Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

There went the summer

I can't believe he is already 7 months old... There went the Summer too.

 Next week the girls start school. Both will be in Full day and we love our school! Aria got Brielle's teacher and we couldn't be happier about it b/c she is fabulous and an award winning as well!

I had good intentions to post more and if it was my business- it would take more of a priority but, it's not right now. I still plan on having some great and informative posts once things slow down again ( if they ever do).

Anyways, we have had fun doing swimming classes, playing, splash park, floating on the clear creek and much more. So sad that my friend moved back to Idaho again but happy for her family! Im looking forward to FALL and all it brings. Lots of visits, a couple weddings, another Trip to Disneyland & the Beach, school days and dance, piano and gymnastics classes for the girls. the boys and i will enjoy the parks, library story time, gym classes, biking , grandma Leslie, aunt Di and uncle Glen come to visit and possibly more. We have a family reunion coming up in Nov. which we hope to attend and then are keeping tied down over the Christmas holidays.  I must say, writing it all out really makes me freak out b/c it puts Slade at turning one in only 5 short months. AHHH nuts!  Well, i guess i will just have to soak these baby moments up.
Oh and Gavin is SOOO MUCH FUN right now. I love his little sentences and lively personality. He says " mama, I want to EEEAT!" very well! He is a STRONG boy too- he can do lateral leg raises like nobody's business and loves to kiss, cuddle and throw things!ALL BOY! ( MInus wearing his sissy's shoes;) Til next time!

oh and i started doing my Photography again! 

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