Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

transracial adoption

So, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out the views and studies on transracial adoption. I read this article about the Transracial Adoption Paradox

In Summary of the article.... The current research literature on psychological outcome, racial/ethnic identity development, and cultural socialization suggests that transracial adoptees—both domestic and international—are psychologically well adjusted, exhibit variability in their racial/ethnic identity development, and along with their parents, engage in a variety of cultural socialization strategies to overcome the transracial adoption paradox.

And this blog has a great articles and resources. Of Course the RHOUSE always does!

This post on Iamablackmother has a great understanding of TA and Religion...

"I believe if I do my best with parenting my children, including my transracially adopted daughter, that our Heavenly Father will help with what I am unable to do if I ask."

There is much to be said and not enough understanding on this subject. I'd like to hear more from adoptees who were raised by white parents. like this book, In Their Own Words

I have my own feelings about this which are generally accepted... I think it's up to the individuals adopting! I think a child is a child no matter what race. And though it's important to embrace ethnic and cultural differences, it's just as important to embrace your families culture too. Every families lives differently than the next. What's normal for one may be odd for another.

I think it's imperative that people understand differences and celebrate them, not try play down the obvious and wonderful!

I'm game for whatever God wants to bring to Our family! I'd love and i do love anyone and everyone- no matter what they look like!

I grew up singing that song " Jesus loves the little Children" . When it came to the part about the colors, it sang like this: Red and Yellow, black and white... We'd add in our own words and sing Purple , polka dot and striped;) just for kicks.
ALL KIDDING aside, I'm happy that i have that ability to love all mankind, genuinely. It's taken years but, i think i always have had my grandpa beach's kind, open heart. Thanks, Grandpa B! I know you watch over all your kids from Heaven! Love you!

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