Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Nuggets Game

So, this pic is from the nuggets game against the Knicks. We went with some awesome clients of Brandons! They are totally cool and would love to hang out again!

now below is the game against the BUCKS.. Here's what went down...

some balling

and some more

Rocky's Sons!

Rocky ( in yellow) decides to punk out a crazy dude dressed up in a reindeer outfit cheering for the bucks ( notice brandon sitting by the crouching deer)

so Rocky takes matters into his own hands

whoever will donate a buck -will pay for Rocky to beat on the loud, menacing Deer ( buck fan)

Many people stepped up to donate and it caught on for the whole rest of the night!

Until Rocky chased the Deer away. Not pictured is a 6 year old following the Buck out of the walkway, swinging the bat at him. It was hilarious. Why? B/c the Buck was Jesse and Brandon was his sidekick!!! Yep, then after the costume change the boys came back and sat in seats on the opposite side and cheered for the Nuggets ( who totally shut them down). It was such a fun experience and we can't wait to go to our 3rd game. Minus the Deer stunt!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In LV...

The girls go to go see Tangled with their (twice removed ) cousin Mairyn! It was a great flick and the girls got tangled cups that we bough at the Disney store the day be fore and a whole bunch of treats! Aria had a hard time towards the last part of the movie and i think i will wait a few more months to take her again. Brielle did fantastic!

Then (cue horror music) ... we went to Chuck E Cheese....

The girls LOVED it and i HATE this place with a passion. It's just not my cup o' tea. They didn't want to leave, either.
what a smirk on that mousey face. Grrr! I must admit though- i enjoyed watching the girls play games like whack-a shark and squirting the target. I personally like Skee Balls the best and have realized that i now SUCK at them!

Brielle liked the play area and the cage- thingy too! That too freaked me out. Not to mention the germs.

The girls had a fun day, all in all and i hate to say this but, we promised to take Brielle there the actual day of her birthday to play( not eat or have a party there- just can't do it)

So, you may see a few more pics of this wretched place. I am trying to keep this to a twice yearly thing!

The girls had a blast on Thanksgiving Day too! The park was breezy and chilly but do-able compared to CO weather!

Aria is such a HAM and we love it!
the girls got to try and hit the tennis balls too! It was not that fun for them. Maybe B can learn Tennis when she's 6. Her fifth year is looking too busy with everything else!

And of course we got a bit of playing time in. Brandon is Awesome and i Stink at it but want to improve for sure. I'm hoping to take a Tennis group class this summer in the early mornings. Should get me to where i can at least not freak out playing with Brandon!

It was a great trip and i am already missing everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so, backing up a bit...

Our Colorado FSA Party was quite fun. The girls loved making graham cracker gingerbread houses and hand print ornaments. We made enough for Birth mom and birth grandparents too!
I am still wondering if B's birth father ever wants any of these keepsakes or his parents. I'm not really sure on that. And i will respect whatever they want in that regard.
daddy was a great help while i shot pictures for everyone.

cutest little hands. Those ornaments were a hit. Next year, I'm going with more of an acrylic ornament so, i can ship them easier and they won't break.

Here is some of Brielle's Art! She LOVES drawing and coloring and is getting quite good at it! I plan on enrolling her in an art class this summer. We plan on traveling more in the spring and sticking around here much of the summer so, they can do Ballet, Swim and Art. But plans change so, we will see.

Monday, December 27, 2010

catching up on ( one post at a time)

So... we are STILL in vacation mode and enjoying my older brother, Todd's company! He's an awesome uncle! Christmas day and Eve were both fun and special and i will have to write even more pretty shortly here about all of it! No snow though- you'd think living in CO you'd have a white Christmas. Oh, and I'm getting older too. In less than 2 weeks I hit the last year of my twenties- kind of frightening but, I'm great with it. I love where my life is and don't wish to change a thing. Well, except i wish we could have a son and another daughter in the near future. But, God knows more than i do and knows what We need as a family right now. more to come...

for now we are enjoying our TWO little sassy angels!!!
stay tuned!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A fabulous article

read right here about adoption statistics.
I've been soo busy editing photos lately. I have had little time to blog or even edit my own photos. I FOUND my LOST 4gb card ( finally so, i will have to post a few flashback fridays to play catch-up).

I have been trying new recipes using NO EGGS or yeast , as my newly found allergies are something I'm conquering- one day at a time. waffles are awful without eggs but, pancakes are great! ( thanks to krusteaz and bisquick) i still need to find a good binding agent or egg substitute.

The girls are LOVING the holiday season and are stoked for Christmas. My older brother , Todd, will be flying up here for Christmas and I am more than thrilled. Brandon is doing fabulous and selling the Dickens out of the homes here. Real estate has been treating him more than well. I always knew he'd LOVE this profession and he doesn't miss lending one bit!!! 'm very proud of my man! He' so incredible and so very driven.
On a somewhat sad and personal note: I've experienced some bad news about a friend of a friend this week- had to make some calls to DCFS and i also had an early miscarriage. You see, it's not that I can't get pregnant- it's just hard for me to carry them, as well as get pregnant in the first place.
I have been married 8.5 years, pregnant 3 times, carried to term 1 time( Aria) and otherwise i don't ovulate more than 6 times a year. Most of those being an-ovulatory cycles( meaning there's no egg present- just endometrium lining- PCOS) So, it's about a 2% chance every year. Just so you know. (Otherwise known as slim to none)
Yes, i did have a baby once. It doesn't mean i can again. And if you have read this blog or our bios, you'd know that adoption has always been part of our plan for our family- from day one.
We are awaiting another miracle- adoption #2 and child #3. It's sad that some people won't even look at a family if they were able to birth even one child. I feel blessed to have adopted once and birthed once. It makes me appreciate birthmoms much more. I KNOW what labor can be like and I am aware of the difficulties of it all. I love you even more for it- sweet birth parents!

A few days ago, Brandon and i were looking out our window while the girls ran out into the cold to stare at the Christmas lights on the house, and he got all choked up looking at them and said " We are so blessed with these girls and i can't wait till we can have another child. It will be so cool to see how it all happens too!"


*pic of Karsten- a client of mine

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Nuggets Game

I know i have TONS to catch up on and the reason why i have blogged less is due to busy work. I'm editing a bunch of photos, planning and helping with parties, decorating the home for Christmas and so forth. So, for today You will get these pics of us and our friends- Jesse and Dara- at the Denver Nuggets Game. I will give you the FUN details in a later blog post. SO much cool stuff to say about this night!!! Till later!and yes we are STILL Hoping for a Miracle and hoping that it will come when It's right!!!

Our friends are all awesome here and are hopeful right along with us!!!