Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

judge not...

lest ye be judged...

Where am i going with this post?
Well, in a few directions but these ones specifically

The role of an adoption advocate( referred to as AA) is NOT to COAX people into wanting to adopt a baby or to convince women to place their child with others!

The Primary ROLE of an AA
is : To impart one's love of adoption, the testimony of what adoption is to you, to educate, dispel adoption myths and unify others in this great miraculous process.

And even though we and others may be hoping to adopt- it is not really our duty to TELL others what they should do, or cast judgment upon someone b/c they choose to parent instead of place!

AP's should be very wise to not be pushy with their unwed pregnant associates. They need to understand that we all have our agency and opinions and they will all be very different.
And no potential birth mom should feel obligated or guilt tripped into placing their baby- if that is not where their heart is leading them to!

Here's a story about our first FP( failed placement)

Aria had just turned 18 months and we were contemplating putting our papers in after i got my first diagnosis of PCOS. We got excited about the idea and one day out of the blue my mom calls me and says" I have a friend who has a daughter who is thinking about adoption!" I said something about how cool adoption is , every who desires should adopt"
She said " Corrine- she is pregnant and would like to place her baby with you guys"
I thought she was joking and in an hour I was talking on the phone with this sweet lady! We will call her B.
B. told us the Birth father has 2 other kids with 2 other women and is kind of a stinker- doesn't pay child support, never showed up for custody hearings etc... She told me she wanted her baby to have a father. Her baby was to be half Phillipino and half white.
and honestly- that got us excited b/c Brandon served his mission in the phillipines and we've dreamed of adopting from that culture.

She told us it was a girl and we were ecstatic!!! We LOVE girls ( i'm sure we'd loved a boy to but, we've never had one)
She told us she was 6 months along and so much about her life and family.
A week later we took a big road trip up to my mom's place and met with B, her mom and dad over lunch- everyone seemed so happy about everything! B loved my girls and Brandon and his ability to speak Tagalog!
The next day, I went into town with B to her ultrasound and check up. It was so cool to see this tiny girl kicking around in B's belly. Part of me was so happy and part of me felt sad b/c of my recent diagnosis of PCOS. Later that day we ran around town and I had this feeling come over me. It was like someone was whispering in my ear: "She needs to know all her choices". The rest of the day i had that feeling and that night i called B up and told her that we were going to the Social Services Gov't offices the next day so, she could see all of her options. She said okay.

The next morning i called her and she told me that another couple in ID could PAY for everything if i couldn't do it. She said "If money is an issue than i will just call that couple!"

I didn't get angry but, i knew she was upset that i was taking her to get on medicaid!
I told her "money is not the problem for us- i need you to know all your options before you commit to us. It's only fair."

I picked her up and whisked her away to the medicaid office and then to a Social worker's office who explained what the gov't can do, what agencies can do for her if she chose to place and believe it or not the case worker was LDS, Someone i Knew and an Adoptive Mother!!!

She was the right person to talk to B. and I knew i did my Best at helping her see what ALL her choices were. I told her that no one should ever be pushed into adoption by anyone ( in this case it was her semi-racist father and lack of knowledge that led her to not know). I reassured her that whatever she chose- We'd be happy with. I wanted her to know that although we made this trip and rejoiced at this chance- she was not obligated to place with us- ever!

A week later we got the call- she was for Sure choosing to parent! Her dad would have to work through his issues and somehow, they were going to make it work. The whole Father issue wasn't why she was considering placing- it was mostly b/c she lacked funds to parent without some sort of help.
I wasn't mad , just kind of sad that a sweet child would be growing up fatherless. But, that was her choice and we supported her. I knew the afternoon after the ultrasound that this wasn't meant to be. My human & motherly instincts kicked in and i gave B. the BIG PICTURE on her choices.
It was difficult but, it was worth doing the right thing!

No one should ever be MAD that a person decides to parent. You can be sad( that's normal) but, being mad comes from a terrible place inside you. Anger and Hate do not come from The Holy Spirit or from God. We have been instructed to " Love one another". And if you do get angry feelings when you see a teen mom or unwed mom- you best check yourself! Figure out why and CHANGE that part of your heart! The Pure love of Christ can be in the place where that anger is.

No amount of grouchy finger pointing will get your baby to your family any faster! Nor will you be a good parent b/c of it! Learning to love others, regardless of their life choices- is one of the hardest things for most people.. Why do you think it was Written in Stone? So we don't forget this is what we are instructed to do!!!

Here's what the LDS handbook says ( paraphrased after the part about adoption and a child being sealed to a mother and father)

Birth parents who do not marry should not be counseled to keep the infant as a condition of repentance or out of a sense of obligation to care for one’s own. Additionally, grandparents and other family members should not feel obligated to facilitate parenting by unmarried parents, since the child would not generally be able to receive the blessings of the sealing covenant. Further, unmarried parents are generally unable to provide the stability and the nurturing environment that a married mother and father can provide. Unmarried parents should give prayerful consideration to the best interests of the child and the blessings that can come to an infant who is sealed to a mother and father (see First Presidency letter, June 26, 2002).

If an expectant parent decides to parent the child, Church leaders and other members should treat the parent and child with care and compassion and seek to strengthen parenting skills. LDS Family Services may help in these circumstances. Leaders encourage the parent to have the child given a name and a blessing (see 20.2).

So, AP's get off your high horses and stop casting stones upon those who choose to parent! Being a Birth parent or a Single parent are both extremely hard! Either way- a person's decision to parent or to place- there will come some judgment for outsiders- but, it shouldn't ever come from you! And the sooner your heart is filled with love the sooner your life will be filled it too!

Birth parents are amazing b/c they think about the long term repercussions on a child when sometimes others are blinded by the ideal of what being a parent will be like. Either way- we are NOT in their shoes and never will be!

On that note- I want to thank all PARENTS who choose not to abort their precious children. Thanks for giving them life!

**** pic: of my under construction onesies . I had LOTS of left over onesies from my store so, i added some sweet adoption saying on them. More pics to come of those! 2nd pic- a baby who was recently placed by an awesome birth momma!****

Sunday, March 27, 2011


By our KEyNOtE SPEaKeR Kelsey Stewart!

Adoptee asks a Tough ?


Okay before i report these stats i must add that some of the profiles are not viewable unless i was a REAL registered Birth mom but, Since I'm not and I was just doing this out of pure interest here's what the families on IAL.org are ranking in at...

Currently there are 954 approved couples on the site ( viewed as guest)

Of those 954 only 643 are willing to adopt bi-racial african amer./white
and 518 are willing to adopt Hispanic mixed babies

437 of the 954 couples are willing to adopt a child under the age of 2

566 of the 954 are willing to have a SEMI- OPEN adoption
only 350 are willing to have a FULL open Adoption and will explore levels of contact within that relationship

of those 350 FULLY OPEN COUPLES.. only 203 of them will have Stay at Home Moms!
The rest are either part time, work from home or full time working mothers!

So if you are looking for a couple who are open to adopting outside their own race, want an open relationship with birth parents and the Mom will be staying at home after placement- you have about 103 couples to choose from. And i didn't even factor in if the adoptive couples have children already in the home or age of the adoptive parents...

You may now comment or hold your breath and count to ten.

I must say I thought there were going to be more couples who are hoping for OPEN adoptions- to each his own, i guess!

( p.s. I found the front to our pass along cards finally on my desktop:)

Friday, March 25, 2011


On Russ and Kylee

Kylee serves as a Co- FSA Chapter Chair here in CO! They are such a sweet and sensitive family! I always feel such peace around this wonderful lady! I hope she gets to become a mother again this year! Here's a bit from their profile...

As a family, we love to go camping, hiking, and rock-climbing. We also love to do puzzles, play games and dance in the family room. We are all ticklish and often have times when we are all laughing together. We both served Spanish speaking missions, and so we are teaching Caden to speak Spanish as well. He has picked up on it very well and often surprises people when they hear a very fair “gringo” speaking Spanish.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


We have been getting ready for this Adoption Conference. Brandon will be speaking in the Adoptee Panel and I will be teaching the Adoption Advocacy Class. I have also been getting stuff rounded up for the door prizes, adoption arts display and more!

I ordered some sweet binks from my friend Danielle- including this one!
(PS- I'm the 1st person to ever put this on a bink)

my friends Joelle & Almina took me to a place I've been longing to go- D Bar desserts owned by Keegan Gerhard and his wife. He is A Food Network Chef and Judge of almost EVERY CHALLENGE show on that channel. He made me a special egg-free dessert that night! Such a great place and great guy too!

Last Saturday, Dara and I made this cake for her daughter Claire's Birthday! We had tons of fun. I made the tree, lots of leaves on both layers, some polka dots and flower centers! We had a blast making this!

we added tons of cosmic sparkles:) So much fun!!!

We are doing well- all of us are healthy and happy. I'm working on refinishing a kitchen dining set, and getting all the gratitude baskets out to Hospital social workers as well. Brandon has a few nice deals he has under contract and he is such a motivated Realtor. I LOVE his tenacity! Lots of Realtors have other occupations too- not him- when he does something - he does it all the way! Thanks honey for being such a great provider:) Love ya!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gym Rats!

My Girls and I LOVE doing gymnastics!

Brielle and Aria are so cute and are learning pretty well! Brielle has great balance so far

and Aria has great muscle tone

Brielle loves kicking, leaping and the beam. Not to mention she is very flexible!

Aria is feisty and LOVES doing everything but, especially is obsessed with just wearing her leotards!

she is in a class with only one other girl but will be the lone little princess for a while b/c the girl just broke her arm ( not in gym)

As for me... I did a workout at the gymnastics place yesterday and I'm so sore. I just want to curl up or sit in a hot tub! My balance isn't the same but, I can do some decent split leaps and jumps, I can still do a front hand spring and many other fun things. I fell off the beam too and gave myself a nice bruise on the inside of one of my knees! Guess I'm still trying to prove to my body that I'm not 29! I think I will do that type of conditioning every Tuesday and see if I can get my Aerial back or a back handspring!!!

Birth mother testimonies and Stories

on Blessing in a Basket!
I'm loving this blog:)
get your kleenex out!

I thought this picture I recently took of my friend's newly adopted daughter, very appropriate! She truly and literally is a Blessing in a Basket!

I'm so very grateful for these wonderful women- you inspire me more than you know!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spotlight on Ryan and Amanda

I personally do not know this couple but, i KNOW Amanda's 2 lovely sisters who are both INCREDIBLE women and mothers. They desire so much for their sweet sister to become a mommy soon too! here's a bit from their profile...
We have so much fun together. We love being outdoors – doing whatever – walks, hikes, disc golf, working in our garden, photography. We also enjoy traveling together. Most of our favorite trips revolve around hiking and/or scuba diving. Some of our favorite trips include Guadeloupe, Alaska, National Parks, Europe, and Hawaii.
Keep reading here:)
I hope it their year too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Birth mom bloggers...

Make my DAY!- Recently,i was contacted by Ashley from Blessings in a Basket!( read about her on that link:)
She is amazing! She asked to feature us on her blog and i said of course! I'm amazed at her life and where she is now. Having challenges and trials in our pasts make us stronger better parents who can relate to almost anyone who may be facing any sort of challenge!
Now, I'm not promoting going NUTS for the sake of having life experiences but, i want you to know this... People who Come to KNOW Christ and God's Love after many years and trials are AMAZING! They add a dynamic that cannot be fabricated by those people who lived in a bubble their whole lives! Testimonies GROW stronger by hearing from people like Ashley!
I hope you awesome readers can take a glance or two at this wonderful blog and feel of her amazing Christ-like love! Thanks for doing what you do and being who you are- Ashley!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Falling to Pieces

Last night i had a dream... I was in the hospital room and we were there to see if Aria had swallowed something. The Dr. said he saw my stomach moving and wanted to do an ultrasound. The nurses all gathered around me and one said they could here 3 heart beats-mine and 2 babies.
Aria was FINE and all the attention was turned to me now ( DREAMS ARE PRETTY ONE SIDED AND SELFISH USUALLY). Well, the Dr. was taking a long time and i asked for a PT before he came. I didn't want to be disappointed like that again and i was lean and not looking prego. I get the test and Pee and it's PURPLE lines , not pink or blue! The nurses tell me it means multiples!!!
Everyone was happy. I was ready for the dream to end b/c i figured out in my dream that it wasn't real and started waiting for the KICK .{enter the song FALLING to PIECES}

I hear the music in the dream i know it's time to wake up now but, this dream feels so real and being a mommy again is what i desire most so, i wasn't ready to wake quite yet. Then the lyrics come... {When a heart breaks, no it don't break even, even. What am i supposed to do...} I'm awake!
I'm staring at my white sheets and the lack of comforter that has slipped off my bed & a 5 yr old sweetie pie curled up between me and daddy ( love king size beds:). The song continues to play in my head and I think... I MUST TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST! I calculate the time i thought we did it all right, don't even factor in my infertility (PCOS) and lack of hormones but, ask myself " was my dream telling me something?" I get out of bed, grab a test do the thing and of course, Why am i shocked when it's negative!

I'm sad but, i already know that getting pregnant again is like a figment of my imagination, a dream.{enter lyrics...I'm falling to pieces... followed by that soft guitar solo}
I say a prayer of thanks for adoption, silently. I come and sit at my computer and am now typing and the end feelings i have as i finish this up is that I'm finally understand what it feels like to really have a wait time. With Brielle we didn't wait at all ( i will post her story one day soon)! We had like a few days-really that was it!

Now, you could factor in when we felt prompted to try and adopt- our wait has been almost 2 years now. We've been with this LDSFS office in the approved status for 8 months but waiting for much longer ( you can look under Our Journey Thus Far)
{ enter lyrics... When a heart breaks well, it don't break even, even!}
I also want to state that Brandon and I may not know our birth mom yet ( b/c we haven't been selected or matched yet) but, We already have a love for this woman. We want her to know and feel that and we can't wait to share our lives with her and her family too. That's the beauty of open adoption. I'm so happy that Open Adoption is possible and I thank our Father for our Open Adoption with Brielle's Birth Family everyday...
{ ....the Best part of ME was always YOU....}

These Lyrics make me think of our birth mom to be and in a way- They are the BEST PART of ME! I only have a 2 %( or less) chance of ever conceiving a child again in my lifetime so, i'm indebted to our birth mother to be! You have and can do what i can not and b/c of your choice- you are my Hero, our angel and everything for our family! Not a day goes by that we don't pray for you and think of you! Hope you find us sooner than later- you are already so amazing to us! My girls can't wait to meet you and love you too.

I understand now how adoption can be so healing to families! It's beautiful, courageous, selfless, bittersweet, inspired, divine, and chock full of the unknown! And All the pieces of our broken hearts can be put back together into a new heart- our adoption heart!

( pics of binks i ordered from my great friend Danielle's company ulubulu.com)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colorado Springs and more...

So last weekend we went to Colorado Springs to support our friends who are doing the Embryo Adoption Program with a Fertility Center there! We wanted to go so badly to King's Chef Cafe and try some Green Chili burgers or whatever, really. we saw this Diner on the Food Network Channel and have always wanted to go. So, we GPS'd it and it took us to the wrong location. So, we re-routed to the actual location and come to find out- there was a very large ST. Patty's Parade going on!!!

This made us have another LONG detour as we took side streets everywhere. The girls were hungry and ready to get out of the car already!
So, after parking 4 short blocks away. We got out and the girls enjoyed the parade for a bit!

After that- they were really hungry and so were we. We almost WENT the wrong way to find the cafe but, thanks to a nice dude who was also going there- we redirected and found it!

What a relief! And the Green Chilies were mighty potent!

and that made us all have crazy faces!

Like Blue steel- with a side glance:)

Man, Is Brandon good at that!

Aria was just being a peach!

And so was Brielle! I must say, now that the girls are 5 and almost 4- they are way better behaved at restaurants!

We had a great time and it s good diner food and worth going again. But, i like variety- so, I'll try some more dives next time we are there! It was a great time in the Springs and we really enjoyed out family day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our new cards...

So, here they are. Well, the back of it anyways:) We are pleased with the job JILL did from Spaces for faces! Thanks for listening and doing a GREAT job! Maybe our future birth parents will get one of these from someone they and we know... miracles happen everyday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wasted time? Maybe...

But, Like most AP's - it's hard not to fantasize or daydream about our next child to be.

Most of us can't go an hour without thinking about what he or she will be like, what the birth parents will be like, if it's a boy or a girl, if it will be sooner than later etc...
Some of us AP moms start putting together ideas of what the rooms, car seat covers, fit take home outfits, nursery toys, names etc... And maybe that is wasted time, just maybe but, I think it's also therapeutic and i like getting mentally organized a tad bit. B/c with adoption- you just never know when your day will come! And having dreams, wishes, hopes, is what keeps us going through all the hard things we face. Like little to no contacts from birth moms, being judged for one thing or another, failed placements or almost miracles, stress at work or what have you! If we all stopped dreaming and hoping- what would happen to us?

Maybe we'd become more cynical or callus or might some of us just give up on the whole process? Possibly.

So, i say to those who dream of that little special person and all the special things/experiences you desire for them- KEEP DREAMING! NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. HAVE FAITH THAT GOD WILL BRING THIS BLESSING INTO YOUR LIFE WHEN IT'S RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY!
pic- i took of friends newly adopted baby!

Monday, March 14, 2011


On Robert And Clover

This awesome couple lives the epitomy of Ranch living! They have horses, chickens, goats , tons of land and TONS of LOVE to give ad share with a future child. They have hearts of Gold and Clover serves on the FSA Media Board for the Colorado chapter! She has been wonderful to work with and hopefully, their wait will be short!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


blogs about his feelings and experiences as he goes through this process! Such a great guy!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

emo to boot...

Today was one of those odd days... The girls b-ball team i coach lost our first game since i've coached them and we got out of the tournament. We were missing one of our star players but, it makes no difference now. WE lost and it's okay. We will all go on and live our lives and learn from disappointment like everyone in the world does. We can't WIN all the time ( maybe Charlie Sheen can but, real people can't!)

Anywho, after the Tourney we went to Colo. Springs to support our friends by sitting through an infertility seminar. Much of the info we already knew but, we learned great stuff nonetheless. Our friends are doing an embryo adoption and by us participating there today- they got to take off 100. per person who showed up! They had 32 people support them.

We support all kinds of adoption and as much as I'd like to think about doing this, right now it just doesn't seem right for us. Not saying it would not be right in the future but, both of us just keep feeling this sense of urgency that our future child is coming soon. Maybe it's the power of positive thinking and maybe it's inspiration. Either way, It's what we feel and it's real to us!

With Embryo Adoption you have the risk that the egg will not take to your uterus, you have financial risk if you must do it multiple times over, as well as all the meds and hormones you pay for on top of that!

With Private Adoption you have the risk of never being chosen, waiting for 3-4+ years, facing failed placement or even having a baby placed in your arms only to loose them after 18 months and much legal battles( it happened to one of my friends)

Overseas adoption you may wait 2-4 + years and you will spend lots in travel and adoption fees.
You will face all kinds of inter-racial issues from others when you get home too.

Foster Care to Adopt you face multiple children in your home and you may not keep them but, temporarily. You are doing something better for the child while you are fostering but you always run the risk of having them leave you, never to return. You will eventually adopt though.

The reason why i explain these is b/c most people outside the adoption world really don't understand. Regardless- all of these things that adoptive parents go through are ALWAYS WORTH IT!

SO, Come Hell and High Water- We are all in it for one thing...the hopes of having a child/ren and a family that feels complete.

As I watched my DVR show of Cake Boss Special Delivery, I started to cry during Carlo jr's birth and watching his proud daddy weep. I couldn't hold it back anymore. He said something like this... this is why i work and what i live for- my family. And with each baby It's so new and so special... I spoke out loud for some reason, while i cuddled Aria all asleep on me" It NEVER GETS OLD" I know i was thinking that but, it just came out! And it's so true- with both girls, it was a completely different experience and i know when it does happen again- It will be SO NEW and so unique and different from the last.

At the end of the show, Brielle asked when we could go see that baby boy and hold him. I told her we couldn't b/c he's far away. It CHOKED me up and it does as i write this now. I wanted to say:

Maybe in the near future Brielle, you will get to hold a new baby and be a big sister again.
And (sobbing as i write) will you tell him or her how loved they are and how you and Daddy and that sweet baby have tummy mommies who love them so much. Brielle, will you help this sweet new member of our family know that you are there for them to guide and love them as their big sister and share all your experiences with them about how cool adoption is?

I hope so!

I think Adoptive Couples who are parenting a child/ren already, Almost ACHE deeper than those who have no children yet. B/c we KNOW what it's like to have them and NOT have some of them in our family. (still choking up) I could go on and on but, it really comes down to this...
God Knows you and me personally. He knows who are birth mom and future child is already and He is setting the time line in the whole process. So, to all the longing families who are desperate for another miracle. Have FAITH. Our day will come soon!

And I'm not apologizing for being emo, either! I needed to get it all out!

Native American

Adoption Act...

What does this mean for anyone who has a placement with a Native American Child...

So, the next time you feel frustrated with the Act, remember what was done in the past. It won't help things go more quickly, but with an understanding of why the Act is in place, it may be easier to be patient as you go through the necessary legal steps.

I've got Native American Roots pretty far back. Descendants from the Michigan/Dakotas Mohawk tribes. Crazy, I know!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Or not. Here's a list of those who are in the media who have that adoption connection!

And so is Glenn Beck...
And I say this as a father of an adopted child and that child was born to a teenage mother, but that teenage mother was a frickin’ hero. My son’s life would have been completely different, and I know there’s going to come a time where he’s like I wish I would have had it. In fact, ten minutes ago I was disciplining him. So he’s probably thinking that right now. That teenage girl was a hero. She knew it wasn’t best for the child to raise her. So she adopted him out. God bless her.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


...of opinions don't just run rampant in the WORLD, they are all over the adoption community too.

Take today.... I'm in the park and see this cute chinese baby being put into her swing. I look up and her mother is white, which generally leads to adoption ?'s that are always positive and not too intrusive b/c you never know where someone stands.

Our conversation led to Brielle's adoption situation and the lady says"I think open adoptions are all about the birth parents- they are uneccessary and there is no REAL study that supports the " this is best for the child" bit! And you know - you can close your adoption at anytime don't you?"I'd never chose that so, we had to go foreign".

I cited the ONE study i knew about and said the good and the bad about it but, ultimately- it stated the Obvious...when children know more about their adoptions and things are open- it's not a mystery or a secret...leads to healthier self esteem/ worth...and children understand more as they grow and in young adulthood come to accept and KNOW that their birth parents chose what was BEST FOR THEM! It wasn't about the birth parents but, having them available was healthier, in most cases.

Adoption professionals generally agree that the child will be least confused about loyalties to either parents when the open relationship between the adoptive and biological parents is clear and positive.32

what more can we say?
I pity those who understand little about open adoption and i really thought there were barely any people who wanted closed adoptions. I guess there are a few out there.

PS- read these CUTE things Aria said to her teacher about us! so funny!


on Thayne and Annie

this exciting couple has had such a full life so far but are missing the ULTIMATE experience of being parents! I also met them at the Temple Night and Dinner and both are so fun. Thayne Cracks me up and both have the feel of someone you already know. They are REAL and fun-loving and have so much to offer a sweet child. Can't wait to chill with them some more as well! Annie is looking forward to serving in FSA here as well!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Steve and Amanda...

I just met this awesome couple at the FSA temple night dinner! They are both full of life and so driven and cool. Amanda and i have the same infertility issues and she is currently finishing her masters in Special Ed. They are OPEN to taking a Special Needs Child as well. Such wonderful couple and i Can't wait to meet them more!

Our Friends and Bi- Racial Adoption

without just quoting the whole post- I will LINK you all over to it and give you this teaser...

...Let me illustrate. One day I was shopping and a black woman asked me if Denali was my son. I answered yes with a genuine large smile on my face. She didn't like it. A few minutes later, after she had stewed about how wrong this situation was, she came to me and told me. In a three minute rant, her ignorant opinion was told. My first thought was how grateful I was that Denali didn't understand any of it because he was too young...

Love you Linds and your whole family! Thanks for taking the -ITES out of the picture and being STRONG in your eternal family! Love you even more for that!
*pic by her awesome hubby!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back in the saddle again...

Yep, I'm once again clearing out ALL my supplies and goods from my Boutique business and the last bits of stuff are on my ETSY store. So, if you missed it- you get this last time to check it out. I don't have many things posted at the moment but, You will see the rest of what i have left appear sooner than later. And Honestly, I can't wait till it's all gone. I really did have a ton of supplies that i needed to USE up and re-coup some of what i had invested into it. It was a great 5 years and i had fun but, now it's on to better and more important things!

I'm sure i will make all these goodies for our future children and for gifts for others- I'm just done with the business side of it all! Thanks to all who supported me while i was in it though! And snag stuff while I still have it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


makes me so happy and want to cry all at the same time! Getting this for our next child's room for sure!

purchase it here!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So, i just went on a blog hopping- reading spree. And I've decided on a FEW things!!! Some in particular to this blog...
1. I want to gear this blog continually to the advocating for adoption side, regardless of our hopes for another child.

2. I want to FEATURE birth parent stories more often!

3. MORE ADOPTION EVENTS will be posted on our blog

4. I will NOT CHARGE money or make money by anything that is posted on my blog. I will select what the contents are and i will go on inspiration and faith as i head down this path. I don't need peoples money and I'm Happy to put my LOVE for adoption to better USE! I'm not trying to down play those who need to charge for ad space on their blogs/sites either- It's just not what I'm about or do i need it!
( thanks honey for all your hard work in real estate and taking care of us so well:)

5. I WANT TO GIVEAWAY more. My photography will be something I DONATE to those involved in adoption ( Especially Birth Moms) and also for those compelling stories and people who deserve a photo shoot for being so incredible. AS well as other things in addition.

6. I need to recognize more successes in the adoption world. NO amount of GOOD is ever enough. Rock on all you FAB advocates!

just wanted to let you know

Birth mother Quotes and thoughts!

Here are some great quotes on adoption and birth parenting...

He is mine in a way that he will never be hers, yet he is hers in a way that he will never be mine, and so together, we are motherhood.
~desha wood

Jennifer Bouchard Doane, Birthmother and Lifemother.
"A Birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart"

Skye Hardwick
founder of "Life Mothers"
My baby was my gift to the world to show everyone strength in innocence and purity, and one day I pray my baby will come home to me to tell me of his journey that I can take with him.

By: Sarah Sowell
Gave birth to her son April 21st 2004
Open Adoption
If you love someone unconditionally and with your whole heart, then you will do what is best for them, not you. I have never learned a harder lesson than giving my child up for adoption, and I probably never will.

Birthmother twice over

I once heard a girl who had decided to parent her child say, “My baby’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” I believed her. But I wanted to ask, “Are you the best thing that could’ve happened to your baby?”
I placed my baby for adoption, and I can also say he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. He transformed my life. I loved my child more than words can explain, and I still do. I believe my love for him was the first real love I’d ever felt, because it was completely selfless. It was the BIGGEST feeling I’ve known. My heart grew in my chest the moment I laid eyes on him. Had I loved him any less—one ounce less—he would be with me now! My love for him was the only thing that could enable me to break my own heart. I didn’t just feel love; I did what love dictated.
Tamra, birth mother

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are so much fun!On Friday, Brandon and I went out with our friends, Dara and Jesse to a cool place called Fontana. It's a GREAT sushi place with an awesome roll called the Littleton maki( MY FAV)! Last night we also had a roll called the Crystal Roll- super delicious! I think my kids would even love those 2 rolls since they are not too fishy! We went and looked for some good running shoes for me and then called it a night since Brandon has had little sleep the past 3 nights due to a cough and kids waking up. Poor daddy! Well, He got his sleep last night and this morning he's off showing homes for a few hours then we will have another date to the Temple and Dinner with the FSA peeps! I'm so happy our marriage is strong and we are so in LOVE with each other! I feel sad when i see other marriages that are strained or that seems to lack that deep passion. It saddens me b/c I never want our kids to feel like that's what marriage is- just two people living together with a ring on! Marriage can be so much more. We are Best friends & lovers, and are looking forward to our future together. We are wild, funny, passionate, motivated, inspired and crazy people! I always say that Brandon is my reward for making it through a somewhat rocky childhood! I'm so blessed to have him and Being Adopted Makes him even cooler b/c He can relate to Brielle and all of our future adopted children where I can not. He is truly in the best sense- my better half and I'm sure he'd say the same about me: Love you much- my hot man!

(pic-me getting ready before our date friday night)

Friday, March 4, 2011

That used to be us...

...We Used to be COOL!" That song really makes me reach back to those wonderful memories of what we were like in High School.
SO, here's a TAD about Our past lives...

Brandon: During HS He played baseball, tennis, wrestling, & bowling at Rancho High. He was a bat boy for many years to the LV 51's( triple A) team and got tons of autographs and experiences from that. He dated only a few girls and had a girlfriend for about 2 years. He finished his Eagle Scout at 14 and He loved fantasy books an Historical novels. Brandon was always a leader and loud mouth. He had BIGGER friends to back up his BIG words too. He was a great guy and he stood up to others when they were doing wrong things. He has always been close with his parents and his Little Brother looked up to him in everything he did. Brandon even sold candy in HS to buy the things he wanted. He had others selling candy for him and was a great entrepreneur. Overall, He loved HS and enjoyed his youth doing things he loved.

Corrine: I was also a LOUD HS student and was involved in FBLA, was the lead in 2 musicals, made ALL-state , Western Regionals and National Choirs as a 1st or 2nd soprano at Churchill County High and Santana High. I also sang at solo and ensemble and regularly scored a 1. I played on the girls soccer team, ran track ( mostly sprints and relays), and did some gym and dance and all of these activities kept me busy. I dated different guys and I feel like that made me have great idea of what i was looking for in a spouse. I was active in serving the special needs community by being involved with ARC and i enjoyed biking, swimming and running as well. I sang at big events like Lincoln Day Dinners And the Centennial Celebrations in my town and with the National Choir we toured Europe when i was 16 for a month performing all over. I modeled a bit here and there and never grew past 5' 5" so, that only lasted till i was 18.

Both of us were seminary graduates and served in the church as well. We both look back on our HS years with fond memories and we've learned from juvenile mistakes and grown b/c of them. Brandon still bowls and may want to do baseball or help coach wrestling in the future. I still sing and perform in church and community settings and I still love dance and gymnastics and running. It's been a while since i played soccer but, I would love to play on a girls co-ed team . There is only so much time in a day though.

All in All- we have a passion for living life to the fullest and we desire our kids to have many experiences and opportunities to succeed and live a long healthy, fulfilling life- doing what they want to do. Health is very important to us and we plan on setting a good example to all our kids on how special your body is and why we keep our bodies strong, in-shape and free from harmful substances. I look back on my HS bod and i can't believe i used to think I was fat. I was like 128-130 when i graduated. I have about 16 lbs to lose still to get back to that.

Man, When you grow up and become parents- there's part of you that always feels like you are still in the prime of your youth. Here's some god quotes about your inner child and all of them make sense to me:

" You don't stop playing with toys when you grow up- you just get bigger, more expensive ones"

" Adults are obsolete children. ~Dr. Seuss

A grownup is a child with layers on. ~Woody Harrelson

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere

There are TONS more on this site:) Enjoy!

(pics are of our mascots from HS:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adoption Quotes

one of the FSA chapters was looking for quotes on adoption and I liked these ones:)Just wanted to share. I do think she should have had some quotes from birth mothers though. I will post some of those later.

“I didn’t give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so. For us to have each other Is like a dream come true. No, I didn’t give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you.” – Unknown

“Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy’s heart instead of her tummy.”
– Unknown

“Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.”
– Unknown

It may sound cheesy and cliche but We have that growing feeling in our hearts for our future child already. Brandon and i wonder and chat daily about this tiny person and the "package" they will come in/with! He, not having an open adoption, wonders if our future child with have a neat birth family too. But He wonders if we might be putting too much pressure on the whole
" we'd love a very open adoption" sentiments when , in fact, our future birth mom may not be ready for that. But, when she is, we will be ready! So, readers, or people checking us out- NO pressure- we want what you want when it comes to openness:)


on Derek and Angie

This fun couple I met when doing an FSA fireside. We had spoken a few times before that and I am realizing HOW COOL they really are. They have adopted their daughter and are Hoping for a Miracle sometime soon. They have been waiting patiently for a few years and they help Run FSA Activities where they live! Such a family couldn't be more deserving!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


On Gerald And Jennifer
She Goes by Jen and I met them through FSA here. Jen teaches music to children and is so bubbly and full of energy and their little girl is adorable! They have been waiting about the same amount of time as we have and we hope that this will be the year they get to find out what adoption is like for the first time!