Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, January 20, 2012

mini man's growing up!

I can't believe he is almost 8 months now!
These are from a few weeks back and he already looks different! He is starting to fill out and get some rolls on his legs- It's cute!

We are truly blessed and so honored to be his parents and our girls parents too!

You know, I just am so happy that God has granted us these blessings and a great marriage. Yeah it's not all perfect all the time but, I'm married to someone I love and he loves me completely, even with my grumpy days! That makes a huge difference when you are parents b/c you rely on each other to get through the hard parts of life and parenting!

We keep thinking about how amazing and wonderful our next family member will be too! How will they find our family? Through foster placement, through a friend of a friend, we don't really know but, if our marriage wasn't solidly grounded we'd not even be looking forward to the future or having more children through any means!

I Hope and Pray that this tiny man will grow up to be an excellent, honest, dynamic young man one day and we will do our best to assure that his dreams are in reach too! That's what the choice of adoption brings a child- LIFE, LOVE, FREEDOM that wouldn't otherwise not be attainable in most situations where children are single parented, in financial crisis or poverty, in a relationship not based on trust and love and faith.

I THANK THE BIRTH PARENTS EVERY DAY for thinking of your child/ren first! YOU ARE HEROES and not enough can ever be said about your selfless choice! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Christian,
Hey Corrine! How's my old friend from the '90s? I hope all is well. What an awesome blog and a beautiful family. (The tootsie roll pic is the best)
I admire the call of God on your lives as parents, continue to do great things.
Much love from the Rogi's

Eric J. Rogi

P.S: I remember you singing the National Anthem, I thought maybe you were lip synching Whitney Houston.