Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Adoption Now Podcast!

I recently had the pleasure of going on the Radio show/ Podcast show Adoption Now, with April Fallon.

She is a STELLAR busy adoptive momma of 4 with her own unique stories too!

I got to share a good bit about our stories and I LOVED it. The only regrets that I have are that I feel like I didn't get to tell Celise's story enough ( we ran out of time ) and we left details out of Brielle's story too.
Brandon listened with me last week as we were folding clothes and said " I should have told this story with all the details!" I agree that He is a terrific talker and I think You may here a podcast from Brandon himself, soon ( cross your fingers). His POV is a bit different than mine and as an adoptee He has very different experiences. Also, some of our story will not be shared- its those intimate details that stay between birth parents and adoptive parents. It's not secret info, its just sacred to us. During birth and placement-  is such an extra special time and we give an incredible investment of love in this process.  Bonds are formed that make us want to have our own special details that only We know about and will rarely share with others.

Any who- Enjoy listening HERE and check out all the other people's stories too!

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