Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sesame Live Show [ adoption couple [ adoption parents [ parent profiles

So, The SHOW was pretty good overall. Aria just couldn't sit still and loved dancing and clapping and moving to the music!!! Brielle liked it at first but, later got kind of bored. She's 4 now and is really more into Princess and Fairies and planting gardens and doing gymnastics- not Sesame! She did like it but, didn't LOVE it! So, my overall... It's perfect for kids from 18 months-3.5 years. If your 4 and too mature for it- you should just stay home! (tee Hee)
I think it's so funny that Brielle thinks she's so big now! She tells me she's smart and that she is the oldest and sometimes tries to tell me what i should be doing. that doesn't really fly with me, kiddo! She also thinks she is the one who gets to pick when we are adopting a child and which gender. She tells me all the time: I want a baby sister and then a baby Brother! She really thinks she gets to pick and Choose! I remind her that one day a special birthmom, like hers , will find our family and she will feel and know in her heart that the baby she carries is supposed to be in our family- regardless if it's a boy or a girl baby! Brielle says to me: Oh, okay, well, can i pick the name?" Hah! She's so full of energy and knows way too much for being ONLY four!

I got to shoot pictures of a 2 week old baby girl and 4 month baby girl this week and was in heaven! Both were so cute and cuddly! I also had some good news that my friends adopted a baby boy! I'm so happy for everyone and i think what i like about doing baby photography best is that i get to hold these precious babies for a few seconds. It keeps me HOPEFUL that Brandon and I will be blessed with a sweet baby sometime in the future! We pray every night that these wonderful birthmoms and birthdads will find the right adoptive families and that the adoptive couples will do everything to attract the right birth parents. All adoptions are acts of Love both from each involved! Thanks for reading our blog and scroll down to read more!

*picture of baby Ava, a tiny client i shot this week!

Monday, April 12, 2010

highs and Lows of last week [ adoption couple

WOW! Last week was Crazy and full of some great experiences and some that i would rather not repeat!. Here's a Break down:
I took pictures of baby Julian( a client's baby) and Sara's Family!

I had a CC Baby Inc. Sale at my house and during that Aria decided to take a terd in her hands and smash it while standing on the dining room table! YEP- NO jokes here! I had to hose her down like nobody's business while clients were waiting to look at hair clips! It was mortifying and hilarious all at the same time. Luckily, i can keep my cool with Crap like that( literally:)

I Talked to Silverado HS students about the Option Of Adoption in Mrs. Zimet's Child Development Classes. It was wonderful o share how special adoption is to me and some birth mother's testimonials from Itsaboutlove.org. The teens were very open and receptive and I can't wait to do it again!
I booked 3 extra photo shoots for this week:) It gives me my baby fix until our next angel finds our family)
The girls help packed some boxes and ruin some boxes ( oh well:) It was fun anyways!
Brandon and I had a date night and went to a China Buffet- i haven't been to one of those in like 3 years. It was great but i woke up entirely too swollen from all the MSG!!!

On Saturday i spoke at the Adoption Academy and Brandon helped our cousins move across town. It went great. At the academy- Kara, Brielle's Birthmom spoke along with my friend Angie and 3 other awesome Tummy Mommies( as Brielle would say)!!! I am so glad I got to participate and we can't wait to get to CO and officially get our Papers submitted!
Sunday was terrific as well. Church was great with lessons on Patience and Families and Prayer!
Thanks for reading our crazy blog!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

FYI [ adoptive parents [ parent profiles [ adopting couples

Just so you know...
We are not your typical adoptive couple with a long drawn out sob story of how we are so destitute to have a child and how much we need you to choose us. We are not Baby Hoarders who just want to grab up all the adoptable kids of the world like all the Hollywood stars out there either. We are not here to convince anyone that we are perfect in every way and put on a front for you.

We are ,however, depending upon an amazing person to recognize what her heart is telling her. If we are the Right fit for your baby, then so be it. We are putting our Trust In God and having Faith that each one of our miracles will come into our family the way He intended them to. Thats just what we know, deep in our hearts and we will treasure each child as our own.

Whatever baby comes into our home will be surrounded with love and kisses and MANY cousins and 2nd cousins and grandmas and grandpas! In my side of the family there are 6 adopted GRANKIDS( Brielle being 1 of them) under my Grandma. And 2 adopted Fathers (Brandon being one of those) and 2 of my cousins have actually placed babies for adoption themselves. We do not believe that inter-family adoptions work out very well. Usually, someone ends up hurt or the pain is dragged on come reunion time each year. I am so inspired by my 2 cousins and 3 of my friends who placed babies when they were younger as well.

My girls have LOTS of friends who are adopted as well. 4 of which we see on a weekly basis! Brielle is proud that she is adopted and knows who her tummy mommy is and loves her very much. As we move, i know the separation will be somewhat difficult but, also necessary. Now that Brielle is 4, it's time to let her decide when she wants to see her birthmom. We absolutely love Brielle's Biological family so very much as well! They are our angels and friends! We are so lucky!

Here's a song I wrote before we adopted Brielle, mixed in with some of my photography.
It's entitled: My Heart Aches for You!

My Heart Aches for You
Little Child

I wonder when I’ll see you

With your tender, tiny smile

I’ve prayed and fasted

For compassion from someone

That they might know my need

For a daughter or a son.

I know God’s listening

And He can hear my plea

To have a baby for our own

And join our family.

My heart cries out to you

Father above

I wonder when you’ll answer

So we can heal with love

I’ve prayed each sleepless night

To hold a baby oh, so near

I hope that one so great

Can relieve all of my fear

I know God’s listening

And He can hear our plea

To have a baby for our own

And join our Forever family!

My heart breaks for you

Who’ll place your baby with me

I’ll look into your eyes

And I’ll begin to see

How God felt, as He

Gave up His only Son

To suffer for our sins

And to redeem everyone

I know now from listening

And from my trials too

That Our Father loves us all

And he brought me to you

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Kid's Museum!

We had so much fun with the girls and all the friends! Can't wait to see the kid's museum in Denver- i hear it's Awesome! We will have to get a year pass there and to the Six Flags Elitch Gardens Park! Waahhooo! We love playing and rides!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

our new home

We are moving to a Suburb of Denver, CO! We are so excited. Here's our new place! can't wait to get there and see the gorgeous spring blossoms. We will miss NV but, we know the future holds great things for us here.
Please read on. We are an adoption couple with 2 sweet girlies waiting to adopt again!