Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Values

Everyone has different values, morals, beliefs and ideology so, I hope that as you read these important things to us, you are not quick to judge us one way or another! We will always stand for what we believe in and not back down b/c public opinion may change on certain things.


GOD- our Almighty Heavenly Father and know that He is a Loving Father who created us in His image in whom we Pray to and worship.

JESUS CHRIST- Our Savior and King, He redeemed us from the Fall and is God's Only Begotten Son. It is through his Mercy and Grace that we are saved, after all we can do- His Grace is sufficient for Us all. We Uphold strong Christian Values in our home- Honesty, integrity, love, faith, trust and in doing Good to all Men and loving like Jesus loves us!

FAMILY- We have lots of amazing relationships that make up our really interesting family and Our children and our relationship as a couple is our biggest Priority. Our children go to church with us on Sundays and learn of God and Jesus and becoming outstanding individuals. We love that our children have the opportunities to experience dance, sports, music, arts, outdoors, travel and everything they can possibly imagine! Our family is First. Our extended family is a big priority and we see cousins a couple times a year, have reunions, plan vacations and meet up for special occasions as much as possible. This includes our birth families and once you are in the Christian Circle of Trust- It's pretty hard to get out:)

FAITH- We are a church- going family and are practicing the Christian Family of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We respect all forms of religion, others beliefs and ways of life. We Know that the Family is Central to God's plan and that He made them to be together Forever. Although we may not agree 100% on every thing as a couple- We Hope for things which are not seen but which are true! And We Know all will be made right in the end. To know more about the LDS faith please click here.

FRIENDS- Our family is a SOCIAL bunch and we love to have one on ones with our friends, girls nights out- or in, church activities, meet up groups, exercise friends and school friends as well. Once you are a friend- you are always a friend unless you chose not to be. My late Grandpa Leonard always said that  He was a RICH man, Now if he only had the Money to go with it! He was RICH in so many relationships and people who loved him and his family. I have lots of friends but truly about 10 really close friends whom we talk every week and meet as often as possible. Brandon is a bit slower to trust than I am and He has a few very close friends and LOTS of people who like him, in general. He spends most of his time with his friends outdoors, fishing, mountain biking and barbequing.  Life is Good at our home and we HOST a ton of parties! That's just how we roll!!!

SERVICE- Serving others is uber important to us. Brandon helps struggling students and foster kids
by raising funds for camps and trips that they normally wouldn't be able to afford, with his business. As a family we provide some financial support to United For Adoption,  an Orphanage that's being built in the Philippines and we participate in many Samaritan's Purse events, like Operation Christmas child. The biggest surprise last year was when our Oldest, Brielle, Asked Santa to send her presents to the children in the Philippines and send her nothing. Those funds that Santa would have spent on her - were sent to PI and fed 200+ children an amazing meal with treats to take home. Our children will be heavily involved in service and Philanthropic endeavors throughout their entire lives.

PATRIOTISM- We may be different party lines in this household but, we support our troops, our freedoms and everyone's right to live as they may, as long as it doesn't harm others. My grand fathers served in the Navy, my brother Brent is a former Marine and Brandon's dad also served in the Navy. My mother and her husband ride Harleys and belong to the Patriot riders. We know there are forces at hand trying to take this country weak and to put walls between each of us- but we do not participate or affiliate with those who are trying to destroy peace, freedom and ruin our abilities to protect ourselves.

EDUCATION- Our children's education is very important and we hope they will all chose to attend a University of their choosing. We chose where we live b/c it's a highly affluent area with amazing schools. We will not force our children or bribe them into college and we know that life experience is equally as important in certain careers. We invest for their futures and plan to help the a bit but, will encourage that they Earn as much as possible for their schooling and lives. Receiving handouts doesn't teach a child anything but, earning, working hard and diligently will give them a strong drive and backbone to prepare them for REAL adulthood.

SUCCESS- It's defined differently depending on who you are, where you are coming from and what you value. For us, we will instill our children to REACH for the STARS and Strive, using all effort to accomplish their goals. If they chose to be an artist- lets be the BEST artist you can be! Or whatever they can dream of. The Life you want doesn't just happen- YOU MAKE IT! Your daily decisions and habits create your character. Your Character becomes who you are. We encourage our family to constantly set goals and be reasonable with what can be done. Our home is filled with success books, motiving books and great literature of that nature. It's not about what you read though, its about what you do!

EARTH / NATURE- We recycle, reuse, re-purpose and try to not be wasteful. We partake of cleaner foods. Most are organic, free range, non-gmo, grass fed or locally grown. It isn't possible
with everything but, we try our best. We love Natural healing, essential oils, and learning about God's amazing bounty of earth grown gifts and healing elements that come from them. We love being part of nature and in nature and enjoy knowing we are not destroying it by supporting things that progress destruction and mistreatment of animals or people.

If you have any other ?'s about what we value- connect with us! ( sidebar has our emails etc.

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