Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thoughts and FUN

SO, Lots has happened! Gavin is just about 3 months( new pics coming soon!)

We have had such a great time with all the changes in our lives. Aria is officially an awesome big sister b/c she is so helpful and Brielle is getting better at being a big sister to both of them!

Gavin in 10.4 lbs and 23 inches long ( VERY TALL/LONG for his age)

He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 8 weeks and now sleeps from 7:30- 6:30 or longer each night!

Brielle started KINDERGARTEN last week and Aria starts Preschool in a few weeks as well as what i'm working on with her at home!

Brandon's Bro- Brian came into Town and they are out fishing today!

Gavin went on his first hike and to his first MLB game too! Go Rockies! He slept through most of it too!

I Ran with my friends and their friends in the WARRIOR DASH! I LOVED it and would so do it AGAIN!

A girl Ran into our Car causing 1400. worth in damage. Everyone is fine and she got a
jaywalking ticket and will probably get this taken out of her pay!

Brandon closed on a few houses and He is such great daddy and makes sure he gets time with all of us, despite being so busy!

AND... In UTAH, while we were there at the National Conference WE MET GAVIN'S BIRTHFATHER! ( Not sure if i can share his picture yet- he still has to tell his parents all of this)

So, we will wait a while. Anywho- TOTALLY NICE GUY! And tall too! G gets it from BOTH sides! More on him hopefully soon and on our visit with Jessica and family!

Here's a thought i had today about adoption. It's from a quote from Caillou- a Kids Cartoon...

" Sometimes when things go wrong, They STILL work out for the BEST!"

This is so true when you think about Adoption! It's so vital that we share our LOVE for adoption with Others and advocate for children!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Carl said...

I love the photo of Brandon and Gavin....so right on for both...love Mom