Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SO FALLing for These Cuties!

I can't believe they are growing up so dang fast! The FALL is in full swing and we have some interesting weather here. One day its 60, the next it's snowing! We have been enjoying it all and the wildlife eating our left over pumpkins and elk bugling.

The girls are busy practicing Songs for Christmas and the Winter Sing that the school holds and this year they will be in a Holiday walk/parade on the main stage. They are so excited.

Life is busy but, great most days and when it's not, I try and remember- things could always be much Worse. Brandon likes to remind me that We could live in a third or second world country where people are Really suffering! It's humbling to think about and my Girls are gearing up for Christmas and getting ready to tell Santa to send their toys/treats/food to the orphanages this year- Again! They have such huge hearts!

The boys are staying busy with preschool , library, play dates, trips to the children's museum and more!  They are such cute brothers together too! Especially when they are Not fighting over a toy or snack  (reality is, this DOES happen almost daily but, ends quickly)!

Overall, Halloween was fabulous( more to come on that), we have one last appointment with our Case Worker, Emily and our Home Study will be practically done! YAY! so exciting to be done with all the nutty ?'s. Here's the Poem I Wrote for her Home Visit ...

Dear Social worker who is coming over for our Home visit in a hour or so...
Welcome to our REAL home,

There will be dust in a few places, toys here and there,
 some dishes in the sink and I won't really care!

We live in this house, it holds more than messes.
 It's full of finger prints and fancy dress-up dresses.

Some papers piled in corners, a stray sock or two,
 a messy kids closet, a pile of books, a muddy shoe.

There may be a diaper that hasn't made it outside
but, I promise you this--- we have NOTHING TO HIDE!

Our home is full of laughter, tickle monsters who chase,
sweet dreams and memories are found in this place.

A daddy who gives hugs and plays zombie through out the house,
He brings home the bacon and is a Fabulous Spouse.

Our kids enjoy one-on-one time, cuddles and classes,
they all enjoy the zoo, museum's with year passes.

Mommy stays home, cooks great foods and strives to be healthy.
We enjoy our freedom and in love, we are Wealthy!

Our kids know their birth moms, dads and grands birth families too.
We party, relax, vacation with our wonderful crew.

So much love and blessings are found in our family,
and though we are far from perfect- It's splendid to Me!

So, please ask the odd ?'s and check out our place
and enjoy the Reality of our piece of Grace.

God has brought many moments of goodness to us,
so don't mind the minor stuff and don't make a fuss.

We know you are just trying to do your own job
and hope you don't think that we live like a slob.

We are ready and willing to do what we must
and hope you see, that in US , you can TRUST!

A child and her birth family are hoping to find
a family like ours, we are one-of-a-kind!

Our Hearts have been led down this incredible way
we will do all we can, & say all we can say.

 We would walk a million miles or fly across the sea
if it meant with our new family, we would Forever Be!

-The Christian Family
Oct. 23rd 2015

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