Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our home, lifestyle and parenting styles

Right now, we currently live in a suburb outside of Las Vegas, In a 5 bedroom home with a pool and Spa and nice sized yard. Our neighborhood is filled with families of all ages and GREAT people who all are very open and kind. Our kids ride bikes in our cul-de-sac together almost daily. We let the big kids and little kids in our community come over and jump on the trampoline or play with the puppy . We have the little girls over for tea parties or dress up or games.

I am a group organizer for the moms in our community and we participate in park days, lunch dates with the kids, classes of all kinds like arts, dance, story time and so on. I have craft classes at my home occasionally and i teach moms and ladies how to make beautiful gifts or things for the home! I also run a fun Mom Blog where i get to contribute stuff about being a mom and anything kid related. It's been a nice outlet for me and the other contributors too.

We like to have date nights as a couple and also nights were we take our kids out to fun places around town. We love everything about our area but, we will be moving to SW Denver , Co. in a few months.
We are very excited to move there and have great business opportunities and strong feelings and impressions that we are to be there in order for our family to grow and be successful. Brandon has the great drive and motivation and we be opening up this area for the company he works with. He has always provided well for our family and we have wanted for nothing!!!
I am so grateful for him and his abilities!

We both like physical fitness as we wrote before and being outdoors and we also enjoy a few other things like getting massages and pedicures( me, really) having guys night out( he goes bowling or to the movies) or girls night out or in. For my birthday recently, i hired 2 massage therapist and an esthetician to come pamper me and my girlfriends. It was such a fun and relaxing time!

We also like to participate in community service. Sometimes it's given in activities we do with our church, like making blankets for the poor and needy, or running in races to raise money for different charities or causes. We feel it's important to GIVE back to our community and our fellowmen.
We Parent off the Love and Logic Principles and principles given by our church leaders as well. Basically, we want out children to be respectful and responsible for their actions at an early age.

For example: A child is upset that He can't get a treat before dinner and throws his toy down and it breaks on the floor. Our response would be something like : (camly with real feelings: HOW SAD for you, you broke your toy! What do you want to do with this mess now? Should we clean it with a towel or a broom? Basically, you give the kid choices how to correct the problem and you do not address FIT throwing or tatrums. The child in turn learns how to fix their mistakes and starts to realize that " If i throw a fit or break something in my rage, i am going to have to work hard and fix it afterwards so, I think i will not throw a fit again" or something like that.
We believe every action has a consequence and each consequence is different. My daughters know that the world is a GOOD place to be in b/c when they make a mistake they have the knowledge and strength to fix it. Our girls are already little confident, loving and kind individuals!

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