Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seasons Change

And so do we. If we are not moving onto greater things in our lives than what are we doing with our lives? Meaning, Life is busy, very extremely busy for me now.
Gavin is 20 months ( currently fighting a cold) getting into everything and anything. Super cuddly and loves to say new words like : two and HI and Uh Oh, Up, mama, Daddy, Aria ( ahyah), bebe, Nu-uh, no, kay, eat, down,  and a few others. He loves playing all day long, building foam block towers and knocking them over, being tossed on the bean bag, dancing or working out with me and watching Sesame or price is right. He loves his siblings and is a determined little dude. He also has been doing terrific off Gluten. Now he is a dairy and gluten free kiddo. Its a learning curve with all that!

Slade will be 6 weeks on Tuesday. He is a master milk man and is my late night drinking buddy!
( saw that on a onesie). He is starting to smile and sleep on his own without being attached to the boob to sleep. Its great but He is still not sleeping through the night yet.

 Brielle is 7 , her big teeth are coming in. She is a sassy Diva and loves to be creative and test her skills. She determined and sneaky but a very good big sister and a great reader. She loves being sweet to everyone. Aria is getting better and sharing and is just as sassy as big sis. She loves Gymnastics ( b prefers ballet) and is physically strong. She still falls asleep in random places but not so often these days. These two are best buddies and mostly play pretty well. HOMEWORK is never a big deal but of course they'd rather play all day.
Brandon and I are doing good. Having lots of dates and fun at Nuggets Game, fun lil' restaurants an dives around Denver and Boulder. Its been great to start getting back into a routine and tough as well. I love the challenge but cant wait to sleep and rest. I'm in a contest to loose as much as i can in 6 weeks and we are almost 2 weeks in and so far, its okay. Not too bad. to date from having the baby, ive lost 31 lbs. so far. Cant wait to loose a HUNDRED more, okay maybe just 30 or so. Well, I'm so tired and ready for bed and this SEASON of my life is called REAL PARENTING,keeping my head above water.i should write a book of all these adventures. Like the day the dog eats half your stuff in storage, you find out your son gets a bloody nose from a foam block and your baby poops all over dads good shirt. Lots of craziness and i wouldn't have it an other way!

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Pauline Sandberg said...

What a lovely family you have here. You're lucky to have such adorable kids. I dropped by to say, I admire your openness to adoption.

Keep it up! And more blessings to come. God bless! :)