Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NEW home, New Chapter

SO... (drumroll please) WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! YEP, we did it. Sorry for the lack of pics right now- you will get them soon! We found a place up in the Mountains of CO and we are LOVING IT! Though we haven't moved in yet- every time we visit it- it feels a bit more like home. We did demo on the house last friday and i sledge-hammered the kitchen tile today and we have had lots of help to get it to the 89% completely demoed phase. There is still more stone to remove from the fireplace and more flooring and tack strip to remove but, WE ARE SO CLOSE! Next is gas lines ran to the kitchen, upgraded and new furnace and HVAC stuff, some plumbing and electrical work then THE GOOD STUFF- new floors, new paint, new counters, new appliances, new doors , new trim etc...

We are however doing some RECLAIMED projects too ( another day i'll talk about it).

Today, the Rainbow play set got installed in our yard ( did i mention it's 2.4 acres?)
G-man also locked the KEYS in our car! Luckily our new sweet neighbor said " take my car and go get your other keys!" I told him it was a half hour away and he said " I'm no going anywhere- go get them!" That was so kind of him!
 While we waited for B& B to come back , A, G, S & myself all played in the basement living room all kind so games like Airplane, steam roller, keep away, tickle wars, wake the mummy and the hour passed by so fast!

Now , we are home , I'm sore, ready for a Sitz bath, and we start preparing for OUR GUESTS to come for Gman's Birthday! Can't believe He is already going to be 3! DUSTIN, TAMMY, JOSH and the Girlfriends are coming to celebrate and also help with some home projects too. We have lots of fun planned and I'm excited to Get this CHOO CHOO party ready!

And I have been doing some ADOPTION photography as well!
OPen Adoption RoCKs!

These two women will be forever bonded b/c of this sweet little miracle!

The school year is almost over and i couldn't be happier! Being the room parent was a blast 
and I will do it again if possible! So, with all that - i stay busy! House demo and reno, kids, working out, photos, guests , birthday parties, and now I'm a showing assistant for B's referrals too! I'm BEAT every single day! I have no idea how working women do it all, then again most don't have 4 kids!

On That note- ENJOY the beginning of SUMMER- you deserve to have some fun after this LONG school year! 

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