Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, February 1, 2016

Flashback: 2015 Thanksgiving

Our family headed to the Deserts of Arizona where we played with cousins, all my full siblings, aunts, uncles, ad all grand parents too! We enjoyed Hiking, Running, Biking, hot tub time, trampoline, game nights and girls nights with my sister , Mom and sis in law! This was the first time all of my family has shared Thanksgiving since my parents split when I was 4! It was wonderful- no one got sick, only little boo boos and lots of good convos with each other! Enjoy these pics!
Uncle Glenn and Aunt Di


cousin Pete singing to Slade

learning to ride his new bike

the feast of Thanksgiving! Uncle wade cooked a smoked Turkey this year.

Uncle Glenn ( great uncle to our kids) trying out the Ladies Bike- funny guy:)

the Girls and Grandpa Danny & Grandma Mary

Grandma Leslie and Grandpa Carl and the kids

Grandma Mary, Gpa Danny, the boys and MIMI - their labradoodle

daddy's instructions and patience are often better than moms when it comes to biking!

biking like a champ (on training wheels)


Family time is so special and the cousins created so many memories! Can't wait to see them in the spring and summer!

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