Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gratitude for freedom

Sunday, at the closing hymn at church was the Star Spangled Banner and as i snuggled Gavin in his sling, I belted out this heavenly ANTHEM with some gusto and joy! There were about 300+ people there so, only about 50 people could actually hear me.

I LOVE our anthem and our country! Even in these hard and difficult times- I'd take living here over any other country any day! We are so blessed beyond belief.

I'm grateful for religious freedoms and the God Given Agency we are born with to make our own choices! I'm ever indebted to our birth parents who made the most difficult of choices to give their children a fighting chance at success in this world and in a family unit. The way GOD ordained it!

I am grateful for our troops who fight and serve and protect both past and present. We love and miss Jessie L and Brent H. - you are my family and friends! Both past and present heros served in many big and small roles in our military and we should always be praising their names for our freedom!

I'm grateful for those who have come before me in my family and those who loved and served and grew with my family members. I loved the stories my grandparents would tell about their parents and cousins and how they met. I basked in the presence of my grandparents telling me how they met during the war times!...

RD version: My grandma Billie Jean was a dancer at the starlight opera house in LA and she met a man who was in the Navy and he had to go out to sea so, the man asked one of his best friend's to watch over his girl while he was gone. The Best friend was Leonard, a strong and handsome man who swept Billie Jean off her feet and Married his Best friend's GIRL!

I am forever indebted who all those who have come before me, sacrificed for me and my Family! WE LOVE YOU ALL and Happy 4th of July!

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