Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New adventure...

YAY! We are preparing for a new adventure into the world of foster parenting!!!

I know some of the readers are thinking I'm nuts and " i could never do that, it seems so hard" But, we are not nuts and it will be hard. Good things in life normally are challenging!

If you didn't know our story here's some details...

Before we ever had children we knew and felt strongly that we would one day be foster parents. less than 2 months after that feeling, we adopted Brielle. 18 months later, I brought Aria into the family! When we moved to CO, Aria was almost 3 and we put our papers in with LDSFS again and felt like we needed to keep the Foster Care option open. We took the classes October 2010 we finished our CPR class last april 2011 on the 7th and on the 8th of April , Jessica made her first contact with us. 8 weeks later Gavin was born & welcomed to the family! Both adoptions have blessed us with VERY OPEN contact on all sides! We love the relationships we have through this incredible and divine Miracle! We can never say enough about our wonderful birth parents ( Kara, Kyle, Jessica & Dustin) and thier parents and family members.

We still felt that we needed to press forward with Foster Care. the week that Jessica and I started talking on the phone, we were placed with baby H, our first glimpse of what it would be like to have a child in our home then prepare to place her back with her mom. God's timing was impeccable. Now, having our sweet baby Boy and having had that experience, we know we can do it! I have been blessed to have 3 other friends/couples who are on this journey with us too! They too are fostering or preparing to foster a child/ren.

I will let you know that we will have lots of homework and probably another background check, physicals etc to go through and we may need a different home too. Our lease is up in a few months and the timing again- couldn't be better! So, we will see if we move or not!

Also, I'm not at liberty to NAME or publish things about who we are placed with so. don't ask. I can be vague and leave names out or say we have a placement in general but overall- pretty hush hush! I'm looking forward to helping little children come to our home, worn down and or neglected and watching them transform with time, love, necessities that they are in dire need of. If the potential of adoption is an option wonderful but, if not, that's okay too. We are here to do our part and help children while they are with our family!

I imagine little feet that have longed to be guided and shown what it's like to be surrounded by love and grown ups that they can trust. I know separation will be hard and trying for these kiddos. And we will be viewed as strangers for a while to them. I hope that most Birth parents that have kids in foster care can get healthy enough to reunify. I hope they make those changes long term not just to get the kids back!

And lastly, when I meet God one day, I hope He will know we have done our part to protect, love and serve his hurting children, in their time of greatest need!


BumbersBumblings said...

Very exciting!!! Congrats!! I hope we can do this someday soon, after we move to a different state.

Mary said...

I'm excited for your family & think you have a great attitude about helping children in need!