Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh the Places We Go! Part 1

We had a Very Long vacation and it's best to divide it up based on our travels. SO, this last summer we left at the end of July and went to my mom's place, in a little town called Fallon, NV! It was pretty cool to drive down memory lane but, as I get older, this is less of my town and more of the past. This town holds very special memories and some sad ones as well. Like performing as Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof, helping out with the Local ARC with the special needs adults and students, meeting some of my Best good friends here, singing at the Christmas tree lighting, swimming at the pool, playing at the parks I played at as a kid, passing by the schools and soccer fields I once frequented and so much more! I will always have a love for little Fallon and the great people I know from this town who helped me become the woman I am today!

We got to see a few friends and the zipped off to June Lake and Mammoth , CA to visit my grandma's gravesite and walked again down Memory lane!
 The water was a bit on the colder side at June but, it was neat to take the kids here! They played with the pumice stone below our feet , in a big rolling ball and it is a very shallow lake so, we could wander out a bit!

I remember coming here with my Cousins and parents! Good times were had by all!

 the kids swam at The hotel pool every single day! They slept like logs too!

Grandma Leslie with Slade. we enjoyed our dinners out !

grandpa Carl with the girls!
Grandma used to take us to the grocery store and I would
always want a caramel apple- so we indulged!
Grandma Billie Jean was buried right by grandma Leonard! We
Added the flowers and her cut out to make it visual for the kids!She
was an excellent dancer!

of course, she would pick chocolate! I have a sweet tooth
b/c of my grandma- we call it the Beach sweet tooth !

We enjoyed visiting McGee Creek where my grandparents spent many months and years managing the camp grounds!
Most of my memories are created on this special ground- learning to fish, losing a pole in the water, multiple family reunions, eating root beer floats for dinner and learning to Scrub the camp bathrooms for some spending money! I always felt so special and so much love from my grand parents!

I loved fishing with Grandpa and grandma would cook the trout up and squeeze a lemon on it , we would eat a vegetable with it then follow it up with a HUGE dessert- cracks me up, thinking about it!

Most of all, the best thing about being here was feeling the love with our family- that was passed down to me from my grandparents and parents!

I'm so grateful for all the good times and memories and Joy they brought to my life!
Both of them will be forever missed and I Hope I honor them with my life!

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