Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Journey Thus Far...

July 2002 married in SD Temple

...shortly after tried for children

Nov. 2003-was diagnosed with unknown infertility

Nov. 23rd 2005 Sat down with LDSFS and started to fill out paperwork for adoption

Dec. 17th 2005 turned in paperwork

Jan. 2nd 2006 Met with Kara and Kyle and they chose US to be the adoptive Parent's to their child

Jan. 10th- ended up in the ER with a unknown miscarriage of 13.5 weeks. Sad day but, it gave me so much more sympathy for what Kara was going through.

Jan. 12th- baby Girl was born. we went to Hospital with the whole birth family and saw her and held her and cried. we visited the next day as well.

Jan. 17th- Sweet baby Girl was placed in our arms. So emotional and many many tears flowed on both sides. We chose OPEN adoption with Birth families.

March- Brandon's Birth sister showed up on our doorstep. Enter all that comes with that!

Oct. 12th 2006 Brielle was SEALED to our family for Forever! In the LV Temple

Nov. 23rd 2006- found out we were expecting!

July 24th 2007 - Baby Girl Aria was born and welcomed in by her big sister!

Jan. 2008- felt impressed to start working on growing our family again. I flipped out b/c i just lost all my pregnancy weight and NOW- God wants us to start down this road again when Aria and Brielle are so small???

August- 2008 - met with a girl who wanted to place with us through my parents. Went to the ultrasound etc. Then i took her to Social Services the next day b/c i felt she wasn't properly informed about her choice. Even though she seemed sure. One week later she told me she was parenting- i kind of knew that was coming and was glad she made that choice with a full knowledge. even though it was heartbreaking, It was not God's plan for our family.

July 2009- I have a miscarriage at 4.5 weeks again

August 2009- We get involved with Families Supporting Adoption Again- i go crazy and start making connections with Crisis pregnancy centers, talking at High schools , hospital baskets etc...

Sept. 2009- Both of US feel we are ready to adopt again and feel a sense of urgency, we start this blog around then.

Dec. 2009- we were told to wait until we moved to CO but, start filling out the online forms.

April 2010- We moved to CO and take our CORE Adoption Training classes. and get involved with FSA here.

May 2010- we finish our paperwork and start home studies

June- Met and became friends with Jessica, pregnant and thinking about adoption.

July 2010- attended National FSA conference and was asked to serve as Central Region Co- Chairs to central states. Jessica Chooses Adoption. And we FELT she wasn't meant to be our birth mother and helped her in the process ( plus she is really awesome)

August 29th 2010- We are approved and LIVE on itsaboutlove.org.
Jessica chooses her Family!( J & C)

Sept. 2010 - Possible opportunity comes up to adopt 2 toddler boys.

Oct. 2010- took Foster Care training, preparing for the future
Jessica has baby Madison and places with J &C!
-we found out more and found out we lived in the wrong state for the 2 boys-so a no go!

Nov. 2010 Re-diagnosed with PCOS ( infertility stuff) and messed up hormones.  Found out about some food allergies too!

Dec. 2010 start taking female hormones again ( not pregnancy ones- just ones to help me be more like a girl again- and in no way increase my odds to overcome PCOS- though it would be nice)

Jan. 2011- we fly Brielle's Birthmom , Kara and Her son, JR. up for Brielle's 5th birthday!!!

Feb. 2011- Felt a prompting to start praying for our birth mom and not just to pray for all birth moms!

March- decided to switch to Foster Care with the State on June 1st

April 7th- took CPR training!

April 8th- Got a Birth Mom contact in our inbox

April 9th- Went to FSA Area Conference and met a birth mom- S

April 20th, 2011- We got Baby H to foster for 1 week before we brought her back to return to her BP's- with LDSFS ------Another almost miracle!

April 27th- brought Baby H Back to agency- super sad day but, we know our hearts grew so much

April 29th Met with Jessica in UT, the  expectant mom who contacted us on the 8th!

May 3rd- Another UT expectant mom contacts us after already being selected, shortly after 2 other expectant moms contacted us via email and FB

May 28th- we get the call from Jessica H. She is in labor- we head to UT and Gavin was born!

June 2nd - placement day, we stayed a few days after waiting for ICPC and had lots of visits with J's Family!

August 2011- we meet Dustin - Gavin's birth dad!

Nov. 24th-ish- we get a call about an adoption opportunity...It goes nowhere

Jan. 5th - I miscarried at 6 weeks

Jan. 13th 2012- Gavin's Finalization DAY!

Jan. 17th we put in transfer papers to Foster Care

Jan. 19th- we hear sad news that the baby (Adoption situation) didn't make it- no sweet child to dream about but, it was God's will that all things happen they way they do ( minus what bad people do to others)

Feb. 2012- I MATCHED to donate my kidney to my good friend SAMM

March 2012 - we move to our new home in Applewood

late April 2012- I Find out I'm pregnant again ( can't donate now:) But she found a great match

May 26th 2012- Gavin was sealed to our family in the Denver Temple

Jan. 7th 2013- I had SLADE naturally! Everything went great!

May 2014- we BOUGHT our home in the Mountains!!!

April 2015- We Feel prompted to OPEN the flood gates and Let GOD lead us to FIND the Rest of our Children Through Adoption- Felt strongly to start preying for our child and her birth parents& Family!

June- We took part in Gavin's birth Father's wedding- Congrats- Sarah and Dustin!

late JUNE 2015- We started our Home Study paperwork AGAIN! we changed a lot of plans around b/c we felt prompted too! Trusting in God that He knows more than we do!

July 16th 2015- turned in our home study packet!

(* two weeks later-ish - baby was conceived by EM & ED  "D" )

August 13th- Gavin's birth mom's father ( Grandpa Max) Passed away at 47. 3 days after our last visit with him

August 17th- Grandpa Max's funeral- Visit with Jessica Hall, Gavin's birth mom!

Sept- Did our Home walk through with LFS

Dec. 16 th 2015 Home study process completed- applied to Premier Adoptions Agency

Jan. 2016 completed Premier online apps and got our books made and turned in.

Jan 28th 2016- felt huge wave of sadness and emotion for our Future expectant mom and a need to PRAY for extra support for her, sobbed and cried and prayed very fervently for this sweet woman whom we will someday meet.

Feb. 1st- applied to Adoptions By Heart in CO.

Feb. 11th - took the girls and Gma Betty to the BIG Island and got a contact from Premier Adoptions about a potential expectant mom who loved our profile book!!!

Feb. 20th- Chatted with Expectant mom "D" over the phone- felt like talking to an old friend.
End of conversation- she said " it's them- i don't need to look anymore"

March 2016- two skype calls with EM  "D" and we are now FB friend and will meet her over Easter weekend! YAY- can't believe we are officially matched!

April 8th 2016 We Meet Dausi!!!! She is so FUN and adorable pregnant belly- She meets Kara's Parents, Dustin's mom and our Cousin's Q and Michelle and their kids too! We Met Patty , Her mom the next day and have EASTER together:)

April 27th- Dausi calls and her Water broke.... we RUSH to get there ( 9 hour drive)

April 28th- Dausi's baby girl makes her way into the World and WE WERE THERE! I haven't ever witnessed a birth of our kid's until NOW! ( minus the ones I birthed) Truly Spiritual and sacred special moments

April 29th- Dausi signed papers and we all stayed at the Hospital an extra day for R&R and visiting:)
WE ARE PARENTS again! super Overjoyed

NOV 2016 - I meet Eljay , Celise's Birth Dad, and his whole family. We had a Brunch over at Tammy's house and i had 2 birth dads in the Same room! Pretty Special!

FEB 8th  2017 Celise's Adoption is Finalized in Court- she is Family by Law now:)

February 2017- we start the Renewal Process for adopting our FINAL sweet kid/ dos? Let's See where God Leads.  We knew we were totally complete but, we don't feel the need to RUSH things so much as we felt a bit of a hurried sense on our Heart with Cece. BUT, it still feels not too far off.

March 2017- Got Physicals done and ready for papers to get signed again...