Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017


Our Court Day was Epic! Of course a few things
had to be changed up... like our judge, our courtroom and a few people getting lost in the changes but, overall. It went well! The kids got to answer ?'s and it was unlike any other court date we have had. I hope and pray our kids will remember this and retell Celise about the Day she became an Official Christian Family Member!

Here's a CUTE shoot i did of all her sweet little rolls, creases and bit parts too. It's so important to enjoy every day as kids grow so quickly and life on Earth is short.

As a mom, i feel like I'm becoming the Mom on The Goldbergs ( if you haven't seen this show- it's hilarious and about the 80's90's). I want to KISS and snuggle my schmoopies until they can't take it any more. I know why my mom always wanted a hug , a kiss a time with just me- because time is fleeting! In a blink- they are off to college and starting families of their own ( well not quiet a blink but, you feel me, right?). 

And Now there are only 5 short weeks until our little CeCe Girl turns 1! Oh the planning and preparing is commencing and ordering all her sweet things and creating a Fuss is happening everywhere. I can't believe it!

As for her birth parents, Dausi, is doing well in Her Center in SJ and learning a lot about how amazing she really is, free from her vices. She is learning of God's love for her and gaining some great friends while doing it. It's not all roses and rainbows but, she is doing the best she can and we are proud of her!  Eljay ( formerly known as Alan) is doing well too! He and S are looking for place to call their own to raise A in and she is such a sweet peach. I totally look forward to seeing both Dausi, her mom, Eljay and his family this summer on our long road trip. Each experience brings us closer and we are growing step by step and learning about each other as we do! Eljay has a job and is working on an undergrad school program  as well. We are so excited for all of them!

We get to text and talk with Eljay and fam usually every other week-ish and with Dausi, we can just send letters and packages right now but, soon we will get to chat on the phone again. I called her center and begged for us to do facetime on Celise's birthday so, i think we will get to do that too!

Well, on top of that - we have been enjoying Snowboarding, playing outside, digging and planting of 
flowers, finishing house projects and currently enjoying spring break! The kids are excited to play with friends, go to the zoo and just veg out a bit more!

And all our goings on can be found on our FB pages so check out our sidebars for those links!

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