Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The REST of Disneyland...

 Reality is- about 80% of our group pictures are like this! I know its asking quite a lot to get everyone to smile all the time but, Hey, we can DREAM!

Tree house fun!

 We love the Tarzan Tree house - its fun and its about Adoption:)


Playing at he Tarzan Tree House!

Playing on Tom Sawyer's Island- perfect chance to ditch crowds

 Mid- Day nap break- totally worth it and you miss the BUSY times:)
 Waiting in lines- luckily we hardly ad waits:)
 On the ferris wheel with Brielle!
 Classic carousel rides and funny grandpa Danny!
 CUTE BOWS for cute girls

 The Ferris Wheel fun:)
We always ride the train to see dinosaurs and get off our feet for a bit:) Slade crashed

READY to splash it up!

 we took the girls at night for a bit but, only lasted a few rides- we were tired too!

Daddy's FAV ride is the FERRIS WHEEL- NOT! He gets so sick



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