Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

We got to see a private showing of this awesome Movie tonight- thanks to Disney and the NCFA for paying for a FULL theatre of viewers to watch this fabulous story unfold.

Without blowing the whole story I will tell you a bit about it...
This sweet couple hopes and tries and prays to have a child but, to no avail after rounds of infertility treatments. It starts off by them telling their story to two speculating people.

After she finds out ( Jennifer Garner) that they won't be having a baby via the traditional route- she goes in her Nursery room, plays the sweet snow globe music and BAWLS!
This story brings out the raw feelings and emotions of hope and joy and pain that infertile couples and adoptive parents feel.

It's sprinkled with cute humor and candid honesty and tons of love when things are not exactly NORMAL in your world.

I loved the end the most, of course, and my husband and I were both crying so many happy tears as we snuggled our girls on our laps and thought of our future children who will come to us through foster care and overseas adoptions as well.
 It was heartwarming and REAL and we loved it! My husband said he wants to just watch it again at home so, he can just absorb it and cry by himself and not in a theater full of people! He said on the way home that he can't wait to have a CHILD/ KID come into our home and feel what that is like ( since we have only had babies through adoption and birth)! And he can't wait to see how that child's life will change ours and ours theirs too!

We know we are not perfect and there are going to be a lot of mistakes and as the parents in the movie said ... We wish we would have made MORE mistakes... meaning they wished they could have had longer to be parents. It goes for all of us! And I love Foster care's old commercials about the perfectly imperfect parents needed! Love it!

Okay, I'm rambling on but, I as always, am moved by movies that teach me something and help me feel those tender emotions in my heart. I am excited to birth this child, if God let's me, and I'm excited to become a foster mom in the future months ahead and I'm excited to what God has in store for our lil' family- no matter what our kids come with- It will be worth all my tears and pay us back tenfold in laughter and love! The Future looks so bright! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

due dates?

Hah! So before i left for vacation, i had an ultrasound and the baby is healthy- No, we didn't find out the gender or anything, just that all necessary parts are there and functioning properly!

BUT... they said my due date was A MONTH OFF!!! Of course i was trying to keep cool but recollecting that there is no possible way i conceived the wee we moved into our new home. NOW WAY at all! A month- come on- that's Bull!

Fortunately- women with PCOS commonly have off due dates by a few weeks or the babies grow a little slower due to a lot of factors and ( even though i have had mostly regular cycles for the last 15 months) since i had a miscarriage in Jan and a cycle in FEB- there is NO WAY i would have ovulated 8 weeks later so, I'm guessing we are off a week to two weeks NOT A MONTH- which puts me at dec. 10th is but the window is Nov. 28th - Dec 26th I will start to worry the day after Christmas if the baby isn't here!

Well, all is well now, lots has happened but, to post for another day! Hoping all my friends hoping to adopt are having luck and learning life lessons along the way. The waiting period can be the hardest but the most revealing! Hang in there and pray for others just as you pray for your family to grow- spread the love!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

having fun

We are having a fun summer so far! Sorry for not blogging as much! I will do it sooner than later!

Everyone is healthy- i'm almost 20 weeks- ready to know the baby is still living inside me! I haven't felt it move all that much but, i know that is part of the deal. I could be mistaking it for gas or whatever!

We are going to UT next week for Kara's lil' sister's wedding! We will get to see both Brielle's birth family and Gavin's birth family in one trip- It will be fantastic! We are happy for Megan( Kara's sis) and her fiance! She is a great gal and so fun! she was 14 when Brielle was born and now she is a young lady emerging as a bride!

catch ya later!