Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 27, 2011

More Thanks & Congrats!

SO... They actually had a walking ceremony and It was adorable and emotional.( My camera battery died so, this is what i got with my phone cam) They filmed them walking through the halls out of their classroom doors and into the line ups. All the parents got to see it on the Big Screen as we anticipated the kids arrival into the Main Room. I started Bawling when Brielle came on the screen. Maybe I'm emo, maybe I'm just a parent but, Man, I'm so blessed b/c of a Birthmom named Kara!

In the ceremony the kids sang 3 songs and this was one of them!

It hit me hard and even though i was smiling through tears, i kept thinking about the Kids who will never know all of the above. I thought about kids raised by single parents, kids in poverty, kids in foster care, kids who've been used and abused for selfish adult reasons. It pains me greatly to know that some kids will never have what my girls have: A Mother & Father, who surround them with love and comfort, giving them every opportunity to succeed in life, teaching them about God's love for them and Hopes for a Bright Future.

And I know that Birth Parents choose adoption b/c they KNOW this is what they want for their child/ren!

Although my girls are done with pictures and wanting cake, They are happy and sweet little ladies, who are growing much too fast for my liking!

Aria is still waiting for her CAKE and Brielle is being the Best Big Sister in the World! She told Aria all about her graduation and how she gets to do this next year ( we shall see- she has a late birthday)

They finally get the cake!

I'm so honored to have adopted and be married to my husband who is adopted! I LOVE OUR BIRTHMOM and all BIRTHMOMS! You are all freakin' incredible and without you we are less than what we are with you! Thanks is never enough and i know that by raising and loving our kids everyday- we are showing our gratitude and love for YOU. I love what Kara said shortly after placement:
" You are the Gift I chose to Give My Baby"

Thank You and Congrats to all Graduates!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


...To all the Graduates out there!
Lately, I've had the graduation song stuck in my head. I'm not graduating from anything but, i know lots of HS kids and people finishing up college this year.

The thing i love about the " Commencement exercises" is : even though that part of your life is coming to a close, a new one is about to begin. The Def. of this word is: A beginning or start: "at the commencement of training".

There are always NEW beginnings in our lives event though we may not see them or receive a degree for them.

For Us... Brielle is graduating from Preschool this week and will be starting Kindergarten this fall. I CAN'T believe we are already having a child in REAL school. It's tripping me out! It's only half day but, it's 5 days a week!
Kind of crazy! It's bittersweet. I love to see our girls progress but, DANG- DO THEY HAVE TO GROW SO FAST?

Anywho... CONGRATS to all you who are graduating! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Belssings in a Basket...

Is holding an Adoption 5k and are specifically celebrating Birthmoms... If you live in UT or are traveling through- don't miss this awesome event!


1st Annual Big Tough Girl 5K

When: Saturday July 30th
5K starts promptly at 7:30am
Kid Fun Run 8:30am
Where: Mountain View High School
665 West Center Street, Orem Utah
5K early registration-$30
5K race day registration-$35
Fun Run early registration-$10
Fun Run race day registration-$12
*registration includes a race shirt, runner packet filled with coupons and fliers from our sponsors, BIB race number, medals to our winners, refreshments, guest celebrities, entry into great drawings and fun entertainment for the entire family
Fun Run registrants will receive a race shirt and a special coupon
We will have an early runner packet pick-up on Friday July 29th from 7:00-8:30pm
Please pass along the information! We would love to have EVERYONE join us

Click Here To Register!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adoption Twinning

I.E. Artificial Twinning....
Yep, I read an article on this a while back...HERE

And As for me, I've never been one to SEEK out having twins an any fashion. My sister has twin boys, who are 4 yrs old now, and i think how hard it was/is for her. BUT, I also think HOW AWESOME to have a built in playmate and best bud! I also know that the first year will be tough but, who cares- it's a few years and LOVE is forever. So, I'd get a few extra bags under my eyes or a few wrinkles will deepen. So, will the parts of our heart- have a deeper love!

Every child deserves a loving father and mother- 2 parents that can serve, live and love them in a comfortable home. Parents should never resent a child, feel obligated or like they made a mistake by either adopting or getting pregnant. A child is NOT a toy, a meal ticket, a write-off, a burden, a bargaining piece in someone's messed up relationship and so forth. Children are precious however and whenever they come into your family! So, Would I be up for 2 and do the adoption twinning thing?...

If God Grants it to be so and we have the finances and space- absolutely! Call me crazy, maybe?

But, Having regular twins is hard and having adoption twins is hard- either way- having 2 is just not the same as having 1! When windows seem to open up for couples to adopt twins, 2 from overseas, or 2 domestically that are close in age- DO IT if it's Right For You!

As Adults we know our limits, our capacity to love and our ability to serve our kids and husbands. But we forget that God Knows us Better than we Know ourselves! He knows what we can handle and He knows what GOOD will come out of not the easiest of situations!

With Foster care and Blended Families there is a lot of "false twins". And I think as long as parents have their heads screwed on straight- things will be fine! It's not like having Twins is a new thing in this world, anyway!

And I give high Kudos to ALL parents of twins and multiples in however fashion they come into your families!

Now, Adoptive Parents & Birth Parents- I'd love to here YOUR comments on this topic. What do you think of Adoption/ Artificial Twinning? Birthmoms- did you or would you place with someone who has baby close in age to your due date? How do you feel about couples who adopt more than once in 8 months?

*Pics are of Adopted babies- unrelated and NOT adoption twins or our babies- just FYI!

Pediped SALE

Hey Everyone! This is NOT adoption related, really but, my friend, Angela, owns this company and has been a great support to us by donating pairs of shoes every so often! She Rocks!
Right now- Pediped is having a Summer Sale- have a great time shopping and saving! Pick up some baby boy and girl shoes to give as shower gifts or adoption gifts too! I keep a small store of 3-4 pairs to give as gifts:) Fabulous quality too! Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Busy...

We have about 4 school days left of preschool before the REAL SUMMER begins and boy are we busy! It's going to be a summer where we stick around CO, for the most part! We are looking forward to spending long days at the pool, water parks, parks, riding bikes, hopefully some ballet classes for all of us girls, hiking, fishing, camping and
possibly a small getaway for Brandon & I for our 9 year anniversary!

Brielle is a Fish and Aria is a Mermaid!
And ARIA will turn 4 on July, 24th!!! I can't believe it!

I'm actually excited about her growing up a bit- it's bittersweet but, so enjoyable! She's a Crack -UP!

Brielle drew the Mermaid pic above and She wants to help plan Aria's Mermaid Birthday Party this year! She LOVES pools and we will probably have a party in the same fashion as we do every year since it's so hot! Last year though- we swam before her party- then she had a Fairy Princess Party! It was awesome!

Today... Brielle recounted to me the story of Baby Moses! I just sat in the car, as i drove, and listened to her talk about how Moses's birthmom and how she loved Him so much she made a basket from the pussywillows and floated him to the kings daughter's home in the river, so He didn't have to die. And Moses's New mom raised Him as her own and loved him and when he got older He became Big Big Boy and.... the rest she hasn't figured out yet.

It got me all choked up b/c i could see on her face how excited she was that Moses had a birth mom!!! She remembered as much as a 5 year old could and possibly more! It was awesome!

I recently saw an adoption onesie on Etsy and it said: SUPERMAN IS ADOPTED.

True THAT! He may be fictional but, HE was adopted by a cool family!

Man, Adoption really does ROCK our world! Can't wait for it to happen again! I know God is in the details of all of this and He is also in the great plan for our families to come together!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Re- Cap

It wasn't quite green enough to shoot the outdoor pics yet so, i will get them sooner than later but, here's a recap of Easter in our home!

The Girls had a blast hunting for eggs INSIDE the house this year ( it got yucky outside)
and they loved the toys and big treats( not pictured b/c they are strewn all throughout the house)they got this year! I regret the sticker books as they ended up all over the lamps and wood floors and we are still peeling them off!

The girls were all about the CANDY anyway!

And OF course, since they attend Christian School and we go to church- they Knew Easter is about Jesus and HIS Resurrection!
I enjoyed Our Church that day and the girls were quite pleasant in Sacrament Meeting too. Aria was very cuddly and amused with the few eggs we let her bring with her.

I enjoyed making there HUGE BOWS and hunting for their dresses and sweaters this year too. It seems finding a Good dress these days can be rather hard. Most are of poor quality or have funny coloring- and if anyone of you know me- I DETEST dresses with peter pan collars, smocking and pretty much anything that could be duped as old school or looks like FLDS children would be wearing them! Just awful to me. Sorry guys who enjoy the " Classic" looks. Can't do it! But, to each our own and I don't care if other kids are dressed that way!

Anywho- now off the tangent! We enjoyed a nice Easter Dinner and lots of cuddle time with our girls that day after church and we are so grateful for Our Savior and His Plan for Families to be Forever!
I am so blessed to have the husband i do b/c of his Birthmom making the ultimate choice. I'm blessed to have Brielle as our first Miracle and her whole Birth family and her amazing birth mom in our lives. I'm so grateful for Aria and her decision to come through my body. It has enhanced the feelings i have for Kara and all birth moms and i know that each child makes me a better mother ( on most days:). I am positive we will adopt again and i already love the Birth mother that has yet to join our family. I know each Child is a Gift and blessing to This Earth and to Families who are ready to love and cherish them. As Christ Made The Ultimate Sacrifice- in many ways, Birthmoms too make an ultimate sacrifice so that they might see their child LIVE! And not just survive- But LIVE a Happy, Rich and full life of love and comfort.
Thank you, Birth moms! And Thanks to Our Savior Jesus Christ- May we all show our thanks by the way we live each and Every day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Girls

Have been so cute lately! Not that they aren't cute everyday but, yesterday on the way to the park, Brielle says to Aria: God loves everyone, Aria! A: Not if you are a mean guy! B: Yes, He loves everyone- Even if you are mean and stinky! ME: what is the difference how Heavenly Father rewards us though, girls? B: Um... We Get things that are good and we don't go to time out!
A: We get to go to the park if we clean up. Me: God rewards those with Blessings who obey and live His commandments! Just like i reward you with something Fun if you obey what i ask of You!

They have been sharing a lot lately and are besties! It's way more than cute! They love to bike around the block too and yesterday- we got a tab burned! We will live though!

My train of thought and the Girls convo leads me to this: God rewards/ blesses those who live his commandments- even in the adoption world! Does that mean b/c you have to be perfect to adopt? NO. But, you may want to work on what's holding you back from becoming your best self!
Does it mean if you are already Righteous that you deserve to be blessed IMMEDIATELY?
NO. Heavenly Father works on His time and there is a Refining of Souls that takes place during your wait for adoption. God is not an Instant Gratification Fullfiller. He is NOT a GEENIE and he does not BARGAIN Either. The more willing we are to look inside ourselves and correct those thoughts or actions and feelings- the Easier our Wait will be! And We will have a greater amount of JOY when the time does come!

Some things you might not know you need to correct are:

Inability to DEAL with other people getting a placement when you want it so bad
Grieving the loss of your fertility
Willingness to OPEN your hearts to different races and situations
Anger at people who don't understand Adoption or your situation
Bargaining With God to have your child come faster and actually thinking it will work
( rarely does)
Inability to FUNCTION like a normal person b/c NO ONE KNOWS what I'm GOING THROUGH!
Willingness to work through your grief when it seems easier to hold it inside you- rationalizing
Over Compensating in other areas to MASK real true feelings

I hope and pray that if any of these seem like your reality- seek to figure them out, through study and prayer and possibly counseling- YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER b/c you did!
We LOVE all the people in this world involved in adoption somehow! Good Luck and God Speed!

*pics: The Day they got their new glasses with BLING on the sides!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Advocators- UNITE!

I feel like I'm turning into a cheesy adoption superhero now ( well- minus the super part)
Here's a cool pic for the CO/ WY Conference with Jessalyn, Kelsey and myself! Awesome Women!

sorry for the grainy pic!