Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brielle's Bday! YAY!

B picked a Zebra, blues and yellows theme for her GLAM party!

We Had so much fun having a Glamorous Party for Brielle. We decorated ( which she loves to do)

found cute ribbons and zebra stuff over the last 6 months and had fun putting together goody bags!
My kids think parties are boring without GOODY BAGS ( tee hee- once Aria asked if our adult friends party was going to have a pinata and goody bags and when we said no she replied "WHAT KINDA PARTY IS THAT GOING TO BE THEN!" it was hilarious!

The bags had lip gloss , some treats and a mini cosmetics bag!
Of course we played mother May I? and had stations for bow making, getting fingernails painted and ...

Getting the Makeup done with a Princess mirror and a cute artist too!

THIS YEAR is a year of cupcakes.. easy for me and Brielle wanted ones with her colors:)

All the girls had a great time and everyone left with smiles and bows and fun memories! It was a nice party and i often forget how GREAT big girls who don't whine ARE!

Now.. on to planning Gavin's and Aria's Bday then we are done for 6 months!

We are so blessed by our big girl and our open adoption with her Birth families! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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