Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Joy of Adoption: Book Review

This book is from the Series Chicken Soup for the Soul and I have had the pleasure of reading it over the last 2 months, Thanks to the publishers for sending me a copy!

 As a busy adoptive mom, I only had time to read at night or times of rest and I have 4 kids so, it could have been a quicker read. I enjoyed hearing about all the UNIQUE ways families were brought together and loved the amazing writings of the contributors. Since there is not ONE timeline or one story- its hard to review all 101 stories but, I did get a sense that each person, was HAPPY and joyous in their journey to adopt, as an adoptee and the few that placed. Some stories I wished would have gone on for a few more pages and some were a glimpse into these families lives so different from my own.

 PROS and CONS on this book!

PROS- you get to read MANY stories of love resolution, healing & faith

Lots of International Adoption stories

The writings were Fantastic and REAL, which felt relatable and organic

I smiled through almost every story and I took my time to re-read a few I really liked!

This is a great book for those interested in getting a glimpse of what some adoptions might look like,

Good Coffee table book or for an office and quick reads since their are so many stories and some only take a few minutes to read!

Nice Reunion stories as well!

TOO heavy in the Vietnam Operation Babylift stories- after the first 5, I wanted to hear more about other International adoptions NOT from there or from so long ago.

Heavy on the side of ADOPTIVE PARENTS- needs more stories from Birth parents finding resolution and healing/ love etc.,  and Adoptees stories were not as prevalent either.

I only read 2 stories talking about birth parents with open adoptions( minus the reunion ones). I wished there were MORE from this perspective as it is VERY much what adoption looks like now.

NEEDS more adoptee stories- only a handful in this book.

I was waiting to read stories like ours ( open adoption- family is chosen by birth parents) and this book sorely LACKED in this area!

Would I recommend it? YES! Especially,  If you are planning on adopting in 1974/75 from Vietnam, Korea or international adoption 15 or more years ago;(.

OVER ALL, It needs more pertinent stories ( not just the 15 new ones that were added) But, it was VERY ENJOYABLE TO READ!!!

When this book is revised again- I hope 80-90 of the stories are from within the last 5-10 years .  Just my 2 cents!


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