Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fun Times @ Easter!

Aria and Brielle had a cute custom Easter bow made for them this year! They came Mid March and the Girls started planning all the Easter fun from then on!
They couldn't wait to dye Eggs and loved taking the old plastic eggs and hiding them throughout the house as preparation for the real Day! We also focused as a family on LESS stuff for Easter and what the REAL message is. We watched the BIBLE series on the History Channel and the Life of Christ Videos on lds.org. Brielle really understood for the first time in her life what Jesus Christ did for Everyone and for Her. She sniffled and choked up watching the Romans whip Jesus and the scenes as they nailed Him to the Cross. She grabbed my arms and said in a subdued voice- He must really Love us to Die for Us. I started crying and told her that He loves her that much! She said to me- He loves all of US that Much, momma!
We had a ward party and egg hunt and enjoyed the company of Uncle Brian for the week before Easter!
 He was sooo sweet and fun with the kids. He got to Sled, Roller Skate, Go to the Nuggets Game, out to dinner, babysit for a couple hours, go swimming at the Apex and more. We loved having him here!

Slade Loved him too!

I was on the decorating committee for the church Easter Party and i 
made a whole bunch of mini Cupcakes for it too!

Aria and all the kids loved the party!
Slade Fell asleep on his Favorite Uncle...named Brian!
Gavin LOVED the Eggs but was more interested in Candy that was in them!

This is the girls Easter Sunday! I will have to shoot the full kids pics in their cute outfits soon.
 right now we have snow! Cant wait until its gone but I'm happy we have moisture!
The girls picked out their own dresses this year too! It was pretty fun watching them try them all on- they like wayyy to many dresses to get them all.
Now, Slade is 3.5 months, Gavin is almost 2, Aria is 6 in July and Brielle is a few months shy of 7.5 yrs. They are all growing up way to fast for my liking! Aria is excelling in Gymnastics and loving it! Brielle just started Ballroom Dancing and seems to enjoy this very much. Gavin loves to play blocks, wrestle with anyone and the dog, make trouble and hug and cuddle with almost anyone! He is talking a lot more now too! Slade is finally laughing a bunch now and smiling and drooling for days. He is sleeping well and night and getting into more of a routine now.
Brandon is staying very busy with Building the Real Estate Company and hiring lots of awesome Realtors in the process. He is enjoying going to the girls practices/classes, wrestling with Gavin and making Slade laugh. He is an awesome husband and Father!
Im busy with the occasional cake or cupcakes for events, Selling cute things on my etsy store, taking care of the kids, house and working out as much as possible! So far- Ive lost 47 lbs since Slade was born. Its hard and wonderful all at the same time. Im so blessed to have our little family and my relationship with B and with My Father in Heaven. Everyday( even the ones where we clean up smeared feces) is a gift! I love my little life and growing Family!!!

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Shelise said...

They are all so cute! I couldn't get over how big Gavin has gotten. He looks like a big boy now.