Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Garden of The Gods

We had way too much fun this day! Garden of the Gods is situated near Colorado Springs and it's a pretty cool park. Though it's not a huge place- it is so interesting to see how the layers of sediment have eroded over time- leaving these formations of sandstone and limestone.

Us with Gpa Danny!

some horses pulled up and we just had to pet them!
The girls were just doing a "shake your booty" cheer and asked dad to give them a hug! It was funny and cute. And YES- one of our most important goals in life is to keep our daughters "off the Pole". Kind of a Vegas joke since we used to live there:)

This is Jessica, our friend and a birth mother, watching and protecting Aria, who has her moments with her. They cuddle some days and sometimes Aria wants nothing to do with her. I chalk it up to terrible threes. And the fact that she's been a baby too long.

Here these two crazies are obviously trying to hold up the rock:) So silly!

My dad!!!

Balance Rock ( well, i think that's what they called it)

Two sweet peas. Man, they LOVED climbing and bouldering. They weren't scared a bit. Though Brandon freaked a bit when they'd get too close or too high. Father's instincts for sure. They were doing just fine by me.

how long did his shoulders hurt after that? Can you guess?

Our big Sugar Girl!

we went to this cool park in Monticello afterward and i found this cool carved tree. It was dedicated to a deceased loved one of someone. It now stands for all to see. I found beauty in it!

And they had this whole mosaic sand area- such work and vivid colors.

We saw about 9 of these things eating peoples lawns- well, at least they don't have to mow much!
And I just love this candid of Brielle. She's adorable!

And we loved having Jessica with us the whole time. I'm so lucky to be her friend.
It was a GREAT trip.

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