-tuz

Q: What is your fav. memory with Daddy?

B:I liked playing rough house with him
A: playing tickle monsters and singing Bear Necessities of Life!

things that freak me out...

For all honesty's sake, I'm going to be REAL and tell you some things that make me shutter in fear or disgust... (may not be suitable for children to view)

FIRST: Pageant Moms and Daughters: Note to you people: Your child IS not a trophy piece- please love them without all the make-up and hairspray. They are precious the way GOD made them. No extras needed- ps. when your child stops doing pageants are you going to love her less or be less involved? Poor girls:(
second: Facial Tattooing- UGH frightens me

BALUT: half grown duck inside the egg, fermented in the ground for days then eaten as a treat or on rice in the Philippines- gag me! (ps. Brandon tried this on his mission)

Extreme Dog Groomers and their stylists- It's cool but, still wigs me out a tad!
any hairless breed of cats or dogs- can't do it, peeps
more: being trapped in a car and sinking slowly, MLM lovers, bees, too many ice cubes in my drink ( i know a little odd quirk- 3 is just fine) public restrooms, carni workers on occasion,
those cop shows where you see awful drunks beating on their wife or kids, and Medical shows where they do lots of surgery. I can't stand the blood but am so grateful for doctors!

Just keeping it real. I will have to get B to do this!

now, you know!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Butterfly Pavilion

click on the page to view the pictures closer:)

The girls and their friends had a great time at the pavilion! It was so fun to see the light in their faces!
and you can't forget a butterfly lollipop and necklace!

These sticky butterflies GOT everywhere!!! I will probably opt for gummie butterflies next time- lesson learned!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pool

Look who loves to swim!
the big slide(well, for the public pool)

She loves to wink anytime she can!

She loves to swim but not as much as Brielle does!

* Keep reading about our adoption family by going to the sidebar and choosing the topic you'd like. We are awaiting another miracle through adoption!

Monday, June 7, 2010

interesting news

So.. what's up with us, this week? Well, Last weekend i went to the Hospital (ugh, i know) and after multiple tests we found a racquetball sized cyst by my small intestine. Bad news but good news... IT can be removed and will be here pretty shortly! It's NOT a Tumor or Cancer or anything worse!
The surgery will take only a few hours and ALL will be well.
For me: I think it will be great b/c "WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU, ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER"
and my abdominal swelling/inflammation and pain will go down!!! I'm so excited about that b/c it looks like I'm 5 months pregnant b/c of this swelling and CrAp! That means I'll get my waist back and be able to return to normal activity shortly after! So, Everyone pray that surgery will go well and I can return to normalcy shortly after!

Q:Does this mean you guys won't be adopting or up for adopting soon?
A: Nope, It's just a hiccup in my health and has no effect on our ability to love and parent a child. We will be able to provide a loving, healthy, financially stable home for any baby!

Q: Does this have anything to do with your ability to get pregnant?
A: I wouldn't think so, my issues are with my ovaries and fallopian tubes and this cyst is no where near them. So, i will still technically have about a 10% chance of every getting pregnant again.

Q:How do you really feel about this whole thing?
A: well, I'm not really happy about it, of course. But, i just think that the Lord will only give us as much as we can handle and He must have known that i could handle this. I may cry right before surgery but, i KNOW that I will be surrounded by angels and supported by everyone's prayers. And i also know that this Dr. has done MANY of these procedures so- he's got experience! Thank Goodness!

Here's some pictures of our girls and our pretty Snowball flower bushes in our yard! She and Myla love to share snacks!
Myla is such a Good Doggie! She's 5 years old now!
Brielle is looking so big now. If you ask her she IS a Big Girl!
(try 4.5 going on 16, sometimes)
Our lovely snowballs!