Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, September 22, 2014

United for Adoption- a new ORG for adoptive families, birth parents and adoptees in CO!

HI Everyone! I know it's been a while since I have been involved in Sharing the adoption love in this state but, I have been doing what I could while my life was going through some changes, like welcoming a child and moving to a new home ( which btw is still in semi construction and boxes)! I'm always reaching out to others about adoption and foster care and opening my mouth about how beautiful our OPEN adoptions are with our Birth families! I never really stopped after FSA!
B/c as a matter of fact- THIS IS WHAT I LOVE! It's implanted in my SOUL and every fiber of my being! I know that being a mother is a DIVINE CALLING and HELPING UNITE FAMILIES is my other Calling in life! I've felt this for a Very long time! I knew at a Young age( 15) that I'd struggle to have children and the mission to know about adoption started for me. I LOVED and memorized the Song *"From God's Arms, To My Arms, To yours"
(* this video is amazing b/c it was made by the Birth parents who tried to raise their sweet girl, then chose to place- what bravery!)
I sang this song in the HS girls bathroom to a teammate of mine when she found out she was pregnant!
She chose to place too! Then, I sang it to my soccer coaches' wife and THEY adopted a son shortly after! I knew God had put this in my Heart to share this amazing love He has for His Children! I did not know I would end up marrying a wonderful man, who also is adopted! ( And so much more but we will get to that later!)

BASICALLY, What I'm saying is that IT IS AN HONOR TO SERVE the people of Colorado in any capacity of adoption that I can!
I am so excited and blessed and I have been crying this whole time I have been typing! I know God needs me in this area- and He needs ALL of you who love adoption to be involved in spreading the Goodness it brings.

Lives are changed forever through this Miracle! We are here to Support you- in any way we can! I'm excited to outreach and educate and bless others lives, like many of you have blessed mine!

Currently, we have a *FB group that is being set up right now! If you are not on FB, please leave me a comment and we will get you on the EMAIL loop so, you are included in the Events, Celebrations, Education Nights, Birth Parent activities and so forth. This group serves the general population of CO but we have hopes to have branches so, those closer to one another can have their own meetings as well! EVERY type of adoption, every person who hopes to adopt, who loves adoption, is involved or desires to be involved is welcome! We need YOU and your light and Insight on areas that we may have little Experience with!
We need committee members for Foster Care/ Legislative/ International Adoptions/Activities& Socials/ Birth Parent/ Outreach & Education and more!

Please email me: Corrine.ccbabyinc@gmail.com!

We look forward to Hearing from you, Seeing you and GROWING with you and your family!
My Heart is constantly FULL and over flowing ( hence the tears) with LOVE for all of you! Seriously, I would not be the person God wants me to be without this Truly Astounding Blessing! ( i'm not even close to perfect so, bear with me too!) Love you all!

*Please ask to join the group if you are on FB and your request will be granted!

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