Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, July 25, 2011

Adoption Story -Part 4

So, On the following Friday we took our trip to UT! We hardly told a soul ( okay maybe a few people) and after all of our talking,I anticipated a perfect meeting.
Well... We took the LOOOOONG way to UT and ended up being like 3 hours past what we had planned on. We were supposed to meet at the LDSFS office at 4:30 and we actually ended up meeting at the South Towne Mall at 7:30 with No Case worker at all!

Our phones were dying so we charged up at the T-Mobile store and we were eager to meet Jessica and her entourage of relatives, Step mom, grandma and sister too! Jessica walked in as we were standing around the Gumball machines and IT was Magic!
She walked in and I know this sounds so cliche' for adoption but, It was like we already knew her and her family! We talked about all kinds of silly things and rode the carousel, grabbed a bite and then we headed over to Jessica's parents home and talked and laughed and our girls LOVED her kitties and doggies and chasing them all around!

I was kind of waiting for Jessica to officially tell us that she was Choosing US that day but, it really didn't matter- we already knew in our hearts it was a great match. SO, we left around 11pm with very tired kids and planned on meeting her the next day for some running around together and just hanging out!

We were blessed to stay with Dara's Mom, Terry, while we were there and our girls just love her and her husband, Mark( thanks so very much-again!)
So, we picked up Jessica the next morning and headed to IKEA, where we found some good stuff and I tripped going down the stairs in heels. So, hilarious and we will all never forget that.
On the way there, I asked J if she was considering any other couples still and She said " Oh, no - YOU GUYS are IT- I'm choosing you for SURE! " Music to our ears and hearts!

Then we headed to the peppermint palace or place and snagged some delicious treats and then called it a day! We were on cloud nine for sure!

Who knew swedish meatballs and Falling down stairs would turn out so good! ( oh and we bribed her with chocolate and cinnamon rolls there too:)

The next morning we headed out after a quick goodbye with J and the family that were were about to adopt , along with a sweet little boy!...

how we told our friends and some family:)

*sidenote: I always told Jessica that is she decided to change her mind, that would be fine too. It's her choice and although we would be crushed- adoption is not something anyone takes lightly! Always keep the Ball in your Birthmoms court b/c _ it really is All about HER and the CHILD- not Adoptive parents!

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Jenny said...

Congratulations! I found you on MMB...anyway, we're going through the process too and hoping that it'll all work out when the time is right I suppose. I love hearing happy things like this in the meantime. So, yippee and congratulations!!!