Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, January 20, 2012

mini man's growing up!

I can't believe he is almost 8 months now!
These are from a few weeks back and he already looks different! He is starting to fill out and get some rolls on his legs- It's cute!

We are truly blessed and so honored to be his parents and our girls parents too!

You know, I just am so happy that God has granted us these blessings and a great marriage. Yeah it's not all perfect all the time but, I'm married to someone I love and he loves me completely, even with my grumpy days! That makes a huge difference when you are parents b/c you rely on each other to get through the hard parts of life and parenting!

We keep thinking about how amazing and wonderful our next family member will be too! How will they find our family? Through foster placement, through a friend of a friend, we don't really know but, if our marriage wasn't solidly grounded we'd not even be looking forward to the future or having more children through any means!

I Hope and Pray that this tiny man will grow up to be an excellent, honest, dynamic young man one day and we will do our best to assure that his dreams are in reach too! That's what the choice of adoption brings a child- LIFE, LOVE, FREEDOM that wouldn't otherwise not be attainable in most situations where children are single parented, in financial crisis or poverty, in a relationship not based on trust and love and faith.

I THANK THE BIRTH PARENTS EVERY DAY for thinking of your child/ren first! YOU ARE HEROES and not enough can ever be said about your selfless choice! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

transracial adoption

So, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out the views and studies on transracial adoption. I read this article about the Transracial Adoption Paradox

In Summary of the article.... The current research literature on psychological outcome, racial/ethnic identity development, and cultural socialization suggests that transracial adoptees—both domestic and international—are psychologically well adjusted, exhibit variability in their racial/ethnic identity development, and along with their parents, engage in a variety of cultural socialization strategies to overcome the transracial adoption paradox.

And this blog has a great articles and resources. Of Course the RHOUSE always does!

This post on Iamablackmother has a great understanding of TA and Religion...

"I believe if I do my best with parenting my children, including my transracially adopted daughter, that our Heavenly Father will help with what I am unable to do if I ask."

There is much to be said and not enough understanding on this subject. I'd like to hear more from adoptees who were raised by white parents. like this book, In Their Own Words

I have my own feelings about this which are generally accepted... I think it's up to the individuals adopting! I think a child is a child no matter what race. And though it's important to embrace ethnic and cultural differences, it's just as important to embrace your families culture too. Every families lives differently than the next. What's normal for one may be odd for another.

I think it's imperative that people understand differences and celebrate them, not try play down the obvious and wonderful!

I'm game for whatever God wants to bring to Our family! I'd love and i do love anyone and everyone- no matter what they look like!

I grew up singing that song " Jesus loves the little Children" . When it came to the part about the colors, it sang like this: Red and Yellow, black and white... We'd add in our own words and sing Purple , polka dot and striped;) just for kicks.
ALL KIDDING aside, I'm happy that i have that ability to love all mankind, genuinely. It's taken years but, i think i always have had my grandpa beach's kind, open heart. Thanks, Grandpa B! I know you watch over all your kids from Heaven! Love you!

Friday, January 6, 2012


New Years Resolutions are all about making great changes, committing , and resolving to correct the things that are off in your life!

So, what are YOURS this year?

Are they about your physical body?

Using your talents more?

Being more charitable?

Accomplishing big goals in your work or life?

Sometimes we set goals that are just out of our control all together and we get disappointed when they don't happen! As far as adoption goes, we can't control all that much of the process but, Here's a few things you can ....

If you think your agency has forgotten you...
GET in their face- in the most helpful and least obnoxious way possible- volunteer with outreach programs they might have, join FSA or similar adoption focused groups and get to know your adoption manager. They won't forget you if are around all the time. And when you are doing good things for others- good things will come your way too. It's true!
ALL 6 of the couples that are highly involved on the FSA boards- had placements in the last 18 months. Our funny saying is " if you want to adopt- get involved with FSA"- 4 of us have babies under 8 months and 2 of them are over one and another is on its way!

You can never do enough updates on it or your blog- keep it fresh- clean, fun and true to who you are! No one wants to see PERFECT PASTED ON SMILES in every photo and plastic answers to what you think BP's might want to hear- BE REAL and Genuine. If your pics are old or not very good- get new ones that are very eye catching and done by a pro! Makes a huge difference!

GIVE OF YOURSELF- Use your talents and energies to support GOOD THINGS, whether its helping in soup kitchens, with HS students in an after school program, in your churches and organizations- get busy and FORGET ABOUT WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE! Focus on what you DO HAVE and give of your time and talents liberally! You will find out more about who YOU are and at the same time by making a difference in your community! You never know the connections you will make that may bring other possibilities your way as well!

FIND PEACE IN YOUR JOURNEY- This is probably the most important part in your life right now if you are a waiting couple. Coming to an understanding that GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT, can be difficult for many people. It's excruciating when you are aching for a child to fill your empty arms, or trying to remedy the feeling of someone missing in your incomplete family but, YOU MUST ACCEPT, EMBRACE, then CHANGE the things or feelings that are making you upset, angry or disappointed. The Lord doesn't want you to sit around and pout or ask Him " why me, why now, why not, why them and not us?" I think He wants us to LEARN OF HIM and HIS WAYS of teaching through trials, patience and faith so that we are more in tune and accepting of HIS WILL and HIS TIMING.

What i have been saying as of the last 4 months in reference to life and adoption is : " I've decided to forget what i want and accept what He wants for me and my Family! I've jumped on board God's Roller Coaster and I'm letting him take me where I'm supposed to go!"

And truly coming to this has been a great journey. I have such a peaceful feeling that I no longer have to feel like i'm in control of everything when we all know we are NOT! I trust In Our Father in Heaven and KNOW that HE kNOWS ME and KNOWS what's BEST FOR ME too! Such a great sense of serenity and love!

No matter the twists are turns and upside-down loops, I'm Hanging on and Enjoying the Ride!
I know that this is where I'm meant to be, right here and right now!

May you all have a wonderful NEW YEAR and make those changes that are keeping you from finding Happiness! Love you all!
PS. I turned the big 30 last Wednesday and Brielle (pictured above) turns 6 this coming Thursday! Man, time sure flies!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year !!!

Brielle stayed up for her first time in her life! She rang in the new year with us at Kenn's house! He had TONS of balloons prepared and his boxer had fun popping them which kind of wigged out Brielle. She did great overall and was one tired lil' sweetie! Daddy had way too much fun with the Balloons! Silly guy!

Can't wait to see what this year brings everyone and our family too!
Make the most of this year and each day!