Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Way overdue!

SO... myself, Slade and Brielle all had Birthdays this month! Slade is now 1- i can't believe it! I seriously and holding him and knocking him over when he stands so, he will just crawl longer and stay a baby longer ( okay not really knocking him- just not encouraging walking)
It seems like weeks ago- He was just born. We were going to name him TROY or SHANE but, neither stuck! He was a large 8 lbs 14 oz. and a few hours shy of 42 weeks. He is a bundle of joy in every way!

I will miss every part of His tiny-ness when he grows- just as i Miss all my kids being babies. I have to say- that Slade is the most cuddly baby we have had- and so chill ( except for hen he is teething!)

I was looking back at Brielle's photos too...
 Her  3rd bday!
 Her first haircut after SHE first cut her hair!
 After we moved to CO- she was 4.5

Brielle is about 5.5 here before we moved to our current home. 
And we are so blessed by her! WE LOVE that she is growing into such a great young lady who is so loving and cares for others. She has gotten more cuddly as she has grown. When she was a baby- she would have her bottle then be off- no snuggles- just get busy attitude but as she has grown- she is much more cuddly and is our kid who gets up at night and hops into our bed the most ( and sometimes just sleepwalks around the house). We are also so grateful for our OPEN ADOPTION with her birth families. They are above an beyond what we could have imagined. They are an extension of our family in ever way! Love them so much!

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