Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, April 18, 2010

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So, The SHOW was pretty good overall. Aria just couldn't sit still and loved dancing and clapping and moving to the music!!! Brielle liked it at first but, later got kind of bored. She's 4 now and is really more into Princess and Fairies and planting gardens and doing gymnastics- not Sesame! She did like it but, didn't LOVE it! So, my overall... It's perfect for kids from 18 months-3.5 years. If your 4 and too mature for it- you should just stay home! (tee Hee)
I think it's so funny that Brielle thinks she's so big now! She tells me she's smart and that she is the oldest and sometimes tries to tell me what i should be doing. that doesn't really fly with me, kiddo! She also thinks she is the one who gets to pick when we are adopting a child and which gender. She tells me all the time: I want a baby sister and then a baby Brother! She really thinks she gets to pick and Choose! I remind her that one day a special birthmom, like hers , will find our family and she will feel and know in her heart that the baby she carries is supposed to be in our family- regardless if it's a boy or a girl baby! Brielle says to me: Oh, okay, well, can i pick the name?" Hah! She's so full of energy and knows way too much for being ONLY four!

I got to shoot pictures of a 2 week old baby girl and 4 month baby girl this week and was in heaven! Both were so cute and cuddly! I also had some good news that my friends adopted a baby boy! I'm so happy for everyone and i think what i like about doing baby photography best is that i get to hold these precious babies for a few seconds. It keeps me HOPEFUL that Brandon and I will be blessed with a sweet baby sometime in the future! We pray every night that these wonderful birthmoms and birthdads will find the right adoptive families and that the adoptive couples will do everything to attract the right birth parents. All adoptions are acts of Love both from each involved! Thanks for reading our blog and scroll down to read more!

*picture of baby Ava, a tiny client i shot this week!

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