Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A bit about Our Girls

Our oldest daughter, Brielle, was our first Miracle! After 4 yrs of trying and less than a month of having our adoption profile in, her courageous birth mother chose to place her with us. We were there at the hospital a few minutes after she was born and greeted by her whole family on both sides. The placement was more than we ever hoped for and our whole adoption with her has been such bliss. We still have open communication with her birth-mother and family and visit with them throughout the year.
Brielle is 4 now and loves being an older sister to Aria, playing dolls, dancing, dressing up, going to preschool, riding her bike, doing gymnastics and is a natural born swimmer! She's excellent at addition and is learning her letters so fast! I love our time together when Aria naps too. It's almost like Aria doesn't know what she's missing. We do big girl things like paint with real paints, make crafts and learn recipes or practice songs. Brielle is so sweet and sensitive and is the type of girl who would share with anyone and she's a social diva too! She loves to memorize and tell stories and say big words that don't make much sense in her sentences. She is the BEST big sister and I'm so glad God blessed our lives with her first!

Our Younger daughter, Aria is 18 months younger than Brielle and is almost 3 now. So, when Brielle was 9 months, i got miracle #2 and GOT Pregnant! I was stunned and so excited. Her birth was incredible and she made Brielle a big sister and me an even better mother.

She loves playing with her sister, any kind of doll or puppy toy, our dogs, and loves to sings songs throughout our home. She is really strong for her age and can kick a ball really far for a little girl! She also loves dance and gymnastics and her and Brielle get pretty high on our trampoline and both are learning to flip over. Aria is very expressive and social too and she loves to tell everyone about everything and will hug just about anyone she sees! She's not afraid of getting dirty in the backyard and loves to swing and slide more than she likes to swim.
She will talk your ear off too and tell you how she put her dolls in time out! Se cracks us up almost daily! She's more sensitive than Brielle and will cry at the drop of a hat or a NO! But she's learning that she Can't always get her way all the time. I guess she's been the baby for too long and now it's time for her to be a real big kid toddler instead of a baby toddler!

Both of the girls are our pride and joy and we can't wait to see what other amazing children God will grant us.

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