Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 28, 2010

Difference in Opinions

Brandon and I have a HUGE difference in opinion when it comes to finding out about what an expectant parent may be having. B wants to know for sure what gender the baby would be- ME...
Maybe it sounds odd to some people but, there just are not enough surprises in life and even though I will surely be surprised when we are selected by an amazing woman, i would still love the surprise of what the baby is on the day of birth. Call me old fashioned but, i find it so fun.

And to put aside any worries that have to do with gender related stuff, here's my plan and what we already HAVE in place:
We already have gender neutral strollers/ car seats and girl covers for the car seat if it's a girl. If it's a boy, i will have a boy cover made after he's here.
I would bring boy outfits to the hospital a girl one and a boy one for the first pictures, if at all possible! We obviously have all things girl related so, if it was a boy after he's here, there's nothing a bit of shopping couldn't fix! Babies don't really care if they wear white onesies for the first few days of life, either.
I do plan on getting a new crib if it's a boy( i already have one picked out in my mind too). If it's a darling girl, I have the most gorgeous boutique style white crib with carved details that will be just wonderful!
So, the basics are covered and the rest can be fixed in a few shopping trips!!!
So, birth parents please feel free to tell Brandon, but, let me be surprised for once!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

our snow day! [ adoption couple [ adoption parents [ adoptive parents

2 days after we moved into our home, it snowed! The girls loved it! It was all gone by 5pm. It was like we had our winter, finally, after living in a dry desert for the last 8 years!

sometimes you have to just enjoy what unexpected nature brings!!! As much as you plan for things to go the way you want them to, there are days like this and you just change coarse a little and wait for the snow to melt. Did i mention this was the 3 day of MAY? Crazy!

Today, I got sunburned on my shoulders and the blossoms on our trees are HUGE! I'm taking pics of those really soon! The saying here in CO is: "If you don't like the weather, WAIT 20 Mintues!" It's pretty true!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun, Interesting or little known Facts [ adoptive couple [ couple looking to adopt [ parent profiles

Brandon Makes this sweet Wookie sound and has perfect pitch when he sings in Wookie! It's Hilarious!

We have been on TV a few times. I was featured in a Commercial for a Local Channel for winning 1,000 off a call in deal! We also did the HGTV show House Hunters. The next air date for our episode is March 1st 2010 at 7:30 e/p! I have LOST tons of weight since that aired. I'm 3 sizes smaller now! Here's the episode link in case you want to watch it!

We Have a PUG named MYLA! She's 4 and loves the girls and us and playing tug or going for walks and such. She conspires with Aria( our youngest) by waiting by her side at the table for a scrap. Aria Loves to Hug MYLA and sometimes gets rowdy with her and runs in circles chasing her around. They crack up the whole time!

Corrine has a business where she designs and sells Hair Bows and Clips, Jewelry and all kinds of things for babies and some for mommas! Here's her site www.ccbabyinc.blogspot.com and she employs 2 other moms and does photography too, as before mentioned! She used to make some Gorgeous wedding cakes. She has since stopped the cake business b/c it takes up her whole weekends and she would rather be with her kids and me!

Brandon goes bowling every Thursday Night! He's really good and usually wins. He owns his own ball and shoes and loves having his guys night out! He's also a LOUD player and sports watcher. It's so energetic, I love it!

We have family in these states: CA, NV, UT, ID, TX, TN, MI and a few others too! Our dream is to travel to every state in the US one day! Brandon wants a motor home but i prefer a hotel:) Let's see who wins that one!

Family Activities we do in the summer: Biking, Jet Skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, going to the Beach and ZOO in San Diego and an occasional theme park. I love swimming and especially in open water areas like lakes or the ocean. It's part of the next tid-bit.

This past summer/fall Corrine ran her first 10k run, her first Ragnar relay run and her first SPRINT Triathlon as well! It was so neat to watch her compete in the Tri, and we cheered her on at the end. It was this last Oct. and the Race was called the Pumpkinman!

I like to spook Brandon as much as possible.
I wait around corners and jump out and ROAR just for kicks and b/c He falls for it all the time- Sucker:)

Brandon is the Dad that all the kids want to be around. He always points out cute kids and funny things they say or do. He has such a HUGE heart for kids and babies! I'm such a lucky wife to have such a sweet and fun husband!

Corrine loves doing crafts and exercise with the girls! They jump on the tramp and she jogs with them in the Double Jogger. Brielle strings her wood beads while Mommy makes her real jewelry and Aria and Brielle love to paint, play with chalk or clay, and all the other styles of art! Corrine is making a collage of all the pictures the girls paint too!

well, That's it for now! More info to come later!

Monday, May 24, 2010

FUN PICS... adoption couple [ adoptive parents [ adoption parents

the COLD found us on our journey to Denver! We had to drive at a snails pace through vail and aspen! The girls had me stop and give them a fresh dollop of new fallen snow! They wanted more of course and i know they don't realize how much we will get snow in the Winter here!!!

How can you resist those sweet smiles:)?

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

taking a name off the list

On the sidebar of our blog , i have a few of our friends who are hoping to adopt! Well, Today we have to say Goodbye to the Kalvan and Miki Link!
They ADOPTED a baby GIRL today! I am so excited for them and i had the privilege of serving both their family and the birth mother! Both great people! Congrats on your new addition and Semi-Open adoption!

I didn't get to shoot her pictures as she's really far away from me now but, I did get to add some fun stuff with PS!

Today, we got to visit my friend, Camille and take her baby's pictures!!! She is so tiny and precious! Then we went to lunch and took naps and then went to this rad park with a creek in it. The girls were so excited, they ripped off the tags on their swimsuits and came downstairs begging us to go! Aria says " Tan we go to da QuEeK mommy?" I love toddler talk! We also learned about moss and that it's not scary but more like Carpet/grass for really wet places! They liked touching the moss and wading through the sandy creek bed! What a fun day! Now, if i could just get my legs more tan so, they stop blinding people when i wear shorts!...

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Brandon's Side of the Family! [ adoption parents [ adoptive couple [ adoption blog

WHICH 3 are ADOPTED? Besides our daughter, Brielle, It's My Husband, Brandon, and His Brother ( on the right in lime) Brian!!! We are so happy to have the chance to adopt a child again!

Brandon's parents waited 3 years for Brandon and 8 more years for Brian! Both days were so exciting and wonderful for them!

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Sesame Pics

So, the Sesame Street Live show is geared for ages 1.5-3.5! It was so fun to go but, here's what i think as a parent: It could have been 20 mins shorter, and had way more Abby Ca-Dabby! I think Brielle would have been more interested if Abby and her Fairy school team would have been more involved! But, Overall it was good and fun and I imagine the performers must sweat buckets in the costumes!!! Would we do it again? Possibly but, for sure not with these two- there's more exciting shows and things to do, watch, play here in CO!
Next weeks Trip: The Butterfly Pavilion:)!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Background on Brandon [ adoptive parents [ couple looking to adopt [ parent profiles

Brandon was adopted as a baby at 3 days old.
His birth-mother was in her 30's and already had other children but was in a situation that prompted her to place him into the arms of his adoptive parents.
They raised him in Las Vegas, and reared him to be an outstanding student who was self driven and motivated to do just about anything from playing baseball and wrestling to selling candy, participating in the boy scout program and graduating in the top rankings of his class. He was lucky enough to get a little brother who was adopted, when he was 8 years old. His little brother and him are great friends now and the 8 years between them means nothing!
He received his Eagle Scout when he was 14, and later at 18, served a mission for our church in the Philippines for 2 years. He learned the language and loved the culture and all the Philippines had to offer. He now speak Tagalog b/c of his service there.

He had lots of fun growing up and attending baseball games and concerts and being the loud, fun outspoken guy that he is. He married me about 8 months after we met at UNLV, in the San Diego Temple in La Jolla, CA on July 5th 2002. He has always excelled in business and has earned a wonderful living for our family and had great experiences doing so, these past 8 years.

I am so lucky that he lets me be a stay at home mom b/c of his determination and drive to do his very best in his career. He has been in lending and investments the last 5 years and he will continue in that same field but will be expanding into the real estate side in these next few months.
Brandon is a big time movie fan who loves to quote crazy moves like Talladega Nights (That just Happened!) and other wild movies. He's a fabulous bowler and usually beats everyone else when he plays. He loves reading good books and fantasy books like Lord of the Rings and he loves motivational books and such that pertain to his fields of interests. He likes to bike and workout and toss the football around with the neighbor kids as well.
He has never met his birth-mom yet, but has met his birth sister and will probably meet her someday when he's ready.
I feel as his wife that He was so blessed to be adopted and be given a life of love and comfort and His mother and father raised him to be a fabulous human being, father, husband and friend.
I couldn't ask for anything more!!!

Background on Corrine [ adoptive couple [ adoptive parents

Corrine was born in San Diego, California, but was raised in Fallon, NV for 10 years of her life. She is the third of four children in her family. Like Corrine said, we met at UNLV in 2001. She was going to school on two scholarships for Jazz singing. She has an angelic voice that she freely contributes to others through plays, choir directing, and solo work in the community. She is very active in the church and loves to fellowship all she comes in contact with (I know because I am the one who has to wait for 20 minutes after church ends to get her out the door!).

Her many talents include sewing, gymnastics,(any type of crafting she can do it)running in races like 10k and tri-athlons and she is extremely good at cooking and decorating. The food is fantastic at our house and keeps me nice and healthy! As far as decorating, she is the best. She loves putting our house in order and has great ideas and designs that she incorporates in our home.You should see the girl's playroom, It's adorable!!! (man, i use that word now that i have girls, a lot!) She especially loves Christmas and making our home beautiful (We have three Christmas trees!!).

She is also amazing at making wedding cake creations, gorgeous hair bows and jewelry for our daughters and her clients and taking beautiful pictures. You can see some of her work at this site. She is a very active person who runs a mom blog and playgroup and likes to keep in shape by going to the gym, rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, running, swimming and dance etc.

I know that Mothering was something she was born to do because of the woman God made her to be. She is the best mom to our 2 girls (one of which is adopted) and she loves playing with them, reading and teaching them to be crafty just like her. I can't wait to see what God sends our way next in respects to a child. She likes surprises but I'm the type who wants to know so i can start planning ahead!

I hope that gives you a bit of insight on who my wonderful wife is! We enjoying being together no matter what we are doing and this is why I am so in love with her.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

for reals...

You have to see these cuties I've been shooting and editing on my photography blog! (if you haven't figured out our last name by now you will on this site. I have no prob. with people knowing our last name!)

I am so stinkin' in love with this latest little man, Miles! Check them out here!

I loved that his dad added his NAVY Hat! It was a perfect prop and I am so happy to give love and respect to all the services of our Country! My little Brother is a Marine and in desert Training in AZ right now! Thanks for Protecting our freedom!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

we did it today...

Our Papers are officially in with the LDS Family Services! Now, we wait of all the backgrounds to come back and continue to spread the word about our decision to adopt again! It will take about 10-13 weeks for our LDS FAM profile to be up b/c of the background checking procedures. In the meantime...

If anyone is interested in contacting us please feel free to email me and brandon at


We will then call or text you and have the agency in your area get in touch with you! Thanks for looking at our little growing family! Please read on by clicking on the subjects on the sidebars!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our last Party

in Henderson before we left was at the RS birthday bash Suess style. We went all out with our WHO-Dos!

WHO said you can't go nuts sometimes???
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

mother's day

As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think about the Awesome Birth Moms and Moms in our lives!

I wouldn't have such a great man without Brandon's Birth mother. I wouldn't have such a fabulous spouse without his Mother, Betty! We wouldn't have Brielle, if it weren't for Kara and I wouldn't be a mom, if she hadn't placed her with us!
My mom taught me all she could about mothering and parenting and through the adoption experience with Brielle, She was taught about selfless love and the special love that all birth parents have for the children they place with families. I can only begin to think that what they feel has to be much like what God felt when he Gave Up his Only Begotten to the World to Save us from our sins through the Power of the Atonement!

On a lighter note: I just can't express how much we love Brielle's "Tummy Mommy"! Brielle loves asking everyone who their tummy mommy is and she looks at you kind of funny if yours is as old as a grandma! We have a while to explain the whole "having a Baby stuff", luckily! She generally knows that babies come from Heaven though:)!!!

Today we cleaned the front yard, got Direct TV installed, went to the park and played with the girls and did some grocery shopping! It was a great day so far! I am hoping to unpack all the bathrooms, if at all possible!
Anyways, back to mothers... I wrote a poem to my mom a long time ago and i wish i could find it right now but it is called My Greatest Teacher. That's what moms really are, overall. We teach about love, responsibility, civility, creativity, and all the other things. My goal as a mother is to teach my children by example that We LOVE Everyone! Everyone on this earth is a special person. I just can't emphasize enough how amazing all the mothers and birth mothers in the world are! We love you all and pray for you every night! I also pray that i can be a better mother everyday, b/c heaven knows , I'm not perfect!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Night...

before i slumped off to bed, i decide to check my facebook and i'm so glad i did too. I got to chat with Brielle's Birth father for the first time in 3.5 years!
He is doing good and working hard and learning everyday! He and i chatted for quite a while and He told me that HE KNEW that placing Brielle with Us, was RIGHT and he never has regretted his decision!
It was good to hear that from him and I hope and pray that any expectant parents who are thinking of placing a child will make sure that they have a confirmation by God that who they choose is right for them and their baby!
I am so overjoyed when i hear news of friends adoptions and births! I am never bitter that it hasn't happened for us yet, nor do i think that maybe we weren't good enough! I truly know that When we are chosen by someone, she and possibly he( as in our last situation) truly can say that they KNOW in their hearts and by a confirming witness that We will all be united as we share the joy of adding not just a baby but, a whole new family to our circle of LOVE.

Brielle's Birth Family, is an extension of our own family. Before we moved to CO, we had Holiday activities and birthdays and family dinners with them. The guys went bowling, played games and had BBQ's or potlucks together. We celebrated with them and we will always have such a deep bond of love for them forever! They didn't lose a child, they gained a Family when they placed Brielle with us! I also had the honor of being at Brielle's Birth mom's last birth of her son. It was amazing to be her support and watch her do something so incredible as bringing life into the world. I will never forget that. She is like a sister to me now. Our love for Her and her family and B's Birth father's family will always be there and we will be forever grateful!

It makes me wonder how our next Miracle will come to us. Will the birth parents be open and add another amazing dynamic to our family? I don't dare compare each experience b/c i know each will be so vastly different. I just pray that we will be lucky enough to have such a great relationship with them as we do with Brielle's Birth family and extended birth family!

We are all on this Earth together, as one big Family anyways, right?
We are all children of the same God and brothers and sisters of Christ!
It would just be our privilege and honor to raise one of God's children placed with us through His Grace and One Incredible Person!(maybe two:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aria's answer [ adoption parents [ waiting couple

So today We asked A & B what they would prefer to have a brother or a sister (mind you, they really have no clue what a brother would be like) Brielle said:" i want a baby sister, no, a baby Brother, as long as he doesn't take things from me!"
When we asked Aria what she wanted a boy or girl, she said "PINK, not blue, Pink!"

Now, if you have read even a snippet of our blog posts, you would know that we really would be so overjoyed with either boy or girl!
Call me crazy but, having another sweet and sassy girl would be another piece of heaven for both of us!( minus the whining and tatrums when they hit 2 years:)! On my girls wall i had the phrase : MORE SPICE THAN SUGAR! which is totally true for them. I even got it cut for their new room so, they will have it up again!

I would totally be enamored with a baby Boy as well. I would enjoy the differences and BOTH of us would like to see how different having a Son would be. I know Brandon would love to do all the COOL stuff good fathers do with their sons too! I am so blessed to have such a man as my husband! I know He is my Gift and He will be able to relate since he too was adopted as well.

Today we played at the park again and had a great time. B is off in LV for 2 days and we all miss him! The girls cry for daddy and after moving and unpacking and such, having him here will be so great. I miss my man!

At nights, i will be editing all the past clients i have to get done. Here's little Ava! She's a doll and after shooting her, i realized that i need some more tutus in a variety of colors. i am getting the itch to make or buy some new baby props!

***this picture is of Ava, a client of mine, not a baby that we have. we are still hoping and waiting to adopt. Please read the rest of our adoption blog and feel free to contact us at:
brandonandcorrine@gmail.com with and ?'s you might have.***

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting settled in CO!

Living outside of Denver so far has been wonderful! In less than 5 days we've had huge gusts of wind, rain, snow and 70 degree temps! We have also met some great people and we have wonderful neighbors too!

BLOSSOMS are everywhere and the girls LOVE seeing the bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels and birdies too! Aria asks to "Chase Bunny wabbits" almost daily! The land is covered with green grassy rolling hills and so many trees in bloom! I can't wait to post pics of them and of the family! I should get some more new pics up next week! We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us get here and all the people who helped us move in and out! You are all awesome!

Isn't that what life's all about? Serving and loving one another- just as Christ loved Us! Thanks again!
More to come!

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