Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, October 8, 2015



our front porch bench
We are having fun getting ready for Halloween! This is Brielle's Favorite Holiday ( at least until Christmas) She does have a sweet tooth and is interested in Tim Burton films!

Any who, Our family has been getting into the mood by decorating a bit, wearing fun clothes like
pumpkin/ jack-o-lantern shirts, witch wear and more! We have put up some décor but, still need to hang our ghosts, orange lights and set the stage with even more cobwebs! Frightening, I know!

Slade is always GOOD for a DIRT bath and his BOO is scary in the cutest way possible! ( more costume cuteness to come!)


Mr. Bones is very friendly and loves to wave at the neighbors as they go to collect their mail! We make every Holiday as fun as possible and this year we are hosting a party with our friends too!

This weekend we head to the pumpkin patch for even more fun, corn mazes, hayrides, games, campfire fun and special memories!

We are so blessed that God has given us means to not just provide things but, provide time, energy and whole-hearted love!

Here's a few more pics from Halloween's PAST and Present:

Gavin- 6 months

Boys listening to the spooky flashing light sounds tonight! When it got
too scary, Gavin would hug Slade and tell him " It's Otay, Sladey!"
Mr. bones and his pooch named "Spike"
a fun sign we are making but, ours will be on a coffin board!

Brielle and Aria 4 and 2.5 - almost same ages as the boys now!

We are excited to have our friends and neighbors over to celebrate and enjoy the FUN parts of Halloween!
Happy Haunting Everyone!

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