Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Picking and Choosing- Destiny or Desire

I'm going to try and NOT be mean to my own kind here ( adoptive couples/hopefuls) but, I want to give you a bit of RAW advice. It's nothing new or something that hasn't been said before by someone else- It's just time for a reminder- a reminder to your HEART...

START with your HEART, listen to it, find a peaceful place to meditate and listen to your spirit as it connects to your heart and enlightens your mind on  this somewhat of a heavy topic...

WHY are YOU PICKING and CHOOSING, When GOD and the UNIVERSE are trying to line things UP for you to be blessed with a child?

Here's a bit of what I WROTE for Premier Adoptions Newsletter published back in February...
To Hopeful Adoptive Couples- I have been in your shoes- I have suffered 5 miscarriages, 2 almost adoptions and brought back a foster baby. This is a tough spot to be in but, It’s WORTH IT! Every time you think you are losing Hope- turn it over to that Higher Power. Open yourself and your heart up as BIG and as freely as you can. I encourage you to check over your  “Wish List”- every so often and make some changes where you can. Don’t expect that God and the Universe are just going to grant you exactly what you want, when you want it. You need to be at least Open enough to Receive what They have in store for you.

goldbox.jpg   Imagine a box all packaged and taped up with a gold ribbon and beautiful paper adorning each side of it. This box is perfect but, IT’S CLOSED! Now try to put something in this box without opening it or messing up the wrapping. Guess what? Yep, you figured it out- you can’t! This box is like your heart and soul. If you keep it wrapped up and safe, you limit the amount that you let in and in turn, actually keep goodness and blessings from coming into it, or coming to you. Look over your profile and your list and ponder on how important some of those things are. How much more vulnerable can you be? How big can you open your heart this month, the Month of LOVE? Do not let Fear hold you back from changing a few things around in your life. Do not the let lack of education stop you from checking that scary box on what you will and won’t be open to. Research it and imagine that if you were biologically going to have a child, and that child came to this Earth with this issue or detail- would you still love and care for the baby? This may be a lot to ask of you but, it is in our Stretching and Bending that we find the truest Growth and Joy! And P.S.- I love you all & Hang in there!"

So, I often here that when people meet their child for the first time- it feels like Destiny! What a grand feeling of connection that is so Meant to be. The Heavens worked together to bring this amazing family together. How incredible and GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE RIGHT! Every single time with our three adoptions- it felt so Powerful, undeniable, that This child , this birth mom, all of us were brought Together for this Higher purpose- LOVE- the love of a child we will all share. 

Why does DESIRE get in the way of Destiny?

Often our Desires are GOOD things but, at times they lead us into places we shouldn't be- into selfish temptations or endeavors we need to now, find our way out of. It all depends on where our desires are coming from- a Place of LOVE/ SERVICE/LIGHT/GOODNESS or a place of FEAR/SELFISHNESS/DARKNESS/HURT etc. for more- look at these LATIN roots of the word . 

SO assess where your desires are coming from- and if it's NOT a place of love you might want to face some hard truths of why you feel this way. 
How is it playing into your PICKING and CHOOSING? How is this FEAR or greed getting in the way of your DESTINY?

Take more time and sit awhile on this. Work through your scary dark places in your heart and start
making room- room for light and love to enter in. I PROMISE YOU- God and the UNIVERSE will guide your path so much more than you ever thought. And remember when a situation that is presented to you seems not right for you- you can always say no. It may just not be the one for you and your family but, at least you are open enough to be receiving these opportunities. 

I truly LOVE the work and guidance I am a tiny part of in this world. You adoptive couples, birth parents and adoptees truly have such a HUGE place in my Own Heart. It's filled with love so much that I can't hold back on pouring it out and sometimes helping in the constructive criticism ways as well. Sorry of any of these words sting a bit- if they do- consider re-reading this or pondering at a later date. Love is always the ROOT of my words ( unless otherwise noted)

Best of luck and all Blessings to all!  

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