Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, April 14, 2014

Re- Homing

YUP, lots of re-homing is going on over here! Our sweet Furry boy, Hemi, just spent 6 days with his new family. He has 2 other mastiffs and a boston terrier to run around with. He has 2 fenced acres and lots of love and attention by his new parents.

It is very bittersweet for us. He has spent 2 yrs in our care! He will be missed but we know He will have such a better life than we can currently offer him. He will get more walks, more playtime, more "siblings" more love and attention and be cherished for the great Dog He is! Hemi's new dad is almost out of hospital, recovering from surgery and His new mom will be picking him up from us shortly. We are privileged to have an open adoption and have been watching Him while surgery has been taking place. 


Yep, We found a home in the mountains and are excited about the 2.4 acres, and almost 4k square feet of living space. It will be such a new adventure and our family will See if we love it!
Once we close , we are renovating and going to take 4-6 weeks getting it all done! We even have some birth family members coming up to help (gavin's birth dad is also an electrician!) When it all happens i will post more but, for now, i just wanted to highlight  all the FEELINGS associated with CHANGE, Re-Homing/ placing / adoption etc...

With our first dog when we found her a new home- i bawled and bawled. With Hemi, I have been having little cries here and there more peace b/c i MET the couple, chatted with them more, and trust them completely. It easier b/c it's OPEN adoption- if i or they have a question- we can chat. YES, He is not a human and i can't compare the two but, in my world, I've only placed animals b/c i couldn't give them what they needed. Birth parents do the same- They place b/c they LOVE their child more than anything and choose to TRUST in another to give that child everything they cannot give. Birth parents ARE more than amazing and a MIRACLE- they are PEOPLE with feelings and lives, and history. I hate it when i meet new parents via adoption and they talk about their BP's like they are dysfunctional or not as cool as they are! That needs to change. I'm so blessed by our open adoptions and of course our birth families and birth parents- we are so fortunate to have good relationships. We do- b/c we communicate and try not to assume but, ask when we need to ask and listen to each other. 
WE LOVE OUR FAMILY- however they come into our lives!

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