Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, May 25, 2014

the future is YOURS...

So, Make it count!

We think about the future all the time- and yet we remain present in the Present! We love every second of our time and have a blast being parents! When our girls sing along in the car or the boys play blocks together, even when they are all Crying or whining we wouldn't trade it for anything!

We sat down with and Financial planner a bit ago and they showed us these BIG overwhelming numbers for college savings and asked the big Question " Are you planning on having any more children in the future?" We both looked at each other and said a resounding YES, we are! We plan on adopting out of the country in a couple years and it may be one or 2 and we never know WHO GOD has lined up for us that currently isnt in our plan in between or after that time!

The guys looked baffled but, said OKAY , lets restructure some numbers around!

Honestly, it would be SO easy to just be DONE with having and adopting children at this point. Seriously, Slade is walking well now, Everybody is healthy and Happy and we love their tiny personalities but, WHEN you have that NAGGING feeling in your whole being that your family is not complete- you LISTEN to it and you PRAY and let yourself be LED by God's desires for you.

 We are excited to see WHO it is or WHO they are. These precious children that aren't in our family yet or may not even be born yet- We will greet them some day with loving open arms and hearts and It will be wonderful! This is still years away so, no pressure at the moment- but, We keep thinking about this upcoming day every so often and we talk about it as well. My girls ask about their sisters or brothers they have yet to meet and what they will be like. It's awesome! One Day.... in the future we will be united and then, maybe, we will feel complete as a family unit! There will be no empty spaces in our hearts longing for these missing pieces to our family puzzle anymore. That will be one BLESSED DAY!

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