Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birth Mom's Family Visit- Christmas 2011

 So, before we made it over to my mom's for Christmas last year, 
We stopped in for a visit with Jessica and her family! They spoiled the kids as well!
 Jessica got the girls an ice cream maker!
 Grandpa MAX giving snuggles!
 Great Grandparents Phil and Mary-Jo!
 Jessica ( g's beautiful birthmom) & gpa Max  ( her dad)
 Aunt Morgan opening G's gifts for him!( yep good looks run in this family!)
 Opening more gifts!
 Gav loved his playmat from Jessica! I know this next baby will get some use out of it as well!
So, as you can see - Open adoption for us WORKS wonderfully! I know it may not for every situation but, in ours it's perfect harmony ( most of the time)!
You can never have too many people that love your kids, your family, you! As long as the people
are healthy ( mentally, emotionally etc.) than i say bring it on! And i do remind the birth families that my KIDS don't NEED lots of presents and one is plenty ( but it never seems to go that way)
 We have been blessed and we wouldn't change it for the world! I can't wait for this next baby to get here so Gavin has a sibling close in age and I know this Christmas will be an eventful one filled with love from near and far! Love to you all!

Friday, December 14, 2012

More Christmas 2011

Opening Gifts. She is so darling!
G-man opening his presents with Gma Leslie
 Our trip ended with a visit with Gavin's birth dad's family:) We went to Gateway
 and to BUILD A BEAR
 Uncle Josh ( dustin's Brother)

The fun process of getting it stuffed...
 Then stitched and cleaned

 My step Sis NANCY! stopped by- it was great to see her skinniness! ( funny that we both got pregnant a few months after)
 Gavin being SMOOTH!
" as we dream by the fire:)"
One happy girl!
Dustin & Gavin! 
MORE coming up soon!

Last Christmas...

 was loads of fun. These are just some of the pictures. I have many more to post later...
above: Corrine's Dad Danny and Mary. 
 Uncle Todd and the kids:)
 the girls visiting the Faught's horses
Cousin CHASE! 
 Great Gma Billie Jeab!
 Me Rollin' in style!
Gingerbread is a tradition we do every year. Normally a house but this year we did a TREE!
 the kids got to enjoy their own delights!

 These two cousins had fun rolling around and checking out the REAL Tree!
 Then it was PJ time and getting ready for Santa to come!
more to come soon!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Last Event Before the baby!

Don't miss this great Home SHOW! Come grab so sweet swag for the home, babies, yourself, your kitchen your mom, dad and well everyone! 9 FREE giveaways and appetizers will be there so, don't miss your chance to WIN some fabulous products!

On a personal note, i had a bit of scare yesterday as i overdid it taking a 4.25 mile walk and i had false labor contractions for 2.5 hours. ALL is well and we are all fine. Slowing down is inevitable! I need at least 1.5-2.5 weeks in order to not worry. I'm 36.5 weeks currently and am doing fine amidst round ligament pains, cramps and reflux- It's all good and well worth it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

always playing catch up!

seems like I'm always playing this game now. If it's not in one part of my life- it's another! So, for instance, my baby prep is near complete, Christmas presents and shopping is at 85% AND ITS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING! But, i am back logged with laundry, photo editing and sewing projects. I'm 34 weeks+ and my energy is wearing thin! SO, I'm going to try and play catch up before Christmas and this baby gets here!
Here's a few of the newest shots of my Kiddos! I took these in Grandma Betty's Back yard on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

update... and Adoption Onesie/ Boutique Sale

hey everyone...
 so, yeah, I'm getting huge- I'm 30 weeks now and i decided that being a pumpkin for Halloween is my best bet! I bought an orange maternity shirt and am going to tape some black felt cut outs as the face on my belly! Maybe it should be a Jack or Jill o-lantern:)? I love not finding out the gender too! I'm having the funnest time losing sleep and having reflux but, i am really not doing half bad!

The kids are all healthy and good and we have parent teacher conferences today for the girls! Hope those go well!
I'm also having a little FB sale of some cute boutique baby items and some adoption onesies as well. Just click over here and look under the CC Baby Sale albums- post on what you like with your email and we will get it sent out to you after payment!

 So much more on the sight and if we arent friend- request it! with a note( you are here to shop:)
Hope i can post a bit more soon, since it's slowing down a bit!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun at the wedding

Aria and ALL the kids loved playing on the beautiful staircase!
Dustin, ( g's birth father) and Kara ( b's birthmother) holding the kiddos !
Brielle was SPECIAL wearing a flower corsage!
Gavin LOVED the stairs and it was fight to keep him off them!
Kieth, Kara's son, just looked dapper in his little get up!
Megan. Emma, ( a birth cousin)Brielle and Aria hugging the bride goodbye!
Fun toes and shoes. Her colors were shades of green, silver, black and white! She had an ice cream bar at her reception and it was a lovely day!