Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, October 19, 2015

Anderson Farms Fun!

We had a fun trip a bit ago to Anderson Farms, in Erie! We tried our hand as a family, at the big Corn Maze  and it was a challenge. I think we only made it through half the maze too!

Coming here brought back Memories of my older childhood and playing in the Maze at Lattin Farms, In Fallon NV! And the History I have with the Wonderful Family that ran this great place....

( flashback to 1998 or so...)

I played Soccer on the Fallon HS team and enjoyed being active. Although, I wasn't the best, I had some great plays and awesome memories with my team mates and coaches. And our team had some pretty cool coaches- Nate Waite and Lance Lattin.  I played a bit on the club team as well so, I can't remember what game it was but, I remember seeing Laura Lee( lances sister) a lot. Her little sister, Leann played on the team as well. Leann was a small girl but, a spirited fighter and a great player and person! One day, while sitting on the side lines during half time, I asked Laura Lee if she planned on having kids at all. Her eyes welled up and she looked into my youthful stare and bore her heart. She said that they had been trying for a very, very long time and she desired to be a mother more than anything but, had no such luck so far. 

My quick and upbeat answer was " well, you guys should adopt a child. Listen to this cool song I know!" And I began to sing to her the Song From God's Arms, To My Arms, To Yours!   I watched her beautiful soul, fight back the tears but, to no avail. At the end of the song, we hugged and she cried on my shoulder, like we were sisters!

A short while later, she told me that they were putting their adoption papers in! I was so happy for them and months passed, as they do, pretty quickly and then Laura Lee told me of a baby that just might be theirs because of an incredible birth mother.

I remember once She was home with her new sweet little Kyler boy, her recounting the experience and the pain they felt as the birth mother had decided to parent. But, the powerful and spiritual turn of events, led them to meet up with Kyler's birth mother, in a church building a state away, for the most sacred of exchanges where He became their son! His birth mother was comforted by the words Laura spoke to her once they found out she was parenting. Something struck her to the core and she called her caseworker to let Alan and Laura Lee, it was time to come meet this special little guy who was meant to be with them.

As I gazed on this tiny bundle with dark hair and sweet eyes, I felt so grateful for my friends and so honored that the message carried through my voice, could help plant a seed of adoption in thier hearts and  that I was able to witness this loving couple grow into a family!...

So, Corn Mazes, Remind me of the Lattin's Corn maze ,which remind me of Laura Lee and our Connection to Adoption!

Now, Here's the cool Anderson Farms we experienced here in CO!
 Besides silly pictures, we rode the peddle karts, the barrel train and had fun at the campfire site meeting some of Brandon's work colleagues and their families!

 Daddy and his big girls!

 silly fun pics in the MAZE!

 Jess and the boys! She is such a great friend and tons of help!
( she is also a birth momma to an adorable spunky girl)

 The kids liked the goats and sheep very much- Brandon says he wants a Fainting goat one day- Lol!

Our little boy is growing so fast!

I could not have told you, when I was 17, that adoption would impact my life the way it has and continues to do! I could not have even understood what God would put on my heart at such a young age, would benefit more than just my family. I truly had no idea then, Why God has put this special call of helping in the adoption world, in my heart- But, It's there to stay. And Now, I am starting to understand WHY!

He will continue to use me as an instrument in His Hands to bless not just my family but, all families and people that I possibly can!

In the scriptures it says "O Lord, have mercy and spare my life, that I may be an instrument in thy hands"

I was spared! I was saved in a horrific car crash- and it's for a Big reason.

I Pray to always be a GOOD steward of all who come into my life through our special connections.

May all the fall festivities remind YOU of goodness, love and family as well!

*epilogue- Laura Lee and Alan never adopted again the traditional way but, later a young lady( one of their students) came into their lives who Needed them and they LOVE her and have essentially adopted her as well! Adoption truly is amazing!

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