Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, February 10, 2014

Slade turned 1!!!

It happened so fast! Can't believe He is already a toddler. ( not walking yet- thank goodness)

He had a little monster party!
He Had monster-good clementine& lime citrus cupcakes with Dairy free citrus buttercream!
Ulubulu.com had awesome monster bibs and targets dollar bin had reusable lunch totes with monster faces on them and cute flatware too! The kids made thier own monster finger puppets with felt, googlie eyes and pipe- cleaners & glue. Build-a-bear is a MUST for our kids 1st b-days and this little monster/alien looking outfits was just perfectly fitting for the party! Of course the  Monsters Inc. crew had to sneak into the scene as well! We had such a fun time with 3 of my fav. families and their kiddos! I got the adorable banner on ETSY and had streamers, and balloons in greens, blues and oranges!
HE LOVED his first big treat! ALso, i picked up his MONSTER shirt at Savers! ( look around for one use clothing and don't waste your money on buying new- especially since i knew he'd thrash it!)

Our kids always get a Build-a-Bear and a piggy bank on their 1st b-days! Something soft to cuddle when we can't be there and something to start saving for your future! 

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