Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not My Will but Thine be Done!

Yep, I've said time after time that I chose to be on God's rollercoaster on how our family is to come to us! I've consigned my will over to Him who knows greater than me, than anyone of what we need when we need it!
So, I'm happily (and yet with reservation) announcing that I'm Pregnant!!!
Yep about 12 weeks( this friday) and feeling sick and nauseaous! It's horribly good! I cannot tell you how shocked i was considering 5 of my past 6 pregnancies have ended in miscarriage around 4-6 weeks and one at 13.5 weeks! I've been married 10 years this July and i guess the Lord wants this pregnancy to succeed but, I'm still nervous. I think once the baby is here- i will be done being nervous! In some ways having infertility issues and then getting pregnant is like adoption- you just don't believe its happening until it finally does happen! You trick your mind into thinking all kinds of things on why it wont happen then are pleasantly surprised when it does!
Here's how we told our family! We sent this out so they all got it For Mother's Day!

Looks like Im due the very end of November or very early December! Maybe it will be on Brandon's birthday! Who knows ! For now, i pray everyday that if this is what the God wants for us, please prepare this baby so it will make it here safely! We will see! But for now, we rejoice( after the gagging and nausea!

I will keep you posted!


Lacie said...

WOW! Amazing news! Congratulations!!!

Becky Allen said...

Oh Corrine! I am so happy for you guys! Congrats! What an incredible adventure for you to go on! What a shock it must have been! Congrats again and keep us posted on how it is going!!!

Janell said...


Kitkatluv92 said...

Interesting, I was just thinking of sending you a message. I've had my eye on your profile for a while now. I am 15 weeks pregnant and considering all my options. I love reading your blog. Congrats on the baby...