Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving LIST

so. i noticed a ton of my FB friends posting something they were thankful for all till Thanksgiving. They all had something different each day. So, i decided instead of posting it on FB and it being lost in oblivion, i would post what i'm grateful rounding it out to about 25 items or so... Here it goes...( in somewhat of a random order)

25. seasons and nature- all the beauty that comes along with them
24. technology- well, at least all the GOOD it does in our lives keeping us connected
23. architecture- some of the most creative and useful things are sculpted and built.
22. artwork- from the scribbles of my girls to Van Gogh
21. blogging- i love getting my POV across and knowing others as well
20. our dog , MYLA, even when you pee on our stuff- i still love ya ( just watch out for few hours)
19. culinary masterpieces- and all great foods
18. the ability to be healthy
17. Herbs and essential Oils- for both cooking and healing
16. Clinix wellness centers- for approaching health issues as whole
15. My senses
14. music - in all forms that uplift and edify
13. education and learning- it's a gift and a blessing that not enough take advantage of
12. my sewing machine and all things sewn- we are wearing them now
11. my parents and in laws
10. my camera and ability to capture life in action
9. My church and God
8. Brielle's Birth mom, Kara
7. Brielle's birth family and all the extended Birth family';
6. Brandon's Birth Parents
5. Adoption and Gods Hand's in it!
4. My extended family
3. My testimony of God AND Christ love for ME and everyone
2. my children and husband'
1. Jesus Christ and his Restored Gospel and Atonement

I could really keep going but most of you would want to stop reading anyways.
i love an appreciate all the small and simple stuff like the way Aria laughs and the way Brielle sings throughout the house everyday. I love being a mother and can't wait to do it again. Hopefully I'll get to give more thanks to someone who chooses to place their child with us. Open Adoption is wonderful and we are having a great time visiting our family and birth family while we are here in the LV area. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

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